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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!

Message from the head of ISD Primary 
Dear parents and students,

We had a great start to the new school year 2022-2023.
On the Meet the Teacher afternoon, parents had the opportunity to learn about their child’s new group. We were really happy that a great number of parents came to school for this. 

In the first weeks it is important to make the school a happy and safe place for everyone in our community. Essential agreements of the school are part of that. With the children we talked about our three basic agreements.

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others
  • Respect your environment

All the classes came up with their own agreements.
It is wonderful to see our community grow to the point that we are reaching our maximum capacity this school year in the primary building.

In a few weeks time the International Baccalaureate organisation will come in (online) and assess the quality of the school. This happens in a 5 year cycle to ensure our high standard in teaching and learning. We are looking forward to showing them the wonderful learning activities that are happening in the school. 

We congratulate Ms Kayleigh with the birth of her daughter Ophelia. And Mr Joel with the birth of his son Henry. 

We wish you a wonderful school year. 
Sander Raaphorst  


Message from the head of ISD Secondary
Dear parents and students,

Secondary School kicked off the school year with a full induction programme for all students in the first few days. It was a great opportunity for students to get to know each other better, for new staff to settle in and to provide a series of activities which strengthened the community spirit. We can look back at a successful start of the year.  

The Secondary started this year with a total of 180 students and 43 staff members, quite a growth in numbers. This growth does mean that we no longer fit in the Colijnlaan only. Like last year, we use space at the Stanislas sister school, the satellite campus. Having the school at two locations has its challenges. This year we have our own wing with separate ISD entrance which offers: 6 classrooms, a lounge and staffroom. 

Per 1 October a fulltime caretaker will start at the Satellite location. Ms Angela will be there every day from 8:00-16:00.  We trust that with the extra space and a full-time caretaker we create a safe environment for all our students.  

As a pioneering and rapidly growing school, there will be challenges at times. As leadership team we are very aware of this and happy that we can work together with staff, the members of Division Council and parents' feedback on developing the school. If parents or students have suggestions we invite them for an open conversation, by contacting us directly.  

Having said that, we look forward to another year at ISD Secondary with many new developments and events. 

Minke Veeneklaas



22 October- 30 October: Autumn Break

ISD primary
7 October: Staff study day

ISD Secondary
13 October: MYP 5 Phileas Fogg show start at 5pm
20 October: Halloween party 7-9pm
31 October: Staff inset day

PYP7 Expressing Emotions Through Art 

Contribution by Ms Ingrid Beekhuizen

During the past weeks, we enjoyed opportunities to develop skills in many areas linked to our inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values through art; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; and developing our appreciation of the aesthetic. 

We started the unit of inquiry with a walk into the centre of Delft, where students took photos of what they considered to be art. We had lively discussions as to what art is, and who decides something is/is not art and generated interesting questions to consider and research. 

Whittling Workshop 

We had a fascinating workshop learning to whittle with Teresa Hunyadi . She showed us how to whittle small birds from branches, with some amazing results. It was great fun learning to work with very sharp whittling knives.

Transdisciplinary arts
At present, we are exploring the link between emotions, visual art, movement, and music, as well as sketching and drawing with pastels with Anna Dumon  
Here are Anna’s reflections on the workshop
Autumn trees
“Inspired by the very vividly coming season we were today learning about the concept and importance of sketching and inspiration through other artists' works, art styles, music and a little unplanned performing arts/music sketch - we were looking at the actual scenery as well and imagined what does the tree look like in our mind. We also did a class collaborative poster - a live drawing on Vivaldi’s Autumn theme. Next lesson we will focus on pastel and aquarelle techniques staying in the Fall - post-impressionism inspired picture.”
What we learned:

  • inspiration can come from other forms of Art, our close environment and of our own imagination/mind ~ blend of it all together
  • Importance of a sketch as a rough foundation work in an art process
  • Working with pastels (an introduction)
  • Working on a large format live collaborative drawing
  • Art appreciation

In group 7 we are working towards individual paintings and drawings with a focus on understanding the basic visual art techniques, how to use art tools correctly and take the skills on another level.

