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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear parents and students,

Wow, we can be proud of finishing the school year on a high note! The last weeks of the school year have been filled with a great variety of learning and community centered activities. This newsletter is full of them.

As an IB continuum school we now have been able to show case both the PYP 7 exhibition and Community Project exhibition. Both projects trigger students to develop their approaches to learning skills outside the regular classroom and based on a self-chosen topic. Students and supporting teachers can look a back at this with pride. At Secondary the first Science fair was held and after two years of corona PYP 7 could finally go on camp again. And then not to forget the Art Exhibition, International Day at Primary, the PYP 4-7 performance about Dreaming, International Afternoon at Secondary, the Activities Week with great workshops led by staff and parents, the 70s/80s school party and so much more..!

It has been wonderful to able to share and combine some of the school activities with the parent community. We hope to continue this solid base to further develop the whole ISD community next year. Looking forward to seeing you after the summer

Wishing everybody a lovely summer holiday,

Minke Veeneklaas, Sander Raaphorst, Sandip Jagdev and Evelyne Le Poole



11 July -19 August: Summer Break
22/23 July: Staff inset days
Primary school
24 July: first school day
13 September: Meet Teacher
Secondary School
24 August: Newcomer day – only new students
25, 26 and 29 August: Induction days – all students
30 August: First lessons following the timetable
1 September: Meet and greet the mentor

PYP 7 camp - June 2022

Contribution by Ms Ingrid Beekhuizen

Our recent PYP7 camp in the Biesbosch Dordrecht, was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of our primary years at ISD! We had plenty of opportunities to connect with nature by listening to the birds and frogs, to breathe fresh air after the rain, to swim in the river and dam to cool down from the heat, and to search for the elusive beavers (sadly with no luck due to our chatter and squealing while paddling and swimming). We had great fun learning to paddle. After many of us got stuck in the reeds or marooned on a sandbank, we kept trying and learned to manipulate the boat and paddle more effectively. After 3 hours on the river, we all returned safely – albeit hungry and with aching muscles. 
In the evening, after a delicious buffet meal, we built a fire and mastered how to roast marshmallows by peeling the cooked outer layer and repeating the process for prolonged enjoyment. Some students managed four layers of roasting. We then had time to prepare for the talent show. 

We started each morning by stretching on the quayside of the river before enjoying a buffet breakfast and packing a lunch for a picnic later in the day. On the first morning, we went for a nature walk to the Klimbos. For some this activity was an exciting challenge, while for others, it was really daunting. We are so proud of all our students as they challenged themselves to reach beyond their comfort zones and tackle climbs that really stretched them. It was amazing to listen to them encouraging and supporting each other. 
We had hours to play and swim at the beach and on the playground. Mr Tom played some big group games too, which were great fun. We then walked to the Sterrenwacht observatory to learn more about our Solar System. There were some interesting interactive displays, including a meteorite and gravity station and the 100-year-old telescope made by Carl Zeiss that is used for viewing the Sun’s spots and flares. As it was cloudy, we did not get to see the Sun, but we did get a chance to look at a distant tree.

That night, we had a fabulous time watching the very well-executed skit during the talent show, after which we danced for hours to song requests from students and teachers. After bed-time, the fun continued for many, although the students were considerate of the other hostel guests and managed to keep their revelry down to reasonable levels.
On the last morning, after stretching and breakfast, we had time to reflect on our personal goals for camp. This camp was a great opportunity to forge new friendships before going to secondary or other schools, to spend time with existing friends, to challenge ourselves in so many different and unexpected ways. All in all, a fantastic way to close our ISD Primary chapter of our learning journey.

Thanks to all the PYP7 students, Ms Renu, Ms Georgina, Mr Tom, Ms Lucy and Ms Ingrid for a memorable camp – for all the right reasons.

PYP 5 Bookclub started

Contribution by Ms Kerryanne OReilly

A few months ago, the girls in PYP 5 started a book club! We chose two books: a graphic novel called, ‘Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy’ by Rey Terciero; a modern version of Little Women and ‘Inside Out and Back Again’, by Thanha Lai; a memoir of the author and her family’s experience of living in Viet Nam during the war and fleeing to the United States told through poems.  Each Friday at lunchtime, we get together and discuss the books. The conversations are always engaging and very thought provoking. 

Eco-team students participate in the eco-runner podcast

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva Ordaz

A couple of children from the eco-team took part in the Eco-Runner Team Delft podcast on the subject of sustainability.

