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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Message from the ISD leadership
Important dates December

ISD Primary
Early Years: Understanding the world through constellations
Diwali Celebrations
Making music together: a life changing perspective
New section in ISD Primary library: 'This is Us'
Parent info evening about the PYP
PYP 7: Human emotions can be expressed through the arts

ISD Secondary
ISD Secondary: Careers Guidance Programme
Reminder: Toy & Coat collection Drive
Project Koki'o - Highlights Delft Festival
Service as Action update
MYP 4 Delft city tour guides
A virtual trip to the museum
Extended Learning Programme
Update from the Art department

ISD new teachers: Nice to Meet you!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear Parents,

The month of December is coming up. Normally this is a time where we come together for celebrations and events. Unfortunately, with the new COVID rules we have to adjust our plans. On behalf of the Primary school and Secondary school we have informed all parents about the latest guidelines and measures. These guidelines and measures are of course to keep everyone healthy and safe. We would like to ask all families to be considerate of the measures in and around school but also outside of school. Keeping to these measures minimizes the chance of spreading and the impact it will have on school life.

​This month we will celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas in a Covid proof way. Sinterklaas will join the school virtually on Friday and at Secondary, students have made 'surprises' for the Dutch lesson on Wednesday. Christmas will be celebrated in a fun but safe way.

As you know Ms. Anne is going to retire on Wednesday 1 December. After many years of dedicated work for both Primary and Secondary she is looking forward to enjoying other things outside of the school building. ​Over the years Anne has worked with many children and parents, across Primary and Secondary. We all know her as a very committed and caring member of the whole ISD community, but also in the many schools and organisations she worked in. 
Because of the Corona measures we could not organise a big event or assembly where all children say goodbye to Anne. Instead, she visited all the classes on Monday and Tuesday at Primary and said goodbye to the children. Anne is famous for her puppet shows in school and she did a special puppet show in each class in primary. At Secondary, Anne will say goodbye during the support class on Tuesday. 

On behalf of the whole community we thank Anne and wish her all the best in the future.

Kind regards

Sander Raaphorst & Minke Veeneklaas



ISD Primary
3 December: Sinterklaas celebrations 20 December 2021- Christmas lunch for children 21 December 2021- Last day of school and Pyjama day
22 December: Start Winterbreak for ISD Primary 10 January 2022- Study day - no school for students 11 January 2022- First day back for all students

ISD Secondary
1 December:  Sinterklaas celebrations
22 December: half day and Christmas festivities
23 December: Start Winterbreak for ISD Secondary 
10 January 2022- Study day - no school for students 11 January 2022- First day back for all students

Understanding the World Through Constellations

The new Early Years classes (0/1/3) have begun on Understanding the World Through Constellations. For the unit provocation the children lay in a darkened room and with the use of a projector, observed various constellations and planets. We then completed class mind maps through which the children shared what they had seen, what they thought and what they wondered. Our workshop and roleplay areas have been set up as a Space Station and the children are using these areas to demonstrate what they already know about space, what they have been learning and also to extend their vocabularies through play.

Diwali celebrations

Contribution by Ms Renu Ochai
We had our Diwali assembly on the 8th November where we had the opportunity to engage our students in cultural festivities. Ms Ilein, our music teacher, and a couple of children from PYP 6 performed a traditional tune to start off the assembly. Participating parents and children came dressed in beautiful Indian clothes. Children shared their Diwali stories and greetings in their home languages. Children from India were excited to show which part of India they belong to. All the children had something unique to share about Diwali which made it very special. Parents from India helped decorate the gym in beautiful rangoli patterns and lamps! They prepared traditional Indian food and sweets. It was lovely to see all the beautiful colours and decorations! 
Our PYP 5 class teacher Ms Kristi, taught a short Bhangra (traditional folk dance) to her students. They were excited to perform in front of the school and enjoyed celebrating the holiday. It was the perfect end to the assembly as Ms Kristi encouraged the audience to participate and try a few bhangra moves! 
What is Diwali?
Known as the festival of lights, Diwali is celebrated all over the world across various religions and cultures, especially in South Asia. Diwali 2021 occurs on Thursday, November 4. In India, the five-day celebration traditionally marks the biggest holiday of the year. 

Looking at the origin of the festival, there isn’t just one reason to celebrate the five-day holiday. Many of the stories are about the triumph of good over evil. In northern India, a common tale associated with Diwali is about King Rama, one of the incarnations of the god Vishnu. When an evil king in Lanka captures Rama’s wife Sita, he “builds up an army of monkeys” to rescue her. The monkeys “build a bridge over from India to Sri Lanka, and they invade Sri Lanka and free Sita and kill that evil king,” he says. As Rama and Sita return to the north, “millions of lights are spread out across the city Ayodhya just to help them come back home, just to welcome them.” Lighting lamps has long been one of the ways to celebrate Diwali. The literal translation of Deepavali is "a row of lamps and lights." Diwali is observed differently by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, creating a rich tapestry of cultural traditions and customs.