ISD Secondary - Extended Learning Programme

For those of you who are new to our school, the extended learning programme is essentially after school clubs offered to our students by our teachers. The programme offers 'extra' curricular activities which students do not have on their schedule. It has been established in order to provide an enriching programme of fun and diverse activities alongside the MYP. 
The ELP will start after the autumn break. Parents and students will receive information about the schedule and students will receive an email where they will be invited to sign up for the clubs they want to attend. 
If you have any questions about the Extended Learning Programme, please feel free to reach out, my email address: 

ISD Sandpit confectionary

Contribution by Ms Judit Rapai
An enthusiastic team of junior pastry chefs have been creating amazing cakes, muffins and all sorts of sweets in the ISD Sandpit Confectionery. They had to work tirelessly as demand was high for handcrafted, custom-made, artisan baked goods.

Beach clean up day was a great success!

Contribution by Evi Hurd – student in MYP4
On Saturday, the 10th of September, ISD went out to Hudson Beach for our annual beach cleanup as a celebration of World Cleanup Day. Our students could earn Service as Action for this activity.
Service as Action is something all of our Secondary students must complete during their time at ISD. Service as Action is part of being a caring, responsible member of our school, local, and global communities. Active participation in Service as Action projects gives students hands-on experience and opportunities to learn more about the communities they are a part of.
For this year’s event, students and parents from PYP and MYP classes arrived at Hudson Beach at 11 in the morning. Students divided themselves into groups of 8-12. Then, we all split up to cover more ground. By the end of the two hours on the beach, each year group had collected a sizable pile of garbage. 
Doing the beach cleanup on World Cleanup Day was a great way for students to connect to their global community through service. Besides helping the environment and making the beach a more pleasant place for everyone, Service makes people feel good and gives students the chance to connect outside of the classroom.
Thank you to everybody who helped out and to the teachers that came out.


ISD Primary Library Update

Contribution by Ms Judit Rapai and Renu Ochai

We are very excited to inform you that our ISD library is being renewed with new bookshelves, seating and furniture to accommodate versatile workspaces for our students and teachers. We are currently in the process of conceptualising the library space upstairs. The children are very excited as they have started using the new seating in the library.

We are grateful that we have such an amazing team of library volunteers and we really appreciate all their hard work! ISD primary has the biggest library volunteer team ever and the mums have already labelled and covered all the donated books we have received and helped with reshelving all the books in the library. 

Student 'bees' reading on the new beehive seating arrangements

ISD Secondary Induction week

ISD secondary started the new academic year with the Induction programme. A fun filled week that encompassed a.o.: Newcomer day, Djembé workshops, Bushcraft workshops, Traffic Safety lessons, Delft city walks, team building activities, a digital induction and much more, a great start of the new year!


MYP 5 Art trip to Museum Voorlinden

Contribution by Ms Becky Van Paassen

Last Thursday, 22 September, students in MYP5 visited Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar. It houses a fantastic exhibition of the work of artist Antony Gormley, which has some strong links to their current unit which explores concepts of form and space. The students made observational drawings of some of the works and were asked to reflect on specific connections to their own studio practise. It was a fantastic day, the students enjoyed seeing the work first hand. 

Bushcraft workshops

Contribution by Mr Mike Dessens and Ms Nané Paraiso

One of the activities during the Induction week at ISD secondary was a Bushcraft workshop in the Delftse Hout. Due to the timetable and bad weather on one of the days, not all students were able to go during the induction week, but rest assured, these students participate at a later date. 

The idea behind the bushcraft workshop *was for students to learn different skills that one could use when left alone in the wilderness. All of the students did their utmost to survive in the woods. Archery, lighting fire, foraging, building a small cottage, there were many activities and skills they learnt in order to live off the grid.

First they had to learn how to build a shelter using the natural environment (logs/trees/mosses/ etc.). Secondly they focussed on plantlife and were taught which plants could be eaten, and which would be poisonous. Some students experimented with eating bugs and nettle. After that they had to try and purify the water, which meant they had to find different materials they could use in order to do so. 

