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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Message from the ISD leadership
Important dates January

ISD Primary
ISD Pyjama Day
Music: Aural Skills development
Eco Team Update
ISD Primary Student Council takes action
PYP 4: Building Structures
PYP 6: More and Less in 2022
PYP 4-7: How is it to be an Artist?
PYP 3A: Learning about fractions with pizzas
PYP 6: Inquiry into Role Models
PYP 7 meets ISD Secondary

Open Day and Online Taster lessons ISD Secondary

ISD Secondary
MYP 4 English: Gingerbread House Competition
Road to DP
Personal Project
Mathematics: Finding patterns in sequences
Extended Learning Programme
Student Led conferences
The importance of Parent Involvement in Careers Guidance
Library: Class Pizza Reminder
Tip: Parent Workshops - Teenagers
Gardening season starts!

ISD new teachers: Nice to Meet you!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear Parents,

We are already well into the new year 2022 and wonderful things are happening at ISD. Both at Primary and Secondary we had many new children starting at ISD after the holiday. We welcome them and their families to our community. We hope that they can settle in quickly and feel at home at ISD.

Tomorrow, the Lunar New Year starts and we wish all celebrating families a wonderful New Year of the Tiger. In primary the students will work on various activities to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

All of the primary groups are working on amazing units like animals and people, jobs, buildings and constructions, space, role-models, digital media and many more. We see them developing more and more every week. PYP 7 had an introduction and information morning about the transfer to the secondary school. And last week they had taster lessons. These had to be done online, but nevertheless they were very successful and engaging.

The Primary coffee morning for parents on 19 January was about the evaluation process and how parents can be part of that as well in the next few months. We will inform you more about that soon.

For the Secondary team the month January and February are the months to prepare admisssions for next year, with the online taster lessons and the Open Day for new students. The online taster lessons with PYP 7 were a success and will be followed by another set of taster lessons this coming week. We are pleased to announce that we can have our Open Day on the 23rd of February both virtual and in the building. We are looking forward to welcoming the PYP 7 students and prospective students from elsewhere on this afternoon. Make sure to sign up via the form on the website.

We have also been looking ahead with our current students: the MYP 4 students to the Personal Project. The MYP 4 students will be thinking of their personal project proposals. In the coming weeks MYP 3 will be introduced to the community project.

The online virtual evening about the Personal Project, the pathway to the Diploma Programme and the Careers Guidance programme was well attended by our MYP 4 students and parents. We hope that the online evening on MYP assessment will be just as well attended. All in all, many initiatives are happening, though partially still online. We do hope that we can start welcoming parents into the building in a few weeks’ time to continue building the ISD community.

We wish you a lovely read with this newsletter.

Sander Raaphorst and Minke Veeneklaas



ISD primary
2 February 2022: Tasters Lessons ISD Secondary (for PYP 6/7) 13:30-14:30
10 February 2022: Parent info session IB evaluation visit 19:00-20:00
21 February 2022: Reports sent home
ISD secondary
1 February 2022 onwards – Student led conferences – by invitation from the Mentor 
9 February 2022: MYP and assessment info evening
23 February 2022: Open Day ISD Secondary
26 February – 6 March 202: Spring break 

ISD Pyjama Day

By Sara Moroney 
ISD primary students  and staff got warm and cosy before the winter break.

