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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Message from the ISD leadership
Important dates November

ISD Primary
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Multilingual books for the Library
Our EAL world family
PYP 6: video compilation of the Zeeland camp
PYP 5: ISD peace tree
PYP 6: a trip to the moon

ISD Secondary
Cultural weekend trips to do with the whole family
Toy & Coat collection Drive - Eco club
English LangLit: MYpizza
Service as Action: 2B Park Run
Halloween party!
Art department: in need for fabric donations
Extended Learning programme
MYP 2&3 camp to Zeeland
MYP 1 activity day
MYP 4 Texel camp
MYP 4 Humanities trip to Rotterdam

ISD new teachers: Nice to Meet you!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear parents,
At the time of writing this introduction, the last preparations are being made for the first ISD Secondary school party, students and staff are excited alike. At both Primary and Secondary students and staff have been involved in Halloween activities. Beautiful door decorations, costumed students and staff, Halloween themed lessons and many other fun activities. 

In the past weeks we have seen a great variety of activities taking place in and outside the classroom such as school camps, a humanities trip and Service and Action fundraising activities. This newsletter is a good reflection of all the different initiatives and events taking place.
Traditionally November and December bring us different cultural festivities, at ISD it also includes a variety of events for the school community; IB learner profile evenings, PYP and MYP information sessions and of course the student, parent and teacher meetings on the progress students are making at school. 

On behalf of the town council the school also hosted an evening about the plans for the new secondary school building for the neighborhood around the TU Campus. On 11 November, we will follow this up with a session for parents about the development plan of the new building for parents. 

We look forward to meeting you, where possible live in the school buildings and hope to keep you informed through this parent update.
Have an enjoyable read!

Sander Raaphorst & Minke Veeneklaas



ISD Primary
1-12 November: Parent teacher meetings
8 November: Diwali celebrations
23 November: prospective parents info evening - ISD Secondary
25 November: coffee morning
26 November: staff study day - no school for primary students

ISD Secondary
1 November: Parent Conversation Evening - IB learner profile
3 November: MYP 1 coffee morning
8 November: Parent Conversation Evening - IB learner profile
11 November: new building info evening - 18:30
12 November: Progress report
15 November: Parent Conversation Evening - IB learner profile
16 November: Mentor, student and parent meetings
18 November: Mentor student and parent meeting
22 November: MYP 4 info afternoon
22 November: Parent Conversation Evening - IB learner profile

Spooky Scary skeletons

On Friday the 29th of October ISD celebrated Halloween. The parent social committee and teachers came together to provide many different activities for the children to take part in such as; trick or treating, donut fishing, toilet paper mummy wrapping, pumpkin decorating, and crafts.
Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to help! 

Multilingual books for the Library 

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade- EAL Coordinator Primary school 
In an earlier parent newsletter, we requested all parents to look at the books they have in their home language and see if they can spare some of them and donate for our school library in both Primary and Secondary school. This has been a successful request which resulted in lots of ‘new’ books in different languages. We can see children in our school are happy with these books and are looking for more.  
Now, with new parents in school, we would like you to keep looking for books in your home language you no longer need and could be a welcome addition to our libraries. This is an ongoing process.  
Thank you on behalf of the whole school! 
Ms Irene Alkemade 
EAL and Home Language and Culture Coordinator 

Our EAL World Family 

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade- EAL Coordinator Primary school 
EAL stands for English as Additional Language. From the start of this academic year, Ms Ingrid and Ms Irene  have been working with a lot of children who are new to English to support them. In different levels and age groups we have been focusing on basic vocabulary, such as; colours, days, months, numbers, opposites, emotions, school vocabulary, their personal identity and survival sentences.  
We do this in creative, auditive or visual ways making the students feel comfortable and confident. At times we also focus on words that are important for the curriculum. In our pictures you can see some actions and results from the children in our group.  

We want to compliment our students on how hard they are working.  We are very proud of their progress. Well done!  