The final two activities were the ones the students seemed to enjoy the most. One involved hunting of animals and the other focussed on making fire. It turns out that there are some really good hunters at our school, and more worryingly quite a lot of pyromaniacs. 
For the hunting, students had to try and “kill” a stuffed animal using different hunting techniques such as spear throwing and using a bow and arrow. Whilst embracing and appreciating nature the students played definitely the part of the actors in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. After all of their hard work and tenacity they were treated to some well deserved ice-cream.

All in all it was an exciting day out and it was great to see the students mingle and get to know each other so much better.

PYP 6 - Tie-dye workshop
Contribution by Ms Georgina Cuenca

One week before Camp and PYP6 is getting ready for it. During this unit we are working on our community and Camp is going to be the final activity. That is why last week we worked on our Camp T-shirt, as a symbol of our class community, using the tie-dye technique. It was a long and sometimes hard process, but we worked as a team, using the combination of all our strengths, and the result was AMAZING!!! 

In the picture you can see the whole process. Ready for it? 

Folding the T-shirts

Adding the dye

And the result!

ISD secondary: Let's Meet Mr Joep van den Boom

Mr Joep van den Boom has started this year as an Integrated Humanities teacher and MYP 4 mentor at ISD Secondary. Mr van den Boom previously worked as a Geography teacher and Deputy Head at a private Dutch secondary school.

Coming from teaching at a Dutch school, to an international school, how has the transition been?
As a new teacher that started this school year, every day at ISD has been filled with new experiences. Even though I have been teaching for more than a decade there are some big differences with the regular education in the Netherlands. One of my favorite differences is the inquiry-based learning. Students that are engaged by asking questions, reaching for answers, making bigger-picture connections, reflecting on learning and to take action like the beach cleanup day that was a big success and fun to be part of. This important part is in my opinion underrepresented in the Dutch education.

What do you hope to bring to the school?
I feel the team is very supportive to me and I try my best to be supportive back. I hope this can be an example to the students and from, what I have seen so far, there is a real community feeling at ISD with both teachers and students. The sports day was a great example with everyone helping out and having fun regardless of age/gender or anything else.

In my humanities classes I will strive to stimulate interest in contemporary issues and help the students develop a critical understanding of the fast-changing world in which they live. I feel privileged to help the students get an understanding and opinion on important issues like climate change, inequality and much more. I wish everybody a great school year and hope the students will enjoy my classes.

ISD primary: Language Portrait week

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade

In Primary, the teachers worked together to make their language portraits first. You can find them on the wooden wall in the hallway of the school. You might have seen it when you visited the Meet the teacher event. You can already see how different they all are. It clearly shows how diverse we are, in language as well as in our creativity.  

In all classes, the teachers allowed their students to create their own language profile and to hare it with their peers. In the assembly on Wednesday, some students in PYP 7, 4 and 3 showed and explained how they made theirs. Two students in PYP 6 presented theirs, which were literally profiles enriched with their languages. They invited everyone to come and see. The younger students made theirs at home with their parents the week after. 

Creating language portraits is a wonderful opportunity for students to introduce themselves, and for teachers to get to know their new students. For the school it helps us to organise different home language activities such as Language and Culture Lunches. The first lunches were a great success.  
To stimulate multilingualism in our school you can help us with the development of our international library collection which already includes many home language books. If you are tidying up and you have home language books you can donate to our collection, please don’t hesitate to do so. It will be most appreciated. 
You can bring the books to the library area or hand them over to Ms Judit , Ms Renu or the class teacher. 

ISD Secondary: Traffic Safety lessons

Contribution by Ms Mirjam de Bruin

The Netherlands has one of the highest numbers of bicycles per capita, 22 million bikes for around 17 million people. When living in the Netherlands, you must know how to cycle and be safe and responsible in traffic. Moreover, all students at ISD Secondary cycle regularly, from the Colijnlaan to the Satellite building or the sports fields in Rijswijk. In the first induction weeks, all secondary students participated in a Traffic Safety workshop organised by an external organisation: TotallyTraffic.

