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2020 October. Tech Lead.

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New posts #

Are media news information or entertainment? #

I highly recommend reading "Amusing Ourselves to Death", but it would help you read some of my disclaimers.

Choosing the Management Track. Notes on Becoming a Tech Lead. #

Are you thinking about being a manager or want to improve in the role?

A month without coffee #

I've watched Does Coffee make you Fat and Anxious?, and I was testing the effects of the coffee on myself. I've only drunk Coffee two times to get less sleep when I had to drive a car. Having a kid doesn't make those kinds of experiments easy to do.
TLDR; I want to go back to coffee next month. It may be that I'll notice a difference after drinking Coffee again, but I haven't seen much difference so far.

Keystone Habits #

Cal Newport talks about his Keystone Habits in his Deep Questions podcast, and I've picked some of that for myself.

  1. Exercise every day (missed only one day in the whole month).
  2. Morning Pages/Expressive Writing/Journaling (instead of meditation).

Why not meditation? In short, I want to have one keystone habit in a category that I want to do every day, and I get more value out of writing at the moment. I still think meditation helps me with focus and clear my head. But writing helps me figure out what I have on my mind is a much more structured way.

Books I've read #

Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman. #

See my review: Are media news information or entertainment?

Expanse #

I've needed some way to relax and decided to go through most of the Expanse series. Unfortunately, I have to wait until part nine is published next year, and I'm missing the story's closure.

Elsewhere on the Web #

How Much Can You Change Yourself? #

Great take on nurture vs. nature with a draft of a framework you can use.

  • You should be mindful of your natural traits and preferences. Personality, IQ, height are tough to change, so it's better to accept them.

In contrast, if we live in a world where ability is mostly hard-won through practice, then we ought to see more specialization as people require decades of specific practice to do well in a field.

What Makes People Feel Upbeat at Work. #

The article is mostly about how company efforts can backfire. Worth reading.

Advice to my young self: to succeed in your career, forget side projects and focus on your job. #

  • I disagree with the first part of the article. Or, to be more specific - it's heavily contextual. Side projects can help you get a job. Having gone through a new technology tutorial will be useful even if it only gives you shallow knowledge.
  • But, the second half of the post is outstanding. It made me rethink what I've been doing so far—highly recommended.

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