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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Message from the Leadership
Important Dates

ISD Primary: PYP 0/1/2 - Museum of Me
ISD Primary: Make Your Mark in Design podcast
EcoTeam: National Recycling Week
ISD Primary: PYP 6 - Camp to Kasteel Westhove

ISD Primary: News from the library
ISD Primary: Book sale
ISD Primary: The end of Gardening Season

ISD Secondary: Service as Action: Beach Clean Up
ISD Secondary: Conversation evenings for parents
ISD Secondary: Newcomers Day
ISD Secondary: MYP 1 - Induction Days
ISD Secondary: Selfie Workshop in Delft library, DOK
ISD Secondary: Visual Arts: If I was a chair?

ISD Secondary: Science: Treasure Hunt

ISD New Teachers: Nice to meet you!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear Parents, 
We are well underway with our new academic year 2021-2022. 
This is the school year where we can come together again as an ISD community and value and celebrate our wonderful international community of children, families, and staff. 
In the first weeks back, we have seen wonderful learning activities taking place in all the classes and around school. Primary had its first assembly with all classes in a long time about the essential agreements of the school and how to ‘respect yourself, respect each other and respect your environment.’  This was wonderfully reflected in the shared event of Primary and Secondary students joining ‘World Clean Up Day’ at Kijkduin Beach. PYP 6 just came back from an exciting camp to Domburg, Zeeland this week. 
At ISD Secondary, we had a successful start to the year with a Newcomers Day where we were able to meet all our new students with their parents in the schoolyard.
Almost 50 new students are joining us this year. After Newcomers Day, an induction programme for all students started. This week of activities and teambuilding was much appreciated and proved to be great in connecting the new students with last year’s students whilst preparing all students for the school year ahead.  We are looking forward to continuing with this teambuilding on the trips to Texel for MYP 4, a trip to Zeeland for MYP 2 and 3, and our Outdoor day for MYP 1.  
As an organization, we are constantly developing. The main goal for Primary is to prepare for the IB PYP (International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme) evaluation visit in October 2022. Self-evaluating our standards of teaching and learning and reviewing our own practices is a valuable process that ensures high-quality teaching and learning at ISD.  
After the MYP authorisation, the Secondary School has started preparing for authorisation of the Diploma Programme which we aim to start in August 2023. In the meantime, we are further implementing and developing the MYP programme and the learning environment at ISD. This year the MYP 4 students will be introduced to the Personal Project, and we are introducing a Careers Orientation Progamme and laying the further foundation for Service and Action. 
In all these developments we aim to include the whole community along the way. In the coming months we are planning parent coffee mornings, information evenings, IB learning sessions and other “live” and joint activities. We will be scheduling joint evenings for parents of Primary and Secondary on common developments like EAL (English as an additional language), mother tongue and home languages, and whole school curriculum development. You will receive more information about these events but please also keep an eye out on our school calendar so you can save the dates. 
We wish you a wonderful school year. 
Minke Veeneklaas 
Sander Raaphorst  



ISD Primary
5 October: ISD Primary - Coffee morning: 08:30 - 09:30
6 October: ISD Primary - Book sale - Rainbow Corner Tree
16 - 24 October: Autumn break (whole school)
25 October: Staff study day (whole school)
27 October: ISD Primary - PYP information evening

ISD Secondary
4 October: Parent Conversation Evening - IB learner profile - Open-mindedness
6-8 October: MYP 2/3 camp to Zeeland
8 October: MYP 1 - activity day
8 October: MYP 4 - humanities field trip to 1940-45 Museum Rotterdam exhibition
11 October: Parent Conversation Evening - IB learner profile - Inquirers
12 October: MYP info evening
16 - 24 October: Autumn break (whole school)
25 October: Staff study day (whole school)

PYP 0/1/2 - Museum of Me

Contribution by Ms Alanna Johnson
Our first week of school began with us all to get to know each other in the Hedgehog Class (PYP3 A), which consisted of playing games, making birthday cards, our Class is a Family Poster and our classroom door display of mini Hedgehogs.
We started our new unit with a provocation of a 'Museum of Me', where the children brought in an item from home that is personal to them. We then walked round by ourselves and then with a friend to talk about what we could see and what the items mean to each other.
As a whole class, we created a 'see, think, wonder' poster which guided us in how the unit will be shaped. So, we started off with finding out each other's hobbies both in school and at home.
This is a year long unit, where we will be reflecting on each unit to find out whether or not our interests change.

