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The ISD Parent Update is send out to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Important dates in February / March

20 Feb – 28 Feb: Half Term Holiday
1 March: Whole school: lessons start again
9 & 11 March - ISD Secondary - Parent Student Teacher Meeting

ISD Primary: Message from our Head of School 

Dear Parents,

Happy Lunar New Year to you all! Usually we celebrate an event like with the whole community in a big way. Unfortunately we could only celebrate it in our smaller groups and cohorts this time. The children put a lot of effort in making lanterns and other decorations for their classes and homes. Teachers and parents have shared their Lunar New Year stories for the whole school to enjoy.

Last week, Primary went from online learning back to in-school learning. Unfortunately the unpredictable Dutch weather prevented us having the smoothly planned return to school. We really hope that playing in the snow, skating on natural ice rinks helped to see the silver lining.

We are really happy to have the children back in school again. We realise that the bubbles and cohorts make it feel really different than a ‘normal’ school day, but everyone is handling it brilliantly. We all got used to being in class with our friends and classmates again and teachers have focussed on the social and emotional aspects that came from being away from our friends for so long. The highlight of the first week back was definitely the chance for the children to play in the snow with their friends on the first day!

Ms Federica is going on maternity leave from next week. We wish her all the best and we are looking forward to the first pictures of her baby that is due at the end of March. Ms. Federica is being covered by Ms. Michele

We wish everyone a nice and calm February break next week. We look forward to seeing everyone in school again on 1 March.

Sander Raaphorst

TU Delft Collaboration: Design Thinking videos launched with ISD students in lead roles

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz

The design and problem-solving cycle are an integral part of ISD’s learning pedagogies. Design thinking supports learning by giving children their voice, choice and ownership of solutions they come up with based on real problems. To support and develop Design Thinking strategies, ISD has ongoing research projects with the Science Hub from the Faculty of Science and Communication and the Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft.
We are proud to share, that this month, one of our collaborative research projects launched 6 videos tutorials on Design Thinking strategies (part of a Design Toolkit) with our very own ISD students in the lead roles. 
The project started last year when students from the PYP 7 class 2019-2020 had to come up with a design solution to the problem: “How to repurpose an object for the wellbeing of people from my school community?”
Exploring, creating and testing is central to the design process. Usually, the designer moves from one activity to another, depending on what is needed now. These activities can be depicted by a design cycle that starts with exploring the current situation, problems and wishes of a certain target group and ends with a tested prototype that meets the needs of this group. 


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor design cycleThe students followed the 6 steps from the Design Cycle to come up with design solutions for their problem. For each of the steps the students used Design Thinking tools that are developed by the Science Hub. Our students explained the tool they used to other children in the form of a video tutorial. Here below you will find six videos with our students that have been made available this month.
Design Thinking Tool videos
1.     Persona 
2.     Choose your side
3.     Inverse brainstorm 
4.     Picture Brainstorm
5.     Choice-Box
6.     Solution Pitch 
The videos are part of a toolkit and lesson plan that aims to support teachers in their role as developers and facilitators of design processes. If you want to find out more about TU Delft and our collaboration with the “Design Thinking” approach you can follow this link

Both within the IB curriculum and the TU Delft, there is a strong focus on how to solve real life problems with a design solution. This project has proven to demonstrate how ISD and TU Delft can mutually benefit from working together on the development of Design Thinking strategies and tools.
The project is still under development and ISD continues to develop tools together with the TU Delft.
We are very proud of the students from the International School Delft for sharing their ideas and design projects. We want to thank the filmmaker Ricardo Dutkowiak, the teachers and the TU Delft staff that made this project possible. We would like to give a special thanks to the “Innovatie Spot” initiative for sponsoring this project through the Expertisecentrum Wetenschap & Technologie Zuid-Holland.


ISD Primary: Library News

Contribution by: Ms Judit, Ms Kerryanne and Ms Renu
The library will be running differently in the coming weeks to incorporate the new safety protocols at school. Our school library is run by volunteer mums and dads- as we are having these new measures in place, we had to come up with a solution. To make it work effectively, we thought that each class can have a small library with levelled reader books. In the first week back, the library team organised the class libraries and this ensures that students have a variety of books to read in the classroom. 

As these individual libraries will need to be updated frequently, we moved part of the library downstairs for the early years (groups 0-3) teachers, so they could have easy access to the picture books. All the picture books are now downstairs, and we've had a great response to this change! Ms Kerryanne will be running the library downstairs so teachers can update their class libraries easily. We're happy that with these changes students will not miss out on reading! 
We would like to thank our lovely, dedicated volunteer dads and mums for all their help this academic year. We will keep you informed as we make further changes in the future. 

