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The ISD Parent Update is send out to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!

Message from our head of ISD Primary

Dear Parents,
This is first parent newsletter of 2021. 
We were hoping to leave 2020 behind us and have a new start in this new year. 
Unfortunately, we find ourselves back in a lockdown situation where we have to switch to online learning and be physically distant from children and parents again. 
With our online learning environment, we try to do justice to the progress in learning that our children are entitled to. Our idea for the online learning assignments has always been that is has to be flexible, self-regulating, skill-focused and contributing to the individual development of children. We see the big steps that the children are making on all levels. Especially with Seesaw as a platform we can monitor that development, differentiate individually or in small groups and continue with the portfolio when we return to school. 
Looking forward, The Dutch government presented a roadmap about the order to relieve the measures that are in place now. We are happy to see that opening schools is priority when it is considered absolutely safe to do so.
We want to send a big compliment and thank you to all children and parents. 
Children, you are putting so much effort in your online activities. We see a lot of wonderful learning activities take place every day. Some of the examples of that are shown in this newsletter. Keep up the good work and keep posting your fantastic assignments and joining the live sessions that the teachers set up.  

Parents, we know it is hard to balance your private life, own work responsibilities as well as supporting your children with online learning. And it seems like this lockdown is asking for even more resilience and perseverance from everyone. We appreciate all that you are doing to support your children and the teachers during online learning. We are all in this together and will get through this together. Stay strong and keep supporting your childrens learning. 
We really miss all of you and look forward to seeing the whole of our ISD community back at school as soon as possible. 
Sander Raaphorst

Important dates in February

2 Feb 2021 – ISD Primary: library is open
3 Feb 2021- PYP 7 Parent: Q&A session ISD Secondary start at 19:30
9 Feb 2021 – ISD Secondary: MYP and assessments start at 19:30
12 Feb 2021 - Virtual Open Day ISD Secondary start at 16:00
18 February 2021 - ISD Secondary reports
19 February 2021 – ISD Primary reports 
22-26 February 2021 - Whole school Half Term Holiday

ISD primary: Inquiry via online learning 

Contribution by ms Lucy Doyle – PYP 4 teacher
Unit Central Idea: The design of buildings and structures is dependent upon environmental factors, human ingenuity and available materials
This unit certainly hasn’t gone how we expected! At the beginning of the unit, whilst at school, we found out what the children were interested in learning. They asked questions such as: how do buildings stay up? What are buildings made of? Is there a boss on a building site? How do you make concrete? So, I thought we could perhaps visit builders’ merchants, look at sites, try making different structures together and experimenting with different materials that we have at school, etc. But it soon became clear that we wouldn’t be able to do those things!
It has certainly been a challenge, adapting the Unit, Language and Maths Inquiry to online learning. Probably the hardest thing for me is condensing a week’s worth of learning into 2 activities per week per subject. Some things I just had to leave out of the planning. For example, in maths we did measurement. Part of this was measuring in meters. But I can’t expect mobile, international families to be lugging tape measures all over the world! We’ll leave that until we’re back at school. Instead, I asked the children to measure objects around the house, then add the amounts to find the height of a tower of the objects. In the next lesson they had to use subtraction to find the difference in the heights of their family members. 
Among the Unit Inquiry lessons I’ve posted, I’ve asked the children to design buildings for specific places in the world, build bridges from straws and towers from spaghetti (I think plenty of engineers will recognise those activities…). And in Language Inquiry the children have been learning about advertising, firstly making a video advert from the text we read in class, and then working on adapting it. In that sense, we did pretty much what we would have in class. When I look at the library of videos I’ve made, I see myself holding up scissors, paper straws, a penguin whistle and an advert for liquorice. I think that sums up the online teaching experience! 

ISD primary: letter from our students

We recently received this lovely drawing with letter from one of our younger students. The letter sums up pretty much how we all feel in the current situation: 

“I love the school and I miss the school and I wish we could see each other again!”

Let’s hope we can, soon!