ISD Primary: 'Make Your Mark in Design' podcast

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz
As part of our ongoing collaboration with the Science Education Hub at TU Delft, we are happy to share with you that the new podcast is out.
This is the 3rd podcast out of 3 in the series focusing on Design Thinking called "Make Your Mark in Design" for children from 8 -13 years. 

This is the very first podcast ever in which children explore and explain how to design. In the Your Turn podcasts, the children discuss central elements of the design and provide playful exercises to do at home. The podcasts are made by Remke Klapwijk, a researcher in design and technology education at the TU Delft, ISD PYP 6 teacher and liaison with TU Delft projects Miros Silva, and a team of our students.

Why do designers need to test their designs? During this episode, you will make and test a carrier for transportation and experience the value of testing your design. ISD students, Nico and Bea share how they are using testing in an early stage as inspiration for the next step.

All podcasts can be found here
Why do designers need to test their designs?

Eco Team: National Recycling week!

On behalf of the EcoTeam, we invite the ISD community to participate in national recycling week. The national recycling week is taking place in the week of 11-15 October 2021.

Items you can bring (among others):
- household appliances
- ICT equipment
- Toys
- Lighting equipment
- Household appliances

Scan the QR code to explore which electronics you can bring to recycle. 


ISD Primary: PYP 6 - Camp to Kasteel Westhove

Contribution by Mr Mark Shilitoe
PYP6 just arrived back from school camp in Zeeland. Staying in a 13th century castle, complete with moat and towers we began our stay with cold, stormy weather on the beach. The weather quickly improved giving us all plenty of time to explore and enjoy the beautiful castle grounds.

After a hearty dinner we were thoroughly entertained by hosting our very own talent show.
For the early risers, each morning we jogged through the woods and dunes to the beach, spotting the hidden wildlife. In the light of the beach we practiced some yoga then balanced ‘karate kid’ style!

The activities at camp were active and diverse from building catapults to exploring the countryside by scooter and surf school to magical story walks seeking out wolfish locations by torch light.
We have lots of super memories and made new friends.

Link to pictures of the camp:

ISD Primary: News from the library

Contribution from Ms Renu Ochani

The children enjoyed the welcome sessions we had at the library. We explained to the students how the library works and we encouraged them to choose their library books from different genres. 

We are presently revamping the Languages section at the library. The children feel comforted to see their home language books at school. We have a request if you have any books in your home language that you would like to donate we would really appreciate it. 

Also we are in the process of organising our Dutch books at the library. We have a huge collection and we wanted to encourage our students to read Dutch books too. As soon as we are ready we will be telling the children that they can borrow an additional Language book if they were interested. (To be clear, at any given time students can borrow two English language books, one multilingual/ Dutch Language book and 2 readers.)

More information about the library and the readers will be posted on Social Schools. Kindly read the Library Info Letter to keep yourself updated. 

ISD Primary: Rainbow Corner Tree - Book sale

Contribution by Ms Kerryanne O'Reilly-Dekker
On Wednesday 6th October, ISD Primary will be hosting another book sale with our friends Louise and Sue from Rainbow Corner Books! The sale will be held outdoors and parents are welcome to arrive for the sale from 11:30; one hour prior to dismissal. There is always an impressive range of current and popular books for all ages and abilities. As a bonus, with every purchase, our school library earns credit for new books!
Please check out their website to see what is available. You may also order online prior to the sale and the books will be available for pick that day. If you cannot make it to the sale, books may also be delivered to the school and given to your child(ren) to take home. If you choose this option, please be sure to indicate that you would like delivery to ISD, your child’s name and PYP group.
If you have any questions, please contact Sue and Louise directly: 

Ms. Kerryanne

ISD Primary: PYP 6 - The end of Gardening Season
Contribution by Mr Mark Shilitoe

The last two weeks of gardening at the beginning of this new school year brings the season to close. With plenty homegrown produce to harvest from carrots and potatoes to leeks and herbs we tidied up our plots leaving with lots of the stories from our gardening experiences and a diploma of gardening proficiency. Guided by volunteer gardening experts Diny & Wim, we successfully navigated our way through the mud and slugs to ensure we had a fantastic harvest.