Aural skills development in the music lessons at ISD 

Contribution by Ilein Bermudez
Break time is about to finish. It is almost time to go back to the classroom. Once kids line up, they frequently clap back to the teacher on duty to calm down and stay quiet before going back to their respective classrooms. What if the music teacher is on duty? Then, the clapping session turns into an opportunity to invest in developing their aural skills by playing a fun clapping game… don’t clap this one back! Throughout the clapping session, all kids stay quiet and engaged, looking for that moment when the teacher claps… don’t clap this-one back… ta ta ta-di ta. 
Developing our students’ aural skills through various activities is a priority in the music lesson at ISD. Moreover, research suggests that ‘rich auditory experiences’ and acquiring ‘increasingly discriminatory sensitivity to sound’ are essential and relevant not only for music making but for reading and language in general (Hansen & Milligan, 2012). Therefore, this active listening which develops in children the ability to differentiate sounds and connect them to a wider meaning is an essential component of the music lesson at ISD.      
How do we create that awareness of sound and its nuances in the lesson? This can be done in several different ways. For example, in figure 1, a graphic score helps children follow the Russian dance by Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker Suite) offering them the possibility to recognize patterns in music and follow them through the different shapes on the score. As seen in figure 2 and 3, by engaging in a guided drawing session while listening to the Aquarium by Saint-Saëns or Mars by Gustav Holst, children translate sounds into their own creation on paper. Finally, after practicing different basic rhythms in the lesson, some groups can already write down the rhythm that is clapped to them as seen in figure 4 (rhythmic notation). Continuity has been key in achieving a successful result since some of our students worked on developing these skills with our previous music teachers, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Federica.  
All in all, by means of games, children are encouraged to engage in active listening and develop these essential aural skills for life. For most of them, playing games is still the most important part of the day, so no music lesson ends without playing pass the beat around the room, category 64 or… don’t clap this one back! 

Image 1: Drawing while listening to the Aquarium by Saint-Saëns (The Carnival of the Animals)  
Image 2: Drawing while listening to Mars by Gustav Holst (The Planets) 
Image 3: Graphic notation for Russian Dance-Trepak by Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker Suite) 
Image 4. Rhythm dictation

EcoTeam update

Contribution by Ms Miros
Students representing PYP 4 to PYP 7 are finally able to get back together as an Eco Team and our first activity this year was to relaunch the compost bin collection in the classrooms.
We encourage the school community to use them and be eco-champions.

ISD Primary Student Council Takes Action!

Food Collection for Delft Food Bank 

By Sara Moroney & Ryan Midgley
ISD Primary Student Council conducted  a food drive for families in need before the holidays. The student council planned and implemented all the steps needed for this community action. Here are the steps we took to make it a success!
Step 1: Raise Awareness
Each class representative explained the need for the food drive to their classmates. Kids explained why families needed help and talked about what it feels like to be hungry. 
They also created a big poster as a daily reminder, and had the information posted in Seesaw and Social Schools.
They decided on a prize for the classes that brought in the most items to motivate students.  Mr. Sander agreed to play the guitar for a sing-a-long with the winning class.

Step 2: The Daily Count (2 weeks)
Each day the student council representative counted the food items and encouraged classmates to keep bringing in food. So much food was collected the first week the food bank brought in extra crates.

Step 3:  The Last Day
Each class gave their final count. They brought their crates down for the food bank van to pick up. Student council added all the class totals together.
Step 4:  The Winners
PYP5 collected the most items and won a sing-a-long with Mr. Sander.
All classes received a certificate of appreciation and a holiday song with Mr. Sander. 

PYP 5 and their sing along

Step 5: The Donation
The amazing result: 40 crates of food  and 1009 items donated! 
Step 6: A Big Thank you to the ISD Community!

PYP 4: Building Structures

Contribution by Ms Zoi Avramidou

In PYP 4, we have been working on the Unit Building and Structures. A project that we were working on was constructing flood resistant buildings. Students, after research, had to pick up the appropriate materials and finish the project. At the end they had to test their buildings by putting them in a bowl and filling it with water!! It was a fun project, and the students learned a lot.

PYP 6 - More and Less in 2022

New Year’s Resolutions from PYP6

PYP 6 inquired about New Year’s around the world. Then they made some resolutions. What will you do more and less of in 2022.

PYP 4-7: “How is it to be an artist?

Contribution by Ms Zoi Avrimidou

'Which is the process to make an artwork? Where can we find art?'
Getting inspired by the Dutch artist Karel Appel, we have been working on the whole process of how to create an artwork. From the first ideas, drawing some sketches to the final result. Using different techniques, materials and helping each other, we discovered several ways to give life to our own artwork. Now, in the ISD Art Gallery, we can share the artworks with the whole school. 