The lesson aimed to make students more aware of the risks they run as a participant in traffic. Possible distractions on the bicycle, like cell phone usage, and the traffic rules were discussed by showing videos of various traffic situations. Students then engaged in debates about traffic safety. In between the discussions, Totally Traffic shared facts about traffic safety, and students participated in a quiz. Statements in the debates were: “As a cyclist, I am safer due to the ban on the use of cell phones in traffic” and “It is safer for me to cycle alone than in a large group”. There were many arguments for both points of view, especially for the second statement. The subject is very relevant for our school, as students cycle in groups to the sports fields for their PHE lessons. All in all, a valuable workshop that hopefully made students more aware of traffic risks.

ISD primary: Celebrating our Diverse Languages and Cultures

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade
On Thursday 15 September, we had a wonderful turnout for our first Language and Culture Lunches at school. We had 12 Polish, and 16 Italian speaking students, dressed in their national colours, join their respective lunches that were hosted by volunteer parents. The students brought flags, scarves and other national items to celebrate. There was a lot of fun chatting, playing, and connecting with new friends, as well as playing fun games, eating a delicious cultural dish (a macaroni dish made by a keen student) and sharing a few sweet treats. 
Here are a few reflections from the two groups of students.

Polish lunch
“It was very fun speaking in Polish.”  - Anya PYP6 
“I liked it because we had fun games.” - Bartosz PYP7

Italian lunch

“It was so much fun. So much Italians (maybe too much). I would like to do another.” -  Marianna PYP6
“The food was delicious. Thank you.” - Mia PYP6 
“It was very fun.” - Arianna PYP6

“It was good. I turned on my Italian flag and I sing but it was a little bit loud. It was fun. They offered pasta but I didn’t want pasta because my lunch was ok” - Marco PYP3 

We are most grateful to the parents who hosted these wonderful gatherings. It looked like they had as much fun as the children did. 
Thank you to those parents who have already reached out to offer their help for a future lunch. If you are interested in ‘hosting’ such a lunch for your language and/or culture, please email us at noting your language and/culture and we will contact you with more details closer to the time. We hope to connect as many language and culture groups as possible over the course of the year.
Warm regards
The Language and Cultural Lunch Team

Sports day ISD Secondary

Contribution by Ms Loes Bekkers

On Tuesday, September 20th, the very first ISD sports day was held at the Semper Altius fields in Rijswijk.
Students prepared for this during their PHE lessons, which meant they learned the rules of the games of capture the flag and frisbee-football, but also learned how to self-referee.
On this lovely, sunny day, students were encouraged to wear team colours and show team spirit and sportsmanship. The students did an excellent job, and we saw engaged, enthusiastic, and very active students playing these games, some in great outfits and even face paint. On top of these games, they played some fun games such as skippy ball, fun ski, sudoku, and parachute ball.
Before the award ceremony, students competed in a tug-of-war competition and it was closed off with some matches against the teachers. 

At the award ceremony, students received trophies, not only for the most amount of points scored but also for team spirit and sportsmanship. 
It was wonderful for all to see students and teachers in a different setting than the classroom!

ISD Primary: Music & Art

Contribution by Ms Ilein Bermudez

In the first unit of inquiry in PYP4, the music lesson is linked to how people express themselves through the arts. The idea is that our students experience creating and responding to art and in the process find ways: (a) to express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs, and values; (b) to reflect on, extend and enjoy their creativity; (c) to develop an appreciation for the aesthetic. 

In our first lessons, the journey has been about preparing them to listen for specific elements in music that connect with emotions, e.g., happy, sad, energetic, calm. We looked in detail at short and long sounds, slow and fast tempo, high and low register, and repeated or changing notes. Drawing from a broad selection of music from different genres, children started to reflect on what they recognize in music that makes them feel in a particular way.  