This is a community project, rain or shine, supported by teachers, parents and the volunteers at KindertuinDelft, helping with weeding, organisation, cycling to and from the gardens and even fixing the odd bicycle chain!

A truly memorable experience!
If you are interested, you can rent a family garden plot for next season at one of the children's gardens in Delft- see the website for more details.
Plots are 20sqm at a bargain cost of 125€ for the whole season.

ISD Secondary: Service as Action - Beach Clean Up day

Contribution by Ms Claudine van Diemen

Starting this school year, Service as Action will be part of the Middle Years Programme at ISD. 

Service as Action allows students to take an active part in the community, this can be the ISD community or by helping an organisation outside ISD. We want our students to help make the world a better place and strive to be caring members of the community. The “why” behind Service as Action is important for them to remember. They will learn by DOING and EXPERIENCING and they will learn that they can have a positive impact in their community! 

During mentor class and with help of the Service as Action coordinator, students will learn how to plan, reflect and meet the learning outcomes of their activities. Per year level they have a required amount of activities they have to take part in and specific learning outcomes they have to meet. The pinboard in the lounge will have a variety of activities that students can be part of, such as; Clean up Service, Be a Buddy, Homework Help, Voedselbank, Eco Club. We will recommend organisations students can work closely with outside ISD and students are inspired to take initiative themselves to take action. They can organise a campaign to raise awareness of an issue or organise an event. We are open to creative and innovative ideas!

A big thank you to the Eco Club who organised the first Service as Action activity at the beach of Kijkduin. More than 60 students/parents participated in the World Clean-up Day by cleaning rubbish from the beach for two hours. They did a wonderful job and we are very proud that they made such an effort to keep the planet clean! Thank you for all your help!

We would like to shares some of the reflections of our students about the Beach Clean Up:

BEFORE the Clean-up (from Laura 3B)
By joining the beach clean-up I hope to benefit the sea life and life on land to reduce plastic waste from going into the ocean. When I have walks with my family and we go to the beach, I keep seeing tons of plastic everywhere! I also want to have fun doing it and work together with my friends. A few times when Helena and I are free we go to a forest / dog park and we pick up plastic to recycle. I want to do the same at Kijkduin.

For Service as Action I want to achieve the following learning outcomes;

  1. Become more aware of my own strengths and areas for growth.

  2. Develop international-mindedness through global engagement.

  3. Work collaboratively with others.

AFTER the Clean-up (from Sara, Lucia, Viola 2B)

Saturday 18th September we cleaned the beach at Kijkduin, because it was World Clean-up day. We used cleanup claws and trash bags from the Eco club to collect all the trash on the beach and in the dunes. We didn't have enough for everyone, so we had to share and take turns. We participated so that we would get our first Service as Action activity done. We also did it to SAVE THE TURTLES!! We enjoyed the fact that we could help the environment and meet new people.

ISD Secondary: Conversation evenings for parents

Contribution by Ms Anne Criado

Developing our ISD community is vitally important for the families who join our school. Families often arrive here with no relatives or friends. Giving parents the opportunity to build their community is also highly beneficial for the well-being of the students. We are aiming to facilitate the need to build the community while at the same time providing valuable insights into the pedagogy of the school. Teachers and parents will join forces to make these evenings enjoyable and inspiring. We are starting with parents of the Secondary School students at the beginning of October, but we hope to arrange something similar for parents of the Primary School soon afterwards. 

The International School Delft educates the students to attain a high academic standard. But the school tries to do much more than that. ISD has a ‘value-based’ curriculum which aims to provide a wide-ranging education of the student as a whole person. Our curriculum places a high value on many aspects of ‘becoming a person’. We also firmly believe that the values we try to encourage in our students lead to greater academic excellence as well as valuable citizens of our global community.  

Our mission is inspiring learning for a sustainable future. Our vision is to be an inclusive community that embraces authentic, inquiry-based learning to create compassionate, internationally minded individuals who strive to make a positive and peaceful change in the world. 