ISD Helps: Launch Plastic Lid Collection campaign Eco Team

The Eco Team is launching a new campaign in February and March to raise awareness on how to recycle plastic lids and at the same time raise money for the Royal Dutch Guiding Dogs Association, in Dutch, KNGF. 
By collecting and donating plastic lids ISD can contribute to the education of guidance dogs. For each donated kilogram of plastic, the KNGF receives a financial contribution from a plastics recycling company. They then create sustainable plastic pallets with the donated plastic lids.  A win-win situation! Last year alone, the KNGF raised €51.017 by donating plastic lids. 
The Eco Team is launching this campaign as a whole school event. The class that collects the most plastic lids wins. On Earth Day, 22 April, the winning class will have a visit from one of the members of KNGF together with one of their guidance dogs to learn more about it.
So, don’t throw away your plastic lids and start collecting!
Which plastic lids to collect?
The hard-plastic lids should be clean and cannot contain metal other materials.
  • Bottle of water
  • Milk and yogurt cartons
  • Juice
  • Washing liquid
  • Deodorant
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pen
  • Cleaning containers
  • Toothpaste
  • Baby food
Donate directly to support KNGF
If you would like to donate directly to support the important work of KNGF, you can do so via the below link we created for ISD.
We aim to collect 100 euros.

On behalf of the Eco Team: Thank You!

ISD Primary: The Power of Music

The power of music is the power of bringing people together. (Sofia Chihaia PYP6)

Like the music teachers, music has accompanied many of us throughout significant times in our lives. We easily recall songs of our childhood and teenage years as well as music that has marked significant events in our lives. We carry songs under our skin just like the bark rings of a tree. Music has been our steady and constant companion. Now we are at this unprecedented time. What will be the soundtrack of this period? Will it be the Italian balcony concerts, the amazing online massed choirs, or the sound of applause for our frontline workers?
For our youngest students, their music list may include The Carnival of The Animals and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons as they have explored these pieces through movement, artwork, improvisation and performance activities. Homes have become dance studios, art spaces, digital workshops and performance venues and school lessons received through a gadget the size of a book. Parents have become teachers, mentors, film directors, artists, ICT specialists and numerous other roles. The older children have been exploring how sound works by creating self-made instruments and using them in original compositions. They have explored how music has travelled and evolved with immigration, listened to the music of masters, and made connections between art and music.

Davi Carvalho Sousa - Impressions of Winter created using dots and lines while listening to the second movement of Winter composed by Antonio Vivaldi. 

Their playlist of this time is certain to be varied from rap to the classics. Above all they have reflected on the power of music on a personal and global scale. Here are some of their insights:
The power of music is that it can be whatever you want it to be. (Alex Zwart PYP6)
Music brings people together in a way nothing else does. (Dorka Bek PYP6)
Music is color and freedom because when I listen to music, I do art and I have freedom with that. (Josefine Rijnders PYP6)
The power of music is the power of bringing people together. (Sofia Chihaia PYP6)
One can imagine a rich and varied playlist from the many diverse cultures and personal stories of the ISD community. This weekend take time to listen to few pieces on your playlist. Let the sounds take you to those memorable times and places, to people you hold in your heart, and release or remember the feelings of joy, hope and love.

Changes in the Music Department


Currently there are big changes in the ISD music department. Miss Federica will be welcoming her first baby into our wonderful world and Ms Michele will join ISD following her recent move from Australia to The Netherlands. As Miss Federica writes:
“Dear parents, I am thrilled to announce that I am expecting my first child in March. In my absence starting mid-February, Ms. Michele Ellis will provide music lessons to your children. She is an amazing teacher and during this Lockdown we worked very hard together to keep the learning progress of your child always ongoing. I am extremely excited for my baby, but I will miss each one of my students as I take my leave. Thanks for all your patience and flexibility in this tough time, I have truly enjoyed learning with your son/daughter this year.”
With one teacher taking leave to bring a life into the world and the other leaving a familiar life to join the vibrant ISD community, this transition during Corona has been a pleasure for the two. Federica and Michele despite having lived on opposite sides of the world speak, understand and enjoy the language that is without words – Music. They have delighted in preparing lessons together and are planning a musical and an aesthetic education for all students.