The “Waterstofpodcast” is a podcast from Eco-Runner Team Delft. Its focus is hydrogen, during the first and second season people from the hydrogen industry are interviewed to shed light on the different point of views of hydrogen and to get a better understanding of the different opinions of hydrogen and to apprehend the potential of hydrogen and its different applications. 

The focus of the episode was on sustainability. They invited our students to  participate in the “Waterstofpodcast” as they are very interested in speaking to the ‘future generation’ since they believe they will be of great importance to change our current habits and work towards a better and greener future.
Follow this link to listen to the episode:

Eco Club June 2022

Contribution by Ms Ingrid Beekhuizen
We are extremely proud to announce thatI am very happy to share that we have been officially granted the green flag certification from Eco-Schools. We are aiming to celebrate the official award on 1 October after the summer break.   During the Green Flag Audit visit last week, our primary EcoTeam students shared their reflections on the following questions: 
Why they joined the Eco Team?
What they would like to improve? 
What they are proud of achieving?

Olivia PYP4

  • I wanted to be in it because I have been planting for years.
  • I would improve that electronics are good for Eco and cars and the bad stuff.
  • I am proud that we made a Peas Zone with all the plants.
Rebeca PYP5
  • I like the Eco Team because I love plants and helping.
  • I am proud of the Peas Zone.
  • I want to make the plants grow.
Maja PYP4
  • I want to be in because of the plants.
  • I am proud that we have a lot of plants.
  • We need more plants.
Given PYP4
  • To make the world more eco-friendly
  • I am proud of our compost bin and Peas Zone.
Aarav PYP4
  • Making things a better place.
  • Learning some chemistry
Lynx PYP7
  • I like the compost bin and box.
  • I want to improve the playground with more plants.
  • I am proud of the Peas Zone because it’s so relaxing and peasful.
  • I am proud of the responsibility we have on our campus because we’re taking good care of it.
  • I want to improve the Peas Zone – I want some more rooms.

We are excited to continue our Eco team’s efforts in the new school year, as we build on the amazing work done by this group of motivated students. 

PYPX 2022

Contribution by Ms Lucy Doyle 

‘Inspiring’, ‘confident’, and ‘informative’ are just some of the words used to describe PYP 7’s brilliant exhibition. After 7 weeks of research and action, the class presented their exhibition for their fellow students and their families on the 8th and 9th of June. The exhibition is a special showcase, enabling the group in their final year of the Primary Years Programme to demonstrate the skills that they have gained. 
Each student chose their own subject for their inquiry and was placed with peers with similar interests. They devised their own Central Idea and Lines of Inquiry and organised their own research. Some visited museums, others did home-cooking demonstrations, some interviewed experts from around the world. 
They also took action to make a real change in the world. This could be raising money for a relevant charity with a Bake Sale, or brightening up the local skate park. All excelled themselves in their effort!
Everyone who saw the presentations was impressed by the depth of knowledge and understanding on show, and the interesting observations and connections made. 

Exploring with PYP 4

Contribution by Ms Zoi Avrimadou

Exploration Trip in the City Center of Delft
Our last Unit of the year is Exploration. So, we started this unit by organizing a field trip in the city center of Delft. Students and parents had to follow clues, find riddles and read the map in order to find the right route around the city. It was a fun project and everyone enjoyed it so much! 

Sketch Maps
During this Unit, besides inquiring into different explorers, students were interested in finding out more about maps. They focused on Sketch Maps, simple, no scaled maps, that help you give directions or create a simple design of a specific area. Students sketch a map for our classroom, the upper floor of ISD Primary, and for their Summative Assessment, they explored the block around the school and designed a map for a small area of TU Delft. 

Traffic Lesson
On Wednesday 29th of June, both groups completed a planned traffic lesson. The students had to complete three activities and practice basic biking skills. They did an amazing job and enjoyed the sunny weather too! Once again, the help of the parents was amazing and we couldn't have done it without them. 


A Message from Ms Anne Criado

On Wednesday 22nd June ISD organized a wonderful retirement party for me. Irene Alkemade did an unbelievable job organizing it supported by many other colleagues. The whole day was very moving and I was able to see so many lovely people.