Picture: PYP 4 artworks

PYP 3A: Learning about Fractions with Pizzas

Contribution by Ms Alanna Johnson

We have been inquiring into fractions and jobs and decided to make Pizzas. We talked about 'Chefs' and the job that they do, the children shared their thoughts. We then watched a video to find out more! When looking into fractions, the children loved the idea of creating fractions using Pizza.
On Wednesday 19th January, we decided to make pizzas. We looked at the ingredients and the children were able to create their own slice using their fraction knowledge when it came to cutting various items.

PYP6 Inquiry into Role Models

By Sara Moroney & Mark Shillitoe


PYP 6 has been inquiring into the central idea that the choice of role models reflects the characteristics that societies and individuals value.

Students explored the genre of biography in reading class and then chose a subject as a role model to learn about. First, they generated questions about the person. Then, they did a ‘close read’ of their book and learned how to take notes with key ideas and phrases. They created a time-line of important events in the person’s life. They then chose 6 words to represent the qualities of the role model.

Students reflected on the subject’s life story and began the creative process of portraying the person visually. Inspired by a study of surrealism, they sought to use symbol, color and size to portray their role model. Through a variety of mediums such as cloth, clay and paint, students communicated their interpretation of the role model.  Students presented their creations through a class gallery walk.

PYP 7 meets ISD Secondary

By Ms Mirjam de Bruin

In January the PYP 7 students had a first online introduction meeting with ISD Secondary. During this meet, 3 MYP 1 former ISD primary students gave an engaging presentation about what to expect when you transfer to ISD Secondary. Well done Beatrice, Matilda and Marina! One of the MYP 1 mentors explained what a mentor is, and what is done during mentor lessons. 

Last week, we organised online taster lessons especially for the PYP 7 group. There were 3 short lessons: Science, Art and Maths. During the Science lesson, the students learned about chemical reactions and blew up a balloon with the use of acid and baking soda. In Art, students learned about color theory and made a card board spinner that demonstrates that you can create secondary colors with primary colors. In the third lesson, our math teacher Ms Reijnhoudt, explained Monty Hall problem with 3 cups and an eraser. The Monty Hall problem is a well known 

The Monty Hall problem is a counter-intuitive statistics puzzle:

  • There are 3 doors, behind which are two goats and a car.
  • You pick a door (call it door A). You’re hoping for the car of course.
  • Monty Hall, the game show host, examines the other doors (B & C) and opens one with a goat. (If both doors have goats, he picks randomly.)

Here’s the game: Do you stick with door A (original guess) or switch to the unopened door? Does it matter? The PYP 7 students now know the answer to this question and can play the game to have a better chance at winning.

It was a great afternoon and all students were very engaged!

Open Day and Online Taster lessons ISD Secondary

Online Taster Lessons on 2 February - starting at 13:30
This week, we are organising another set of online Taster lessons. These are open for ISD primary students, but also for students from other schools. You can register via the form on our website.

Open Day on 23 February @ Colijnlaan
We are pleased to invite all PYP 6 and 7 students (with 1 accompanying parent) for our Open Day on 23 February. The Open Day will be in the form of a 'walking tour' where students can do a small activity in each class room where the different subjects present themselves. There are 2 time slots for which you can sign up: 14-15 and 15-16. You can register via the form on our website.

MYP 4 English:  Gingerbread house competition

Contribution by Ms Jennifer Laforge and Ms Nané Paraiso
We didn't let the lockdown ruin the fun-filled lesson the English teachers had planned for our MYP 4 students. On a candy-fume-filled Thursday afternoon, our students created wonderful gingerbread houses. Everyone had a lot of fun with icing, candies and marshmallows and they all collaborated very well. Some were quite creative; thinking outside the box - instead of a house they made an ‘inclusive’ boat. Others created a traditional house and some even included snowmen and a doghouse.
This team-building activity was as fun to watch as we hope it was to build. It was hard to judge but eventually we chose 2 champions and a runner-up. Of course, there had to be some work involved, and so the students were tasked with writing a creative story that linked to the masterpieces they created.