Making music together: a life changing experience 

Contribution by Ms IIein Bermudez - ISD Primary Music Teacher 

As children learn to play an instrument, they practice many hours a week to establish a healthy posture, to develop a good sound, to decipher music notation and translate it into their playing… This practice develops great qualities in the young musicians, and it builds a path towards successfully mastering their instrument. However, it is in the hours spent making music together with other music students where they get to experience music at its finest. Therefore, making music together can be a life changing experience for children.  
An active participation in an ensemble offers children (a) the opportunity of improving their aural skills by developing a broader understanding of sound regarding intonation and harmony, (b) the magic experience of being in synchrony by keeping a steady beat as a group, (c) the possibility of acquiring non-verbal skills as communicators, (d) a sense of achievement as well as confidence in playing their instruments, and (e) a sense of belonging and of connecting with others to create the synergy needed to achieve a moving musical performance.  
For these reasons mentioned above, the ISD String Ensemble was established at our school to offer our students all the benefits from taking part in a music ensemble. The rehearsal starts with a musical warm-up of scales played in unison and then in canon. Then, we continue with our current repertoire of a few Christmas songs, and at the end, we have a creative session where we explore different ways of walking away from notated music (free improvisation or playing an accompaniment to an existing melody by ear).  
I believe the ISD String Ensemble has a promising future with its already beautiful sound, and the great enthusiasm and energy of all participants so stay tuned for our first performance!  

New Section in ISD Primary Library: 'This is Us'


Last year, we came up with an idea for a new section in our growing library. The plan was to create a space with books which complement our incredibly diverse community. We spent months researching and compiling a list of popular, award winning and critically acclaimed books with characters and story lines which reflect the array of cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs and family structures of our students and their families. There are books which touch on subjects such as equality, individuality, and identity, learning styles, and brave humans who have made hard choices and faced adversity but made a positive impact in our world. 

The books have finally arrived (nearly 100!) and we look forward to adding to it over time.

We are proud of the students who assisted us in preparing the bookcase and labeling the books and forever grateful to our library parent volunteers who took the time to help us cover nearly all of the books. Thank you!

Ms. Kerry (TA & SEN support, PYP 1,2,3)
Ms. Kristi (PYP 5)

Parent info evening about the PYP

Contribution by Ms Kayleigh Schuurmans

On Wednesday 27th October, ISD Primary opened their doors and welcomed parents in to join us for an evening of information about the PYP.

Firstly, it was wonderful to be able to invite parents to join us face to face again in our school and to have the opportunity to share our school and our classrooms for the first time in quite a while. It was also an opportunity for us to share the Primary Years Programme and how we are learning in school. 

We looked at the school’s mission and vision and how this aligns with the IB mission and vision. We unpacked the different elements of the PYP and how these look in practice in our classrooms. We spoke about concept-driven, inquiry learning and looked at some examples of tools the teachers often use in class. We even had the opportunity to carry out an inquiry of our own, which saw some very interesting responses and ideas from the participating parents. 

Please find the PowerPoint in this link and the links for the videos used:

PYP 7: Human emotions can be expressed through the arts

Contribution by Ms Ingrid, Ms Elthea and Ms Angelin
During our unit: Human emotions can be expressed through the arts, PYP 7 inquired into many different types of art including story writing and poetry. We had the opportunity to work with several experts in the field to guide and facilitate the learners. 

Story writing workshop 

PYP 7 had the privilege to work with a real author, N.J. Simmonds, who facilitated a workshop on story writing inspired by art. During this unit, the students practiced the writing process and wrote their own stories.  Miss Simmonds is the author of The Indigo Chronicles, Out of the Darkness (Manga) and one half of writing duo Caedis Knight.

Claymation workshop

The students also learned how to illustrate their stories through Claymation. We invited an expert, Riëlle Beekmans, to guide the children to make clay animation. The children really enjoyed this workshop. 


The connection between Art and Science workshop

Our guest scientist/artist and ISD secondary Science teacher Ms Angelin Gabriella Teixeira, facilitated this session based on a question posed by a student: 'What happens in the brain that causes emotions when we experience art?'. We explored the connections between art, science and mindfulness. The students also observed the effects of gravity in drip painting based on Jackson Pollock’s artwork. 

ISD Secondary: Careers Guidance Programme

Contribution by Ms Patricia Brugman and Ms Mirjam de Bruin

This year ISD Secondary is launching a careers guidance programme. The 4-year programme, starting with our MYP 4 students until our future DP 2 students,  is aimed at working together to guide students and parents in the decision-making process for their future careers and higher education plans. 
A new programme starts with two new careers counsellors: Ms Patricia Brugman and Ms Mirjam de Bruin.