At the core of our curriculum is the IB Learner Profile. This lists the qualities we hope to develop in our students and the qualities we believe will help them to become well-equipped life-long learners. This year we would like to invite parents to participate in a series of evenings where we hope to explore the IB Learner Profile in depth giving parents a greater understanding of why we approach education in the way we do. We also hope that these evenings will help build our wider ISD community and provide parents with an enjoyable opportunity to socialize at school. 

The secondary school evenings will take place at school on Mondays from 19:00 until 21:00 starting on the 4th of October. In the Autumn we will concentrate on five of the attributes of the IB Learner Profile. In the weeks after the Christmas holiday, we will focus on the last five attributes. The evenings will be informal. Each evening will start with two short presentations on the attribute being discussed: one from a teacher and one from a parent. There will be a short reflection period to gather your own thoughts on what you have heard after which small groups will go with a group leader to classrooms for a conversation. The conversation will be led to ensure a respectful and calm atmosphere. We will provide tea, coffee and cookies, of course! We advise that you try to come to all the evenings because a bond quickly develops within the group. 

The schedule for the evenings is as follows: 

  1. 4th October: Open-mindedness  

  1. 11th October: Inquirers  

  1. 1st November: Communicators 

  1. 8th November: Thinkers  

  1. 15th November: Principled  

  1. 22nd November: Closing activity including a reflection on the evenings with a drink and snacks. 


Please see the invitation email, which was sent out earlier, if you wish to sign up for these evenings. 

We hope to meet many of you and get to know you well during these evenings.  

Kind regards, 

Tamara Eskue , Aleksandra Wrobel and Anne Criado

ISD Secondary: Newcomers Day

Contribution by students Loore and Yara (MYP 4)

We were welcomed into this school with open arms like no other school we have ever been to. We really got to know all the new students and staff on the first day because we played lots of games and we really got to connect. When the oldies (students who were here from last year) came, they were really nice and welcoming. Again we played games with them for the rest of the week and found many things in common with them but also went to multiple workshops including the culture workshop; where we discussed how different cultures go into conflict and what our culture is and means, selfie workshop; where we learned about lighting, poses and stories behind photos we were also able to take photos of ourself and show them to the class, and traffic workshop; we were discussing the safety of students riding bikes to and from school and this really helped us to notice cars and signs when riding.
Now  that we have spent about 3 weeks in the school all together, we are getting ready to go on our first big trip to the island of Texel where we are going to camp, see seals, surf, cook and much more. Big thanks to mr. Madahar (our mentor),  ms. Evelyne Le Poole.

ISD Secondary: MYP 1 - Induction Days

Contribution by Mr Seb van den Bergh
The induction days were a great success and a fantastic way for the students to start the school year. There was a lot of time allocated to team building activities and icebreakers for both the students and teachers to get to know each other. We had an adjusted schedule that allowed us enough time to get used to the rhythm of the school day. The MYP1’s especially enjoyed the Oud Hollandse Spelen, where we got to know the Dutch culture by playing some games. They also enjoyed getting their Macbooks and setting up their accounts; it was helpful to have time to get to know the technology and some basics on laptop use. 
After the induction days, students were ready to get to it; they were familiar with their timetables and eager to get started with their lessons. When asked to sum up the intro days in 3 words students said: “interesting, exciting, new”. 

ISD Secondary: Selfie Workshop in Delft library, DOK

Contribution by Ms Judith Gerritzen
The school year is already in its sixth week, and maybe some of you already forgot how much fun the introduction days were. ISD secondary organised many different activities spread out over three days. 

One of the activities was a trip to the Delft library, DOK. During a photography workshop, each class could explore the library and use this inspiring building as their background for their selfie. 

I had the pleasure to look at the MYP1 workshop, and I have to say, I was impressed. Many creative ideas resulted in beautiful selfies with a personal touch.

Later on, during the mentor lessons, we will use their selfie to set goals for the coming months. When students can set goals, it helps them be accountable for actions or steps they take. Having goals makes learners aware of their activities, efforts, and even their time management skills. It will also help to discuss their progress in school and at home. The selfie document is an excellent opportunity to continue the discussion at home as well.