Road to DP

Contribution by Ms Liza Dippenaar

On Thursday 20 January 2021 a MYP 4 information evening took place. During this evening the road to DP was given to all MYP 4 students with information about the subject choices ISD will offer in DP as well as the requirements to enter the DP.

At ISD secondary school we will be offering DP from August 2023 with our authorization process in full swing at the moment.

If parents have any questions about the DP process or admissions they can contact the DP coordinator Ms Liza Dippenaar at

Personal Project

Contribution by Ms Liza Dippenaar

All our MYP 4 students have not officially started their personal project journey. The personal project is a mandatory academic piece all students need to complete in their MYP 5 year. Students have now brainstormed their personal project ideas and all outcomes and goals must be placed on Managebac by Friday 4 February 2022. Personal meetings with each student will be scheduled to discuss their project.

After that, all students will be assigned a supervisor and creating the product and writing the report will start.

I look forward to seeing all students' projects and final report.

Mathematics: Finding patterns in sequences

Contribution by Ms Joke Reijnhoudt

Our MYP 1s started the new year with a fun competition in Maths. The students competed in teams to find patterns in sequences and used algebra to describe linear patterns. Each team started with 10 points and by handing in the correct answer for the level, they earned another 10 points. If the group would make a mistake, they would loose 2 points, but they could still give it another try and get some points. Each level, the patterns in the sequences would get more and more difficult. The more levels the teams solved, the more points they would get. However, if the students work too fast, it is easier to make a mistake and loose points. The MYP 1s had a great time practicing finding patterns during the competition. The group who solved the last level even found the pattern in an exponential sequence! Great work! 

Extended Learning Programme

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen
We are very happy to announce that the extended learning programme is starting again from Monday 31st January. It is great to see that lots of students have signed up for clubs, there is a diverse programme on offer. If students still want to sign up for a club, they can email Ms van Passen on the following email address

You can see in the image below what's on offer this round. Don't forget that King productions also offer some great clubs at ISD, you can see their clubs on offer on their website:

Student-Led Conferences

Contribution by Ms Elize Burgess
This week, we are hosting our first round of student-led conferences at ISD secondary. Instead of a traditional parent-mentor conference, the students will now lead the conference so they can reflect on their progress in learning and receive feedback. We feel that these student-led conferences are an important way to engage our students in their own learning and to take more ownership. Parents are critical partners in supporting the student's learning. The student will, for example, start by introducing the mentor and the parents and will bring in their own points that they want to discuss.
Students have worked through the preparations during mentor classes by using materials that were developed by our Student Support team. It explained the process, why we think this is valuable, and it gave them a preparation assignment to do. This assignment focused on creating discussion points and questions to ask during the conference. We also did some roleplay to really get into this new format (see pictures). We saw that the students are quite involved and serious about this new responsibility and we look forward to seeing how they will fill this in during the conference!

The importance of Parent Involvement in Careers Guidance

Contribution by Ms Mirjam de Bruin

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” 
A difficult question, not just for teenagers, but even for a lot of adults. In February, we will start with Careers Guidance lessons for the MYP4 students. In these lessons, we will help students explore and plan for future career/study plans based on the student's interests, skills and values.
Choosing a future career, is a process that takes time. As parents, your children will look to you for advice and guidance even if they don’t like to admit it. Parents have a key role to play in the decision-making and the general career path your children choose to pursue; but how involved should you be in this decision-making process? Should you adopt a hands-on role? What is the best advice you can give your child at this point? 
Parents have adopted beliefs about success, how to be successful and what constitutes a ‘good job’ or ‘ideal life’. Anything we feed back to our children is based on these beliefs and our own experiences. Many of us make the mistake of trying to shield our children from the mistakes that we made - whether knowingly or unknowingly. While we can guide them away from some of the pitfalls we encountered, they’ll inevitably make mistakes along their journey. These mistakes and hiccups are vital for their personal growth.
The best thing you can instil in your child is a mature and sensible mind-set, giving your children the tools to make their own informed decisions. 
In terms of career choice, you should:

  • Support, but not dictate, the decision-making process
  • Be interested and open towards your child 
  • Give your children freedom and time to discover their skills
  • Motivate your child to explore, develop and achieve
  • Encourage your child to pursue interests and ambitions
  • Try to instil a responsible attitude and mature outlook
  • Instil an attitude of self belief by being positive and never critical – as a parent your words will have the biggest effect on your child.