Maybe the most special part of the day was just before home time at 12:15. Children had been told that they could bring in a flower to say goodbye to me. The scene in the school gym was amazing: so many children brought in flowers and some brought whole bunches of flowers. The most moving part was that the children did not just hand over their flowers one by one but each child wanted to say something to me or give me a hug (or both!). I felt totally bewildered and incredibly thankful for so many lovely comments. The children were so caring and sweet. My job involved giving a little bit of love and attention to a lot of children and their families and I have never been more aware of the truth of the fact that when you give a little love you will receive a lot of love in return. I received so much more from the students during those few minutes than I could ever have imagined. And, of course, I know for certain that a very caring group of colleagues organized it and a very special group of parents helped their children to bring flowers. My heart was filled with gratitude for all the children, colleagues and parents.
When I got home I had just two hours before going back to school for the retirement party. My grandchildren helped me while I collected all the vases I possess and filled them with flowers. I was going on holiday but family would be staying in my house while I was away and the whole house was beautifully decorated with colourful flowers to welcome them. It looked amazing! I have never seen so many flowers in one house. The flowers lasted for two weeks and my daughter preserved many of them by drying them. When I went to her house today there were flowers hanging from shelves everywhere drying so that I will have a lasting memory of a wonderful day.
Irene organized a lovely party for me in the late afternoon. Sandip said lovely, touching things which I don’t deserve but I will never forget the warm feeling her words gave me. It was a dream come true to end my working days in Delft, my home for almost 34 years and the town I love. The retirement party really was a lovely way to feel so grateful for a dream come true.
Many thanks to all children, parents and colleagues from both ISD primary and ISD secondary and also colleagues from the HSV in The Hague and the Stanislas. I have been privileged to have had the best job in the world and now I will devote my time to my voluntary work and my family. And cherish the memories!


International Day at ISD Primary

Contribution by Mr Ryan Midgley
After two years ISD primary was finally able to organise an International Day again. On a sunny Saturday in June, a large group of parents and students came to the Jaffalaan to enjoy games, treats, music and a fire show at the end! Inside we had our infamous International Food buffet with a great variety of different foods to sample. It was really nice to be able to welcome all parents and children back into the school, together. Getting the chance to see some old and new faces. The children had a wonderful day and we can’t wait until next years!

A big thank you to everybody who helped organise this day and of course all parents who contributed to the International food buffet.

Interdisciplinary Units

MYP 1 IDU: Science and Humanities
The MYP 1 students participated in the Water Investigation project that was led by our Science and Humanities department.
Acid rain is a major problem facing the environment today. The Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU) with Science and Humanities gave the MYP1 students the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills while addressing the causes and effects of acid rain by engaging in a fun and informative activity.
On a beautiful sunny day, the students went into Delft and collected water samples from different parts of the city; from the Delft city canals to ponds in the park. The MYP 1 students then had to test and compare the different samples in our science lab.

To measure the potency of acid rain in Delft, students collected water from different locations. As an acid solution will show a low pH, students tested the acidity of the collected water by measuring its pH using litmus paper.  They finished their IDU with a presentation of all the data they collected. 

MYP 2 IDU: English and Art
During the last weeks of the school year, MYP 2 worked on an IDU with English and Art. For two days, the students collaborated to create a group story, which had to have descriptive characters and imaginative settings. And like many stories, a lesson to learn at the end.
The interdisciplinary learning was to let the students experience that a story comes to life not only with words but also by visualisations and will attract a broader audience. And vice versa, a creative animation needs a well-written story to understand the whole meaning. 
The next step of the IDU was to visualise their story in a stop-motion animation based on the paper cutout. A time-consuming activity, but with the student's engagement, it ended on Friday with a presentation of nine amazing videos. On the following link, we broadcasted the videos for you to relax and enjoy the show.

MYP 2 IDU: English and Art - Stop motion videos 

MYP 3 IDU: Design and Humanities
MYP 3 worked on an environmental campaign, a collaboration between Design and Individuals and Societies. Students had to create a targeted campaign for one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They could use different ways to catch people's attention, from videos to posters, infographics, or even social media posts. They had to combine their knowledge from both humanities and design, discrediting fake news and presenting evidence-based information.
Click the link for an example of student's work; an animation about partnerships between countries:

MYP 4 IDU: PHE and Science
MYP 4 took part in the Science and PHE IDU – Team work makes the dream work. During the IDU week, the focus was on teamwork and leadership at Outdoor valley, and using that to complete ecological sampling at the Delftse Hout for Science. In Outdoor Valley the students built rafts, played archery tag and had to go past their comfort zone to embrace the outdoor experience. 