ISD Secondary: Visual Arts: If I was a chair?

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen

It was a fun start to the year in visual arts, some students were asked to carry out some quite interesting self-reflection. Art can be abstract, not just aesthetically, but in the way it requires us to think. 'If I were a chair' is an activity which requires students to think of ways in which they can represent themselves through imagery. The chair is the starting point, they are free to do anything they want to it, but it must have meaning. If I cut it up and rearrange it, what does that say about me? Here are some examples of students work:

ISD Secondary: Science - Treasure hunt

Contribution by Ms Liza Dippenaar

As an introduction to Science in MYP 1, the students took part in a Science treasure hunt in Wilhelmina park. Students used the skills they learned in the PYP to find different types of examples related to Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences in the environment around them.

Students collaborated in groups to complete the task and many creative ideas were used to find for example: water in its three states of matter, a natural resources, a mixture of two or more substances, an animal interacting with its environment, and many more examples of matter all around them. Students had to photograph each example and it will form part of their Science portfolio for the year.

ISD New Teachers: Nice to Meet You!

ISD Primary teachers

My name is Ilein Bermúdez and I come from Venezuela. I am the new music specialist at ISD primary. I am a classically-trained cellist and popular singer with a broad repertoire that goes from classical music to traditional Latin-American music. I have worked in different settings back in my home country and here in The Netherlands. Before joining ISD, I was working as a subject coordinator and music teacher at the European School of The Hague (Secondary). I am looking forward to sharing musical moments with the ISD community within and beyond the music classroom. In short, making music happen at ISD!  


My name is Kellen and I am from Seattle, Washington. I teach PYP 1/2 on Mondays. I completed my B. Ed in Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies and received my TESOL certificate from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. I have taught Kindergarten in the USA, as well as English in Taiwan and Norway. I moved to the Netherlands in November 2020 and I live in Rotterdam with my Dutch partner and my kitten.


My name is Ingrid Beekhuizen and I am delighted to be part of the IS Delft community. Canadian-born, having lived in Germany for a year, I grew up in South Africa. I love exploring different cultures and places around the world with my family whenever we get the opportunity. My last position was at a private school in Johannesburg, South Africa. I began teaching and later became deputy principal. I was the head of academics and innovation, from the early years to end of elementary years. In that time, I lead the school to be recognized as a centre of excellence as a ‘Thinking School’, accredited by the University of Exeter, England. I work with Lucy in PYP 7 and will be taking her classes when she is on maternity leave. I am also part of the EAL team. I cannot wait to see what learning journey the student’s curiosity and wonder will take us on this school year.  In my free time, I enjoy Pilates, walking, cycling, reading, cooking and gardening.


Hi everybody, my name is Zoi Avramidou, a primary school teacher from Greece. If you are wondering how to pronounce my name, just replace the “i” with an “e”. In ISD, I’m co-teaching PYP4B, on Thursdays and Fridays. I have 5 years of experience in education, from internships to professional career in private schools and tutoring. I came to the Netherlands, about a year ago to start my master’s at Utrecht University, in the program Youth, Education and Society, with track of specialty “Education for Inclusive Societies”. Working in the ISD, gives me the opportunity to grow as a teacher by experiencing a new educational approach. It is my goal to combine my range of experience with the ability to be a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher who will make a positive contribution to the school. Outside of work, besides hanging out with my family and friends, I enjoy long walks at the park, reading books and playing basketball.  



ISD Secondary teachers

My name is Claudine van Diemen and I am from the Netherlands. Although I am fully Dutch I have always loved living, traveling and working abroad. Greece is where I spent my primary school years and before ISD I worked at the International School of The Hague, ISSR in Cambodia and AISVN in Vietnam. I feel very lucky to be part of the ISD community and I look forward to working at a small school with a group of internationally minded colleagues and teaching a large variety of international students. My subject is Physical Health & Education and I will coordinate Service as Action. Not very surprisingly, I am a big fan of sports! I am always curious to try new sports, but touch rugby, surfing, cycling and a run on the beach are my favourites. Besides sports, cooking, professional dance, nature and music make me smile.