ISD Primary: Lunar New Year

Contribution by Ms Kerryanne OReilly

One of the highlights of our school year at ISD primary is celebrating Lunar New Year. We have a large and active Asian community with an impressive number of enthusiastic parents coordinating decorations, food, and fun activities for the children. As has been the case for the last year, plans have changed due to Covid. Our celebration of the New Year was modified significantly, as classes are not permitted to mingle together right now. We decorated our entrance hallway with lovely red lanterns, and the three PYP 0/1/2 classes have decked out their windows facing the playground and TU walkway with decorations supplied by parents and created by the children.  Additionally, four families collaborated to create a lovely video about Lunar New Year and what it means to them. Throughout the week, the Koala class has been inquiring about how different countries throughout Asia celebrate. They have watched a Dragon Dance in Viet Nam, a firework display in South Korea, and a Lion Dance in Hong Kong. 

We look forward to celebrating Lunar New Year in 2022 as we always do! Happy, healthy Year of the Ox!

ISD Primary: PYP 5: What’s your rainbow?

Contribution by Ms Kristi Kremer and Ms Jessica Lanzafame
The teachers from PYP5 were so excited to welcome the students back to school!  After seeing the kids virtually for so long and braving dark (but beautiful) commutes to school in the snow that first day, we were ready to bring some color into the classroom! We continued with a home learning assignment from Ms. Kristi called "What's Your Rainbow?" The students wrote, "In the rainbow and sun we wrote things that made us happy and motivated during quarantine. In the storm clouds and lightning we wrote things that frustrated us during quarantine!" The rainbow was split in half so that each class could work on them separately, but create a united rainbow at the end. As an added challenge, the children had to write their thoughts in the figurative language we had been studying - similes, alliteratoin, onomotopeia, and rhyming words. We love having this beautiful spot of color representing both classes! 

ISD Primary: Learning Support Team: Back to school

Contribution by Ms Maïwenn Heijbers
The last couple of weeks all of our teachers worked from home, trying to teach our students in the best possible way. Like all parents, almost every teacher knows how it feels to work from home and be a parent as well. Therefore, we also realized how important it was being there for our students and for our parents. It sometimes gave us a little peek inside your homes, and it was lovely to see parents sneaking in with food for their kids during lessons, and their own, cozy space where kids had to spend their days and talking about their new daily routine. It was great seeing them making progress during online lessons, becoming more independent and listening to their stories when needed.
Now we are back at school, we all have to adjust a little bit to yet another different situation. But we (as always) will make it work, just like we did altogether working from home. I have had the opportunity to get to know my students in a different way during lockdown, which was lovely, and it gave me the chance to use and learn different teaching skills as a teacher. All the children made me and other teachers very proud.


ISD Secondary: Message from our Director

Dear Parents,
While it has been 10 weeks since our transition to online learning, at least this month has been quite eventful in our ISD Secondary community. 
During an information evening on 9 February, Minke Veeneklaas, our Deputy Head, and Evelyne le Poole, our Head of Languages, made a presentation about our programme of learning, the IB MYP. It has been 25 years since the launch of the MYP, and parents were informed how this innovative programme encourages students to make practical connections between their studies and the real world.
On 12 February, we organised our first ever Virtual Open Day for prospective families. Although it felt a bit weird to welcome families online, we have been successful in giving the guests an insight into the rich diversity of the ISD community. The Open Day is recorded and can be viewed on our website, here.
It is with a lot of pleasure that Minke and I look back at a special event this week. The leadership of the school, organise so called Principals’ lunches. Every 6 weeks we invite a selected group of students to have lunch with us and discuss matters of interest. This week we invited the recently established student council for the Principals’ lunch. As it was an online event, we had the lunch packages delivered to the home addresses of the students involved. For Minke and I, it has been very rewarding to learn about the ideas and plans of the Student Council. And, of course, it has been fun to meet in an unusual setting like this.
While winding down for the break, we closed this period today, with a school assembly. Students made presentations, we all played a Kahoot! and had lots of fun. 
During the break, we expect the Dutch government to make announcements regarding the possible return to onsite schooling, also for secondary students. While nothing is confirmed as yet, we are prepared for different scenarios. We will keep you updated, when required. 
Meanwhile, on behalf of the ISD staff, I wish you and your family a restful week ahead and look forward to return on Monday, 1 March.
Stay healthy.
Jaap Mos


ISD Secondary: MYP Music news

Contribution by Ms Federica Grassulo

Music has accompanied many of us throughout important events in our life. Each of us has a song that evokes memories, people, countries, feeling. Music has been our best friend during all our life and has presented itself in different ways.

The soundtrack of this period for MYP2 students has been their own song. They worked very hard in composing a song using GarageBand. It has been fascinating listening to their compositions and how the song taste have changed during the lockdown. The music reflects always how you feel. Now they are coping with odd time signature and performing some challenging body percussion patterns. If you see them looking for some items around your house or if they are making a lot of noise in front of their computer, no worries it is my fault! 