PYP 6 video compilation of the camp

Click the image to open the video. The video is password protected. Password: ISDPYP6

ISD Primary: ISD Peace tree

Contribution from Ms Kristi Kremer

PYP 5 students have just finished their first unit of inquiry learning about diversity in communities and how a diversity of talents, cultures, and people make our world a more beautiful place.  
In their inquiry, instances of injustice and discrimination were also studied. Inspired by the Peace Tree outside of the Peace Palace in Den Haag, students wanted to take action by writing their own wishes for peace in the world. Wishes would range from desires for peace in our families and school to wishes for peace in areas around the world where major global and political conflicts are affecting the lives of people.  
The PYP5 class has installed their peace trees in front of the ISD Primary building. They invite the ISD community to come and read the wishes, to make peaceful wishes of their own, and to be inspired and challenged to make the world a better place.  

A trip to the Moon

Contribution by Ms M de Bruin

On Friday 24 September, PYP 6 students set off by bus to Noordwijk for a special mission inside the Space Expo. The Space Expo is Europe’s first permanent space exhibition. Space Expo is also the visitors’ center for ESA in the Netherlands, the European Space Agency’s largest technical establishment.
One class started with the tour in the museum while the other class started with a lesson on what it requires to become an astronaut. Dutch astronaut André Kuipers and author Sander Koenen took the students, by a set of video clips, on an amazing tour of the museum. The students learned all about space and space travel and discovered what it means to be an astronaut. 
One of the highlights was André Kuipers’ original Soyuz capsule, in which André Kuipers made his journey to the International Space Station (ISS). Other highlights were the ability to walk in a model of the International Space Station and the life-size model of the moon landing. All students received a mission toolkit which contained assignments and experiments to carry out during the mission at the museum
During the group lesson, the students learned that it requires hard work both physically as mentally and years of study and training to become an astronaut. One of the other important things is, that you need to able to work together. At the end of the lesson, the students were asked to build a rocket with Lego blocks within 5 minutes. It was nice to see how they collaborated and came up with some interesting designs. All in all, we had a great day at the Space Expo! 

Cultural Weekend trips to do with the whole family

Contribution by the Art Department and their new intern
Probably many of you know me as Miss Judith Gerritzen, the Dutch teacher or the librarian, but I am also an interior designer. And because we are all life-long learners, I decided to expand my horizon to become an art and design teacher. To do so, last August, I started my course to get my degree. That means from November on; I will be the Art intern at secondary. And I can not wait to start. 

In my opinion, the best teacher's reflection of the impact of the lessons is when students take their learning into their real life. Therefore I created a set of posters for the Art department with the ten Learner Profiles (LP's). We often speak about the Learner Profile as an IB school, which describes a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities beyond academic success. It represents who we want our learners to become. 
For this poster set, I did exciting research on all the current exhibitions in the Netherlands. And for each Learner Profile, I found a performance that reflects the idea of one of the LP's. 
Continue reading...

Toy & Coat Collection Drive - an Eco-Club Initiative

Fast approaching is our December celebration month. This year, the Eco-Club has planned a new initiative for the ISD community; a toy drive! As members of the ISD community, we are blessed with comfortable lives, more so than many of those living in Delft and the surrounding area. Our vision at ISD is
  "to be an inclusive community that embraces authentic, inquiry-based learning to create compassionate, internationally-minded individuals who strive to make a positive and peaceful change in the world."
How better to make a positive change in the world than to help our local community? Please help us meet our goal of collecting as many gifts as we have students in our school (115). The kick-off date for this initiative is November 1st and we will happily collect your items until November 26th. We will have a drop-off point in our secondary Krakeel campus. These toys will be donated to the Speelgoedbank in Delft.

Additionally, like last year, we will once again be collecting gently used winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarfs to donate to our local community. The kick-off date for this initiative is November 1st and we will happily collect your items until December 17th. We will have a drop-off point in our main campus at Colijnlaan.