MYP 1B welcome message to PYP 7
Contribution by MYP 1 students

During mentor class some of our MYP1B students made a small video for our PYP 7 students.

Click on the image to see the video.

Credits go to:
Kenna Christman
Beatrice Fantini
Maté Hegyi
Vatsa Kumar
Sebastian Leitner

Community Project Exhibition 
Contribution by Ms Liza Dippenaar

The MYP 3 community project exhibition was a raging success. Students were able to showcase the amazing projects they’ve been working on the past 6 months. The students went out of their way to research needs within communities, implementing change to support these communities, and raise awareness for about the topic they felt passionate about.

We saw projects about raising awareness of the impact of global warming on the ice caps, the problem of street dogs in Istanbul, and raising funds and materials for a school in Uganda.

Our MYP 3’s went above and beyond the call of duty and we look forward to see what they will achieve in the personal project next year.

International Day at ISD Secondary
Contribution by Ms Tamara Eskue

We'd like to thank all of you who participated in the 2022 ISD Secondary International Day; it was a resounding success!  We loved seeing the dozens of countries represented across the globe, sharing some of the little things that make each of our home countries special.  From the Pierogi of Poland, to the sombreros of Mexico, to the sushi of Japan, nearly every continent was represented (still waiting on students from Antarctica, but maybe next year).  It was heartwarming to see how much our ISD community is growing together into a culture all its own.  We each bring so many wonderful attributes like Chai from India and breathtaking vases from Ukraine, plantains of Brazil, plus so many I can't mention them all, combined they create something truly unique.  We hope you all feel connected to this community, and we look forward to seeing you at many more events in the near future! 

Contribution by Seb van den Bergh

The first ISD Secondary beach day is in the books! It was a day to remember, jam-packed with awesome sandy activities. 

On the Zuiderstrand in Den Haag, all our MYP1-4 students got to experience some surfing, beach archery tag and competed in a sandcastle building competition. There were beach activities/sports such as volleyball and rugby organised by our fantastic PE department. 

The weather was (in the end) perfect for the occasion - some morning clouds cleared up around noon to reveal a stunning sunny afternoon. In the afternoon, parents joined at La Cantina beach club for a closing drink. 

A special thanks to all staf, students and parents for making this day so special in its „primeur“: we look forward to our next beach day at ISD to make it an even better end of the school year event! 

ISD Secondary Beach Day 2022

EAL - Reading over the summer

Summer time!

It is the end of the academic year! Plans are made to go places or to just relax and sleep in and enjoy each other. The important thing to do during the holiday is just that! RELAX  and ENJOY. 

At this time of year, parents ask us about how to maintain English skills during the summer break. We always start by saying it is not mandatory to do anything but have F U N. What is important for language development is being comfortable in your home language. If literacy skills in your child’s home language are well-developed, they are a good indication of becoming well-developed in English as well. 

If your child is bored or extremely ambitious he or she can practise English in different ways:

Reading: During rainy days, which are common in the Netherlands, it can be fun to read English books. The trick might be to choose a familiar book and read it again in English, as this will increase understanding. 

Reading together can also be fun. If your child reads to you, you can ask questions and chat about the story. And children love being read to - our advice is to do that in your home language! After that you could talk about it in English, if you like. 

Writing: Write all the words you don’t know in a notebook. After reading one or two pages you can look up the words you need to understand the story better. Doing this will help you remember them better.  is an online English dictionary. Some words in the explanation can also be clicked on to find out further meanings. 

If your child likes writing, they can write a short summary, or draw a picture, of what the book is about. Talk about the type of book, author, character and happenings, or what you do or don’t like about the book. 

Children can also make their own flashcards to practice, or make drawings and label them with the words they already know and find the ones they don’t know yet.

Listening: Watching films or YouTube videos in English can also be fun. Make sure when you want to learn about a specific subject that you add “for kids” in the search request. This will lead you to the videos that are more understandable. On YouTube, there is also the possibility to slow down the speed to make it easier to listen to. With films you can change the speaking to English and leave the subtitles in your home language. If you can already read, you could leave the subtitles in English as well. 

Here are websites that share ideas for fun learning activities: 

Have fun online with these independent games, which you can also play together. 

Games to play as a family without the computer using home made DIY (do-it-yourself) resources.


Good luck and enjoy your well-deserved summer break!

From the ISD-EAL team
Mr Seb, Ms Ingrid and Ms Irene

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