Virtual Open Day ISD Secondary


On 12 February 2021 at 4 PM, ISD Secondary opens its virtual doors for all students who are interested to join our school in the next academic year. During this virtual meet, students will get the opportunity to follow some taster lessons, ask questions and check out our school building and facilities. 

Families can register for the Virtual Open Day by sending an email to 

Closer to the date, we will send the link to join the Virtual Open Day. 

Message from the director of ISD Secondary

I know it is a difficult time for many of you and for your children, our students, these days. And, the time of home learning is set to continue for some weeks to come.
I feel proud that, under the circumstances given, our students manage to cope with the work that our teachers are setting in line with the MYP curriculum standards. In the staff meeting last week, teachers discussed student progress. I found it reassuring that our teachers manage to assess progress in student learning, even remotely.
I want to thank you for your ongoing support in the learning of our students, also expressed in all the helpful and constructive messages that many of you have been sending to our mentors and our subject teachers. It is welcome and highly appreciated! 
Under the extraordinary circumstances, it may be weird to say, but ISD Secondary is developing well. Recently we welcomed some new families and students, the authorization for the IB MYP is now imminent, we are well underway in our curriculum-, and staff planning for next year, and the plans for our new school building are taking shape. 
While the school is well positioned for the future, the school is ready  to prepare for a transition in the leadership of the school. In my role as founding director, I have shared with the school board that it will be important to recruit a new director for ISD Secondary and thus for me to step down before Summer. The new to be appointed director will be able to lead the school into the next stage of its development. 
The board has started a search process to recruit the new director of ISD secondary. An appointment in April this year is expected, thus allowing for a transition period and ensuring stability. Meanwhile, I look forward to serving the school in the months to come and will keep you updated on developments.
Jaap Mos
Director ISD Secondary

ISD Secondary: MYP, Approaches to learning and remote learning

Contribution by Ms. Minke Veeneklaas – Deputy Head / MYP coordinator

Having to switch to a remote online learning environment has had a great impact on all of us, teachers, students and parents. Worldwide educators recognize the challenge faced by Covid’19 for both teachers and students to teach and learn online.

The MYP programme has shown its strength in these times. The strong focus on the IB learner as a whole, inquiry-based learning and Approaches to learning have supported us in quickly adapting to remote learning. Now in the second period of remote learning we are using the MYP Approaches to learning framework to further support the students.

MYP Approaches to learning Framework

The approaches to learning (ATL Skills) are a set of essential skills taught across all subjects in the IB. The MYP identifies the following ATL categories, which are practiced in all MYP subjects in a way that is relevant.
  • communication
  • self-management
  • thinking
  • social
  • research

Staff study day: 
To strengthen this approach, the staff study day in January focused on how we can use the approaches to learning, in particular Self-management and Communication in our lessons. The day was launched by watching a session from the Virtual IB conference November 2020 by Lance King, an expert on Approaches to Learning. Following this, teachers worked in groups on identifying and developing approaches to learning strategies and lesson plans for the remote learning period. 
ATL’s in the lessons:
In subject and mentor lessons the teaching and learning of these skills will be a re-occurring theme. Examples of this are:  groupwork to encourage collaboration and communication between students, lessons where students need to make an action plan or are provided a structure for the planning of independent work;  making priority lists and in mentor hour thinking activities to find the balance between schoolwork and relaxation.  Another example is the poster with tips for remote learning which has been discussed in the mentor hour. 
In the next weeks we will continue to re-iterate the importance of self-management and communication skills. In February we will focus on research skills such as finding online resources and how to reference. Students will be given an extra session on this, after which it can be applied in school. 
The focus currently is to support students during remote learning however the approaches to learning prepare students with skills needed for life-long learning, for when they are in back in school and thereafter. 
As Lance King says in his “ Lessons Learned from Covid’19: 
“When this pandemic is behind us and children are back at school, the biggest change in their schooling needs to be a major reorientation towards the self-management of learning as a prioritised goal. We need to shift the focus of school-based learning from teacher as ‘all knowing expert’ to teacher as ‘designer of engaging, remote-learning opportunities’ that can be completed either in a classroom setting or remotely.” King, April 2020
Of course, we hope that we can have the students back in the building as soon as possible as we miss their liveliness and joyful noises. 