Thank you in advance for your help and donations!
Jennifer LaForge, Miros Silva-Ordaz & Tamara Eskue

ISD Secondary: MYpizza

Contribution by Ms Nané Paraiso
In preparation for DP English A language and literature , MYP 4 students learn how text and image create meaning.
From travel brochures to a class debate about the preservation of traditions; heated arguments spice up the lessons.
Not only do they write wonderful travel stories drenched in imagery and rhetorical devices, but they have also created appealing and persuasive city posters.
The final destination before the autumn break was a trip to Italy when they were rewarded with a spicy slice of crunchy pizza. There is never a dull moment in English class for it enables us to travel sustainably through writing, reading, speaking and eating!

Service as Action: 2B Park Run

Contribution by Ms Claudine van Diemen
Friday before the holidays MYP 2B had their first Service as Action activity during Mentor Class. They RAISED their Heart Rate by running laps in the park and at the same time they RAISED money for the Walk On Foundation! Walk On gives less privileged South Sudanese children the opportunity to go to school. During the Service as Action assembly on Friday 12th November we will hear more about this foundation. 

All the students did a wonderful job! They kept running till the end and we were lucky to have the sun out, parent support and Ms. Ashly running along! 

More than 425 euros has been raised of which Viola raised 258 euros! Great job 2B!


ART Department In Need For Fabric Donations

For our MYP 3 Unit about sustainable fashion we need old fabrics and clothes. It can be anything, ripped or bleached, blankets or clothes our students will cut it anyway. We have a box prepared at our Carekeeper office at Colijnlaan.

Halloween party!!

Last Friday, ISD Secondary hosted its first ever Halloween dance party! Over 60 students showed up, dressed in their scariest outfits, while the teachers at the same time did not fail to impress. One of our teachers even brought her super adorable pumpkin baby to the party and our science teacher brought in her dog as IT's Georgie, dressed in a yellow raincoat with a red helium balloon. An actual DJ with lights and smoke, spiced up the evening with some great tunes while the students showed their dance moves. We look back at a great event where everyone had a fantastic time! We are looking forward to the next school dance!

ISD secondary: Extended learning programme

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen

Before the break students were given the opportunity to sign up for various clubs as part of our Extended Learning Programme. We were happy to see that there was a lot of enthusiasm from out student population, most of the clubs filled up fast. 
There are still places available on the Team Sports clubwhich takes place in the school gym on Fridays with Mrs van Diemen who has put together an exciting programme of fun game based sports activities. The choir also has some places left, if you want to learn to sing in a group and enjoy performing modern and classical songs, Mrs Grassullo would be happy to welcome you to the choir on Thursdays. 
If you still want to sign up for team sports or the school choir, please send an email to Mrs van Paassen and the teacher in charge of the club. 
The Extended Learning Programme has an eight week cycle, new clubs and dates will be released for the next round at the end of November. If you have any questions about the Extended Learning Programme, please contact the coordinator Mrs van Paassen via the following email: 

MYP 2 & 3 camp to Zeeland

Contribution by Mr Mike Dessens
After a very early start, we travelled to Zeeland by bus to our accommodation for the next three days, “De Helle” in Renesse. Students immediately were aware of some typical Dutch elements, strong winds, flat countryside, muddy and soil, but fortunately it was dry that day. All in all we were very fortune with the weather.
During these days the students would experience a programme designed and organized by “Outward Bound’. It focussed on diverse team building activities for the different mentor groups. Each group had a dedicated trainer as well as their own mentor for all the activities and most of it was a lot of fun. Students got together to collect an astounding amount of trash, over a 100 kg. Students also spend a lot of time in the water of the three days, both in de Grevelingen lake and the North Sea, wearing a wetsuit of course. They worked on their lifesaving skills, and despite the temptation for some not to, rescued some of the mentors from drowning in the sea. N.B. not all mentors went into the sea for this ;) 
During the evenings we enjoyed beautifully cooked dinners, which the year-3 had prepared, and lots of marshmallow roasting over a campfire, while enjoying a singsong and little dance.
After two intense days, not only from a lack of sleeping for some, we got to spend our final day on the beach enjoying the activities, but also soaking in lots of sun before getting on the bus and going home.
Please click the image below for a slideshow compilation.