In one lesson, students worked on making a connection between music and art by exploring how they could turn sounds into drawings. Recognizing the different sounds played in the lesson by the teacher on a metallophone and turning them into specific abstract shapes was one of the activities we worked on. Kandinsky suggests that by applying the methods of music to their own art, artists fulfill their search ‘for rhythm in painting, for mathematical, abstract construction, for repeated notes of colour, for setting colour in motion’ (1977, p.19). Similarly, our PYP4 students experienced how to turn sounds into specific points, lines or shapes, and using different colours. The result was their very own expression of what they were listening to. In this way, they produced their own interpretation of the music they listened to in delightful, expressive and contrasting drawings.  

ISD primary: Harvest time at Kindertuin Delft

Contribution by Ms Ingrid Beekhuizen

The Gardening project came to an end for our groups with a bountiful harvest. We hope you got to enjoy the fresh produce grown by your children over the past season. We heard that many families experimented with new recipes, as children and parents prepared food together. 
As a bonus, the children made dried flowers arrangements for decoration. These flowers had been grown at the farm and dried over the past year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents who supported in so many ways for our cycling outings. We also extend a huge ‘thank you’ to the wonderful volunteers at the Kindertuin Delft.

ISD secondary: Media Resource Center Update

Contribution by Ms Gina Ruocco

The MRC is open and ready for the ISD community!

  • Students have their own library account and sticker, which they can use to check out books. 📚
  • Students can check out up to two books at a time. 📗📙
  • The loan period is two weeks. 🗓️
  • There is space in the library where students can work or study independently or in small groups.
  • Students can also read in the library during break times.

Check out the MRC’s new Google site. This site provides the ISD community with general information about the MRC, monthly highlights and themes that will be on display, our digital catalogue for browsing books, and access points for ISD’s digital research platforms. 

September highlights: International Day of Peace, Banned Books Week, & International Day of Sign Languages. Find information about these themes on the homepage of the MRC site.
Banned Books Week is an annual event in which we celebrate our freedom to read by recognizing past and present efforts to challenge and ban books. Banning books is something that has occurred across space and time in an effort to censor ideas. This week helps to raise awareness about the dangers of censorship and the value of intellectual freedom.


Chrome Extension Brittanica School
One of our digital platforms, Britannica School, comes with a useful Chrome extension that can enhance internet searches and bring reliable information to the forefront of research. Follow these easy instructions to add the Chrome extension to your tool bar:
  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store: 
  3. Type Britannica School Insights into the "Search the store" box in the upper left-hand corner.
  4. They should select the extension and then just click on the "Add to Chrome" button. It will look like this:

Nice to meet you - new staff members

ISD Primary
Hello all! My name’s Asha Parkinson Tee and I’m from the UK. I was born in Hong Kong where I lived for 11 years before moving to The Hague where I was for 12 years before then starting my teaching career in Istanbul for 2 years – it’s a tongue twister I intend to keep developing!

In my down time, I am an avid crocheter. I love making clothes, one piece of which you can see me sporting in my photo. I also enjoy horror books/movies, music making and travelling. I am delighted to be here at ISD as a cover teacher/teaching assistant across the board. I’ve really enjoyed every class I’ve been in thus far and hope to get to meet everyone before the school year is up.


My name is Sheila Clarke and I am the PYP3 teacher at ISD Primary. I was born and raised in Ireland, where I also studied education and worked for many years as a primary school teacher. After leaving Ireland I spent two years living in the USA, where I worked in private schools. I then moved to Germany where I worked in a DODEA elementary school, and laterally at the International School of Stuttgart.

My family and I moved to the Netherlands this summer and I am excited to bring my skills and experience to the ISD. In my free time I enjoy singing, reading and spending time in nature.


I am Dianne Crowley, the Learning Support Coordinator at ISD Primary. As a mother of two, my interests lie in playgrounds, noticing the little things that make exploring the world enticing and making family memories.

I have many years of experience in learning support and remedial teaching both in South Africa and, more recently, the British School in the Netherlands. I have always been a strong advocate of inclusive education and to help cultivate curiosity and a love of learning in all students. I'm delighted to be part of the ISD community!


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