ISD Secondary ‘Blue Out’ on BlueMonday

Ms Jennifer LaForge – Mentor and MYP English teacher

To promote a sense of unity during these trying times of remote learning, ISD Secondary had our first 'Blue Out' on BlueMonday. A 'Blue Out' is a day where we encourage staff and students to don their school sweatshirts. MYP 2B went all out and most of our class, Mentor included, shone blue. 

ISD Secondary - Meet the Teacher

Dear all, 
I wish you all a happy and healthy 2021. In addition, I would also like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Patricia Brugman and I will start teaching Dutch at the International School Delft from this week onwards. 
With my two beautiful daughters and husband, I live in Monster, a small town near the beach. It will not be a surprise that I love spending time at the beach, either running, being in the water or just relaxing. 
Also, I am very passionate about my profession. Being a certified primary and secondary school teacher, I like teaching a lot. I have worked in several Dutch schools and spent the last eleven years working at the International School of The Hague. I really enjoyed my work there but I felt like it was time for a new challenge. When International School Delft offered me an exciting new job at a blooming new school, I could only happily accept. 
I am really looking forward being a part of the community of International School Delft. Hope to meet you all in person soon!
Kind regards,
Patricia Brugman 

ISD Secondary: Storytelling in Art 

Ms Valerie Avery – Mentor and MYP Art teacher

This week MYP 2A participated in a great online workshop from a former ballerina from the Scapino Ballet. Annemarie danced with Scapino ballet for over 15 years and is a great instructor for the students. She has 2 daughters ages 14 and 12 so she really knows our target audience.

MYP2A is currently working on the unit: "Narrative in Art". We started the year with Pop Art portraits of the students with different painting materials on canvas. Now we are looking at a portrait that is not so 'stiff'. Showing emotion with light and photography. Scapino introduced dance as a story you tell with your body. Not just emotion with your face but with your pose, posture, stance.

Annemarie started the workshop with a bit of history of the Scapino ballet. She then explained how dance can tell a story: the contrast in movements, but also the expressions of the dancers, lights, costumes and partnering between dancers. Students learned a short piece of an existing choreography of the Scapino ballet, after which they were shown a video from the Scapino Ballet of the same choreography. They ended the workshop with the creation of their own choreography. All students were asked to come up with one signature move. All moves added together resulted in their own special choreography! This short video clip shows a small part of their choreography.

The idea of ballet can be a little daunting for some teenagers, but Annemarie had them all engaged, challenged and smiling. I am excited to see how 2a incorporate this into their Narrative photography.

ISD Secondary: The importance of Staying Active

Loes Bekkers – MYP PHE teacher

During this time when we are learning from home, sitting behind our laptops, it is very important that we are active.
During the PHE lessons, I try to let students experience different activities. So far we have done a body combat workout, the old Dutch game of Ganzenbord where the girls and boys battled each other, and a Rock Paper Scissor tournament with fitness activities. I have added the Ganzenbord game, in case you would like to play it at home. The activities in this game are in Dutch, so this is great for learning more words. In the lessons, I have made my own activities, since some of them are more for primary students. I am sure that your son/daughter can come up with their own activities/challenges as well.
It is also very important that we try to go outside and be active. This is why I have made a Strava Club for ISD Secondary, where we can try and run or walk. It will record the amount of km’s, so we can see how far we are walking as a class, but also as a school. The first goal will be Brussels, Belgium, which is 129 km’s, but of course I am hoping we get to ‘travel’ to France as well! Of course, parents and brothers or sisters are very welcome to join. 
You can sign up to Strava  ( app: ) and request to join 'ISD Secondary Moves. I will then make sure that you can join. 
Students are challenged to go outside and be active at least 3 times a week for at least 20 minutes each time. 
Hopefully, we will be able to see each other in real life again soon!

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