Introduction of the Careers Guidance Team
My name is Patricia Brugman. I started working for International School Delft in January this year, next to my teaching job at the International school of The Hague. Since the start of this academic year I am fully devoted to ISD which I like very much. You might already know me because I teach your child Dutch language acquisition or Dutch language literature! Additionally, I am the subject area leader of the language acquisition department at ISD.  
My name is Mirjam de Bruin and I currently work as the communications officer for ISD. With a background in Business Administration and Marketing Communications, I have previously worked within various companies in the Netherlands and abroad. This has allowed me to see a diverse landscape of companies and jobs and to know first-hand what it is like to pursue different interests and change careers paths. 
Starting as careers counsellors at ISD is something, we are both very enthusiastic about. Since the schooldoes not have an IB Diploma Program yet, there is still a lot to develop and to make sure to get in place. Over the last months we have been working hard on developing a rigid program that does more than just finding the right university. We believe that careers counseling starts with making students aware of who they are as young adults and where their strengths and preferences lie. From there on, we take them further in a step by step process, in which we encourage the students to take the lead. The aim is to help students developing a ‘work identity’ by focusing on five career competences: 

  • Quality / strengths reflectionwho am I and what are my strengths?
  • Motivational reflection: what are my preferences and motivation?
  • Careers/higher education exploration: what possibilities and options are available?
  • Career self-management: what is needed, how can I pursue what I want?
  • Networking: who can help me, provide me with what I need?

The careers guidance lessons will initially take place during the mentor periods, but we will meet individually with students as well. Students and parents will receive the added benefit of having access to BridgeU, a careers and university platform that ISD is using to support and inform students in choosing a career path, finding the best-fit university, building a CV, and creating a personal statement, amongst other things. Here, students and parents can access the latest university admissions criteria and find country/region specific tips for gaining admission.   
Of course, in this whole process it is vital that we, as careers counsellors, work together with the parents as well, so we are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.  If you have any questions in the meantime, we are available to help.

Reminder: Toy & Coat drive

December is fast approaching, the festive season, but also the season to think of others who are living under less fortunate circumstances. Up until 17 December, the Eco Club is collecting toys and winter coats. We have a drop-off point in our secondary Krakeel campus for the toys and a drop-off point for the gently used winter coats, gloves and scarfs at the Colijnlaans. All will be donated to local organisations: the Speelgoedbank (Toybank) and the Kledingbank (Clothingbank) in Delft.

Thank you in advance for your help and donations!
Jennifer LaForge, Miros Silva-Ordaz & Tamara Eskue

Project Koki'o - Highlights Delft Festival

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz
MYP 1 students participated in a workshop with Luuk Meintis in the project “Koki’o”. This was part of the Highlights Delft festival, but due to Covid measures it had to be cancelled.
The workshop was about a man-made flower field consisting of a hundred artificial flowers, painted with light. Together with Luuk, the students designed the colours of the flower with a self-programmed software.

More information:

Service as Action update

Contribution by Mr Seb van den Bergh  and Ms Claudine van Diemen

Last week we had a Service as Action assembly @ ISD where the students received more information about the “why” behind Service as Action and what is expected from them. We were very lucky to have ​​Moana van Hijum as a guest speaker, who told us all about the Walk On Foundation. The students are making progress in completing their first activity before the Christmas break. Keep up the good work!


MYP 1 Christmas cards

MYP1 classes have been getting down to some Service as Action business, and are working collectively on a project to hand make and deliver ornate and bespoke Christmas Cards to the Seniorenwoning ParkZicht. 

Together with the 'Stichting Present' and under guidance of mentors and the service as action coordinator, both classes are designing and crafting Christmas cards with a handwritten note. It has been so great to see the enthusiasm and spark amongst the students in this project, we can’t wait to share final impressions and the delivery of the cards with you. 

A sneak peek at some preliminary card designs: 


MYP 2 & 3 Beach Clean - up  > Getting on Track!

Well done to the year 2 & 3 students who have handed in their Beach Clean-Up Service as Action reflections on ManageBac. 

Not only did they help the environment by cleaning up litter - they have completed their first Service as Action activity! The green flag on ManageBac is well deserved!

MYP 4 > Action Time!

The MYP 4 students have just started Service as Action and they can come up with their own initiative or they can choose one of the many options @ ISD. We are curious to see how they will get into action to help the community before the Christmas break! 




MYP 4 Delft city tour guides

Contribution by Ms Nané Paraiso

The MYP 4 English Language and Literature students complemented the Unit Travel with a guided tour in Delft city centre.
In small groups they had prepared research on top sights in Delft. The following lesson two tourists from Italy arrived and the students immediately stepped into the shoes of professional tourist guides. Our students enthusiastically showed them along the canals crisscross a city famous for its Delft blue, churches and historical highlights.
The tourists were impressed by their knowledge on landmarks such as new church, city hall, old church, Prinsenhof and Delft Blue pottery, their spontaneity and the dynamics in the group.
Students, teachers and tourists truly enjoyed this lesson in fresh air and inspiring surroundings.