Is it possible to play together during the lockdown? Well, MYP1 students may say yes!

After learning about Chord progressions and how to build a melody on top of it, they used a Google app called Shared piano. In this app students composed and played a little melody line. They had much fun doing it and the results have been amazing! Some of the students even gave a little live concert from home.
For the MYP3 students, after being busy in creating a soundtrack to a horror film clip, it is time for a new Unit: Discovering Dance Music. By exploring the characteristic musical features of dance music from different times and places, students understand the important connection between the steps, movement and formation of the dance and how these are inter-related within musical features such as time, metre, rhythms and chords in the music.

Are you ready to see them dance? Well, give them some time to practice!
As the Spring Break is coming up, I feel confident to hand over my classes to Ms Michele Ellis, while I will be welcoming my first baby within a couple of weeks. See you in a few months!


ISD Secondary – English LangLit: “Is knowledge power?”

Contribution by Mr Mike Dessens – English Language and Literature

This period MYP3 has been working on a unit called “Is knowledge power”.
For this they have watched a film called “The First Grader”. 
This beautiful film tells the remarkable story of an 84-year-old Kenyan villager who attends primary school. The film deals with the struggles of him attending the school and learning how to read and write, but also shows his violent past as a Mau Mau warrior fighting for Kenyan independence. I have had to edit this film because of some scenes being too graphic and violent, but that doesn’t take away from the strong message this film has to share.
The first response of the students was exactly what I was hoping for.
Later in the unit we will also be looking, through images and part of a documentary called “On the way to school”, at some incredible journeys students from around the world have to undertake just to get to school.
I am looking forward to linking these images to the questions: 
·       How far would you go to get an education? 
·       How has working on this unit changed your attitude towards school?
I am confident this knowledge will influence the way our students approach school and lifelong learning.


ISD Secondary - The Great Bean Ballet through the eyes of our students

Tuesday 2 February 2021, MYP 3 saw ‘The Great Bean’ performance by Scapino Ballet online. Performed in Rotterdam and filmed jAfbeeldingsresultaat voor the great bean scapinoust in time before the second lockdown. MYP 3 students Isaac Eskue and Adam Krajewski write about the performance.
As a small child, choreographer Ed Wubbe, was fascinated by different forms of art such as puppetry, acrobatics, magic, costumes, and dancing. When he found out about the circus, he wanted to create something like that. He developed the idea of a ballet, but in the form of a variety show.  For inspiration, he looked to the great entertainer and escape artist, Harry Houdini.  The ballet’s name, “The Great Bean”, refers to the handcuffs of the world famous artist: “Houdini's great chains you couldn’t undue”.  
In the Great Bean, Ed Wubbe uses aspects of the dance and music from The Roaring 20s, the 40s and the 50s in a modern edition.  The music used in the performance is inspired by great music artists such as Django Reinhardt, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra and Billie Holiday. All of the music artists are very well known from the 20s, 40s and 50s.  The dancers wear black clothes in addition with white shoes together with white gloves. These clothes contrast very effectively with the stage and they underline the dancers hand and legs. It seemed like Wubbes wanted to reflect what we see in videos and photos during that time:  Black and white. The dancing styles are a mix of ballet and the dancing styles popular in dance clubs during that time.  
There are multiple forms of art used in this performance like Variety, Circus, Cabaret and Dancing. The choreographer invited two jugglers from a circus to perform in the play. There were a couple of specific roles in the play for example, the magician, the jugglers and the solo dancers.  It is interesting to see what new ideas can come from mixing art forms of different styles and times. 


ISD Secondary: Learning how to learn

Contribution by Ms Judith Gerritzen

The two weeks before the holiday, we introduced extra lessons for each class to learn how to reference using the Harvard system. Of course, this is a tricky subject to teach and can be seen as a bit dull. Therefore I asked the students to create their book citations based on their creative book titles. Look for yourself, I have to say these titles reflect many of our students' personalities and hobbies!

After the holiday, we will focus on research skills. Good research starts with the right inquiry questions. I like to illustrate inquiry-based education through this image: 'swimming instruction’ of Mackenzie (2018). Interesting to see where the teacher stands and to see the swimmers each in a different section.

In my opinion, this image represents precisely how the IB curriculum is thriving to guide students. Many of our MYP students are now on the ‘controlled inquiry’ or  'the guided inquiry' level and eventually, they will move to the 'free inquiry' stage. As teachers, we are there to facilitate this transition to the next stage. We do that by asking questions but also by giving guidelines. 

As a parent, you may be helping your child in this remote learning period, with their research. This can be done by asking them questions about their schoolwork but also helping them with their online search activities. To support you I have created a list of subscribed school websites and free resources to help students with their online research. In this link you will find an overview with logins for their next online inquiry. I hope it will help you and the students. This list will also be shared with the students in mentor time. 

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