Some reflections from our students: Tristan & Rayan MYP2B
The most fun activity was 1000% the Lifeguarding.Talking with your friends while going to a location or your roommates. I also learned a lot about how to save someone from drowning. The weather on the first day was cloudy, the 2nd was sunny and windy and the 3rd was sunny. Sleeping in a room with your classmates was fun because you could talk to your friends. It was like having a sleepover for 3 days. It was a great new experience. 
I know I speak for everybody when I say the walking was not so fun since we never really needed to walk this much. It was hard but all of us got used to it. I think the best part was spending time with my friends and Jeroen, our leader. He was an amazing leader and made it fun for everybody. 
The best activity was the map thing where you had to find landmarks to talk to tourists and locals. It was really fun to do it again. I like that Mrs Van Diemen was really inspirational because whenever we got tired she started talking to us to distract us from walking. It was very thoughtful of Mrs Van Diemen. The pin at the was like cherry on top of the camp.The wet suit was surprisingly warm. It definitely worked because my hands were freezing but my body was fine. The campfire was fun too. It was great talking to friends while roasting marshmallows and listening to music. It was a great experience, maybe even the highlight of the camp. Talking to strangers was definitely not in my comfort zone but Sara and Rayan just stepped up. It was surprising to see them just go for it and it was inspiring to see.
It was a really fun camp and I would definitely say that the snorkeling was the best because I got to free swim and it was really fun experience catching a crab with a garbage picker, a fish with a net, and a starfish by the beach : )
Happy quotes from 2B
Emylie; I enjoyed the water activities and walking on the beach, because the beach is my favourite place!
Sara; I enjoyed everything!
Lucia; I enjoyed going in the water and the free time in the evening.
Yun; I really enjoyed the activities in camp. I thought the water was cold but I was wearing a wetsuit so I wasn’t that cold.
Tristan; The beach clean up was fun because we chatted and cleaned up.
Nasser; I enjoyed the beach clean up, because I was chatting with my friends and we helped the environment.
Viola; I liked the free time after dinner, because we got to play many games.
Rachel; It was fun playing truth or dare on our walk.
Michael; I enjoyed the campfire. 
Phillip; The swimming was a lot of fun!
Bennett; The snorkeling was very nice, because it reminded me of the Philippines.
Giulio; The map activity was interesting, because we got to explore places.
Rayan; The beach clean up was the best, because I caught

Click the image for a slideshow compilation

MYP1 Activity Day 

Contribution by Mr Seb Van den Bergh
Covered in mud, creeping through the undergrowth, wriggling in the dirt... MYP1 students emerged from the forest with smiles, memories and a sense of accomplishment having tackled the obstacles in the survival parkour. 
The day started with a sense of mystery; the mist had settled densely as we arrived at the Outdoor Valley center in Bergschenhoek, a perfect (if not a little cold!) backdrop for a game of arrow battle and a canoe tour. Honing in on some new skills, MYP1 students practiced some hand-eye coordination- spinning around in the boats, trying to control the oars and tightening the bow to shoot at your opponents works up quite an appetite. 
At lunch we moved over to the community Tipi, after a quick turnaround and with the emergence of the sun, we were ready to tackle the obstacle course. The rest of the afternoon was spent whooshing through the forest, scurrying in the shrubs and wading through water. Swinging on ropes, climbing over puddles and crawling through tunnels, by the end of the afternoon MYP1 came back to the base to a welcoming smell of hot chocolate and a warm shower before heading for a snooze on the bus ride back to school. 
Many students pushed themselves to try new things, and felt a great sense of achievement in becoming risk-takers and embarking past their comfort zone to embrace the outdoor experience. 