What should you keep in mind when helping your child with education choices?
If the decision for a career choice is heavily influenced by parental preference, the child may end up following a vocation that, deep down, they aren’t interested in. At the same time, without practical guidance and support when pursuing interests, poor choices can be made.
Each child is individual in their own way, and so may possess different skills and abilities to their parents. 
Parents need to understand that we all need space and time to discover what we truly want to pursue. Parents can support this process but must not direct it. The trick here is to educate children that life is about self-discovery and new skills and talents are developed. How many of us are in careers we thought we would be in when we were 18? We can only make decisions based on what we know about ourselves at the time, take the pressure off of them by letting them know it's okay that they aren't sure what they want to do yet. The  important thing is to be proactive in supporting them in finding their way.



*Tip* Parent Workshops - Teenagers

Delft council has decided to invest in giving parents workshops about some crucial questions that parents might have while parenting their children. The subjects go by developmental stage starting with babies and toddlers. They are also running a 6-week course about teenagers (10 to 18 years old), how to parent them and how to positively respond to tricky situations. The workshops are online, free of charge, and are given in Dutch. You can sign up here:

Gardening season starts!

After the Spring Break, we will start the after school Garden Club. In the garden around the school, we will sow, plant and grow flowers and vegetables. Join the club and grow spinach or carrot or beautiful flowers in your own part of the ISD Greenfields! 

ISD New Staff members: Nice to Meet You!

ISD Secondary 

Mij name is Michiel Strengers and I started as a caretaker at the Satellite campus.
I worked many years in education as a music teacher and 20 years as a principal in a variety of primary schools, from special needs education to Montessori. The last 11 years of my career, I worked in a public school in the Schilderwijk in the Hague. You could say, that was an international school too, with about 40 nationalities, all (and only) children with a migration backgroud, mainly Turkish an Moroccan. It was quite a challenge and I loved it.
One of my tasks at the Satellite campus is surveillance in corridors when groups move to other classrooms, especially to classrooms in the Stanislas part of the building. Surveillance is also a task during breaks. Besides this task, I do the usual caretaker things and I am the point of contact for students at the Satellite building. 


My name is Bowie Nuhn and I’m eighteen years old. I’m a first-year student at The Hague University and I work at ISD for a few months now. I’m the supervisor on the new location of ISD, Krakeel, and my job is to help the students when necessary.  

In my spare time, I really like playing sports, but swimming is definitely my favourite sport. I’m also a lifeguard at the beach since last year, where I work as a volunteer. Besides sports, I also like playing online videogames with my friends and reading books. 

Hopefully, I’ll travel around the world and experience a lot of the other cultures in the world, so I can grow as a person! 


My name is Clémentine Socroun. I was born and raised in France yet the majority of my family lives in Canada where I used to spend a lot of time. I am from a cosmopolite family that taught me to love discovering, traveling and diversity. I am learning Dutch and Swahili too. I believe that the more languages you speak the wider your vision on the world gets. I have always been passionate about languages so I studied linguistics in my Bachelor's back in France. My passion took me further where I completed my Master's at Leiden University specializing in African languages. During my studies, I focused on the structure of languages which is very helpful when it comes to teaching my native language.
It is a real opportunity and pleasure for me to start my career as a French Teacher at the ISD and to work in such a motivating, stimulating and benevolent environment. I am very excited to meet you all and to help your children grow as French speakers but also as individuals in our society. I have always been driven by teaching and transmitting knowledge. During my Bachelor's, my minor was in Education. I have always worked with children, and I think it is very important to create a connection with them and build trust between us.
When I am not teaching or preparing my classes, I will be spending time with my friends and/or with my dog. My hobbies are dancing, reading books, doing yoga and playing video games.

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For more information about our school, the enrolment and contact options, please visit our website:
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