A virtual trip to the museum

Contribution by Ms Judith Gerritzen
Last week the new MYP 3 art unit started about sustainable fashion. We had planned an exciting trip to Amsterdam to visit the Fashion For Good museum and MOCO. Two museums would inspire and provoke the students to start thinking about the problem within the fashion industry. But because of the current situation related to the COVID epidemic, the art department and the school decided not to go. But instead, the museum came to us.
On Thursday, the two classes and all the online students got a virtual tour through the museum. The Fashion For Good museum created a trip with interactive materials like questions and videos to let the students think about the subject and how it can be different. From their facial expressions you could see the students wonder about the information they heard. Lots of 'Oohhs' and 'Whys' we heard. We hope this gave them a great start into this unit despite COVID measurements. Hopefully, next year we can take a bus to Amsterdam to see MOCO museum as well.
One question to let you think about the problem at home:
' What percentage of clothes end up on landfill within a year of being made?'

Extended Learning Programme

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen
The extended learning programme is well underway, and our students are thoroughly enjoying the extra-curricular activities on offer this term. Some of you might have had some interesting conversations at home with our students who are attending Mr Fobelets' Philosophy club, maybe you have heard some beautiful singing from Ms Grassullo's choir memebers who are practising for the December Christmas Performance. A big thanks to all of our teachers for and outside providers for helping to offer an enriching programme. See the attached poster for the full schedule of clubs for this term, if students want to join anything please email Ms van Paassen to check the availability. 
The current schedule for this term will run up until Friday 17th December, which is different from the date on the poster. There will be no clubs during the last week of school. The new schedule with the sign-up form for the clubs running after Christmas will be sent out before the Christmas break, please remind our students to fill in the questionnaire that was sent out by mentors, this will help us to timetable the clubs where there is most interest from students. 
If you have any questions about the extended learning programme, please feel free to email the coordinator Ms van Paassen: 

Update from the Art department

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen
In the art department, the students have been putting the finishing touches to their first unit. In MYP1, students have communicated and collaborated successfully in designing, draughting and painting a landscape in the style of artist David Hockney. They learned painting skills and transferred this onto canvas. 
MYP2 have produced some exciting POP art portraits, 2a worked on photoshop skills and used their images to transfer their portrait into a painting using acrylic paints. They studied the pop art movement which informed their work. 2b have been experimenting with different kinds of paint, each student produced 4 portraits using different media. 
MYP3 reflected on their own cultures. In 3b students used research skills to find out about assemblage and the artist Joseph Cornell. They used this knowledge to inform their own assemblage. They considered how they would represent their culture in an interesting and non-literal way. The results are very interesting. 
MYP4 have been learning all about conceptual art and the movement Arte Povera. Conceptual art is art that puts more emphasis on the meaning than the work itself, the concept is the most important part. Students used research skills to find out about the Arte Povera art movement and used creative thinking skills to design and create their own personal response to a world issue using the knowledge they gained to inspire them. 
We look forward to sharing the work with you in a school exhibition at the end of the school year. 

ISD New Staff members: Nice to Meet You!

ISD Secondary 

My name is Sabrina, I am Dutch, however being raised mostly abroad, my mother tongue is English. I will be your new ISD Administrative Assistant in the Secondary Office.  I'm so looking forward to meeting you all on your way to and from classes. Throughout my life I have had the great pleasure to live and work between Europe, the US and the Middle East. My husband and I share two beautiful daughters, who have left their nests and are enjoying their studies near and far. Prior to working here, I spent 10 fun years working at the ISH, in their Primary Office.  I am thrilled to have been chosen to be part of the ISD, and to be surrounded by different cultures, nationalities and most important, colleagues with similar backgrounds. When I am not behind my desk, you will usually find me enjoying the outdoors, trying to improve my cooking skills or giving yoga sessions.

My name is Elena Battistuzzi, I am half Italian and half Dutch. I grew up in the Netherlands, celebrating both cultures. I just joined the Dutch Department as a trained and certified NT2 teacher, teaching MYP 2 and MYP 4 capable students. Last year I taught MYP students at the International School of the Hague and I also teach Dutch as a second language at different language schools in and around The Hague. Previously I have lived in different countries in the world, where our kids frequented IB-schools. I live in the Hague now with my husband and our naughty but adorable dog. Our kids are both studying at the UVA in Amsterdam. As a family we love traveling, playing tennis and discovering different foods. I hope that my passionate teaching style and love for languages, especially Dutch, will inspire our ISD students in being confident in using their Dutch in daily life.

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