My name is Gabriella and I am from Brazil. I am a passionate person who has always been in love with science. The beautiful thing about being a teacher is that it allows me to contribute to make a positive change is someone’s life. I have seen great examples in my career already, which motivates me even more to continue my journey in teaching.  My mission is to make a difference as a teacher and help students to find their way in science. Every time I ask myself the questions: what can I do better to make science more understandable? What can I do for the students to get the best out of them, and even sometimes surprise them with their own knowledge and capabilities? My hobbies are listening to music and painting. My favorite band is Pink Floyd and I love having "art days" with my friends. 


I am Liza Dippenaar and I am originally from South Africa. I have joined ISD from another International School in Dubai and will be teaching Science/Physics at ISD for MYP students. I will also be leading the Personal project for the MYP 4 and 5’s. I relocated to Dubai in 2007 where I worked and specialized as an IB Physics and Chemistry teacher. Having worked in 2 highly regarded IB schools in Dubai, I do consider myself an IB specialist with vast knowledge of the IB curriculum and vision. I look forward to bringing my IB MYP expertise to ISD and to help ISD grow and become one of the best international schools in The Netherlands. I also look forward to fostering a love for Science for all students at ISD and to guide and help them to attain the best possible results. 
My hobbies include playing tennis, cooking and baking, traveling, and camping. I look forward to my time at ISD and in The Netherlands and exploring more of this beautiful country and continent.


My name is Nané Paraiso and I teach English A language and literature. My work has taken me across Asia and I am currently working at a bilingual school near Rotterdam. Besides my position of IB-examiner I have had 10 years of experience of DP where we have been graded in the top three schools of the Netherlands and have scored highly worldwide. I aspire to set a similar benchmark for ISD but more importantly I do my utmost to spread my interest for literature and gender studies. I shall hope that my enthusiasm shall inspire your children to show them the power and the creative use of language. I live in The Hague and I love doing sports in the snow, on the water and through the wind. I am a zealous low handicap golf player. All these elements remain worthwhile keeping me truly balanced thereby envisioning each challenge presented to me reflecting on my work on and off course!


My name is Becky van Paassen, I'm from Worcester in Engeland and will be teaching Visual Arts at ISD. 11 years ago I met a Dutch guy in Vienna, he had a mohican hairstyle and really made me laugh. Now we're married, have two children and live in Delft. I moved to the Netherlands 10 years ago, but have been teaching art for 12 years. I started my career in a large academy in Birmingham. When I moved to the Netherlands I taught at the British school, then moved onto The International School in The Hague and then the Nord Anglia International School in Rotterdam where I stayed for 8 years and lead the art department in implementing the Visual Arts IB Diploma Programme, something which I am very excited about doing at ISD. When I'm not teaching or spending time with my family, I enjoy being creative (in the broad sense), making music, museums, sports (ice skating, tennis, cross fit, snowboarding) and exploring the world whilst leaving a positive footprint. 


I am Marine Okhrimenko and I am thrilled to join ISD where I will be teaching French to MP1 and MYP2. I grew up in the Southeast of France then decided to go on adventure and went all the way to Australia to complete my teacher training. I then moved to London where I taught French for many years. I would like the students to fall in love with the French language and I hope that my enthusiasm will be contagious. Beside teaching, I love running, cooking world food, hiking in the Alps, and reading books.


My name is Sebastiaan Van den Bergh and I am an EAL teacher and mentor of the MYP1B class. I am originally from Belgium, but born and raised in Switzerland; I have currently been living in The Netherlands for 4 years, and I miss the mountains! I am excited to be part of the ISD community; I appreciate the “growing” school spirit and the exciting period that lies ahead. I value the International Baccalaureate curriculum and the opportunities it offers learners to become independent, critical thinkers and global citizens. 


My name is Constanza Avaria Risi and I’m the new teacher of Spanish language acquisition at ISD. I was born and raised in Chile. After teaching Hispanic language and literature and Spanish Language acquisition in Chile and in France, I decided last year to continue my journey in the Netherlands. Now, I’m very happy to be part of the ISD super enthusiastic and nice team. I’m looking forward to sharing my language and culture with the students and giving them the opportunity to fall in love with all the different cultures inside the Spanish speaking world. I also love to travel, read, watch films, dance, and play board games.


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