MYP4 Texel camp

Contribution by Mr Mike Dessens
After a very relaxing bus trip to Den Helder, we had to pack our bags and get on the boat to Texel. When we arrived at Texel, the bikes we would be using during our stay were there, and fortunately for us, we only had to carry our daypacks on the bikes. 
It didn’t take long for the complaining to start, some thought the pace was too slow while others thought it was too fast. We were impressed, though, with how smoothly the whole cycling went during the trip. 
On the first day we also had an excursion to De Slufter’, which was nice and interesting, however on the way back to our accommodations we got drenched because of the downpour we experienced.
In the evenings we had a beautiful campfire and most students really enjoyed the silent disco we arranged. A nice and relaxing end to an intense first day.
The second day was going to be a very active one. We were extremely fortunate with the weather, especially considering the fact that we were spending the morning on the beach surfing the waves of Texel. Students really enjoyed this activity, some couldn’t seem to get enough. In the afternoon, Mrs Beckers organized a series of very diverse team building activities, which led to students working together and really enjoying themselves.
For dinner we went out to a pizzeria and after that, Mr. Dessens had designed a Games Night/ Pub Quiz, which was a lot of fun. Although some students found it difficult to keep their eyes open, after such an active day.
On our final day we had to cycle through the rain to Ecomare. At this wildlife centre, we discovered some of the beautiful wildlife and ecosystem that Texel is famous for. Students thoroughly enjoyed the sight of the seals that are there. All in all, we can look back on a really nice trip where we were able to spend quality time getting to know each other as well as experiencing some typical Dutch things.

Reflection from our one of our MYP 4 students: Maria Kremer
My favorite activity to do was the silent disco, I found that very fun. The other activities I enjoyed as well, it was very fun, and they were a good activity allowing us to get to know each other better. The last thing that I really enjoyed was the game night, I thought that was very clever and a lot of fun to do.  Lastly, I loved that we got the chance to learn how to surf. I think that normally I would not have done that and It was a cool opportunity. The only thing that I didn't enjoy from the camp was all of the biking in the rain, though I think that it applies more to the weather than anything else. 
The one thing that I would suggest to the other students, is to make sure that you bring in your rain jacket, and as many waterproof things that they can because it was very rainy.  Other than that just make sure to have fun and a good attitude towards everything. Overall I had a lot of fun on the trip. 

The video is password protected, password: ISDMYP4

MYP4 Humanities trip to Rotterdam

Contribution by Ms Sofia Raptopolou
Our first humanities trip of the year was a big success! As a part of the WWII unit,
we visited with year 4’s the Lauren’s Kerk and the Museum ‘40-‘45 in Rotterdam.
The church was the only building left standing after the Germans heavily bombed the city (May 1940). 1000 people lost their lives and 85.000 were left homeless.
The museum has an interesting collection of different objects connected with the war and the lives of people in Rotterdam.
It was an excellent opportunity for our students to connect the war with its effects on people.

ISD New Teachers: Nice to Meet You!

ISD Primary teachers

My name is Elthea van Diermen and I am from South Africa where I have taught for the last 8 years. I will be teaching PYP 7 as a maternity cover for Lucy. I have taught Mathematics and Science at a primary school as well as Mathematics to 1st-year and 3rd-year B.Ed. students. I am very pleased to be a part of the ISD team for the next few months. I have already met the students from PYP 7, and I am very excited to guide and challenge them to discover and develop their unique talents and learning skills. I hope that my enthusiasm and passion for teaching will ensure a pleasant learning experience for the students. When I am not teaching, I love spending time with my family, exploring the country and reading a book. 


ISD Secondary teachers

My name is Andi Sarvestani, I am originally from Iran. I am a new Math teacher at ISD and also lead the Math department. I had been teaching the DP and MYP students at two other Dutch IB schools, the International School of the Hague and the Amsterdam International Community School, for the past 9 years. I look forward to bring my vast knowledge of IB Math curriculum and IB MYP and DP expertise to ISD and helping ISD Math department to grow. I live in The Hague, with my husband, our two boys and our lovely dog. I love listening to music, dancing and above all baking. My favourite sport is everyday running.  

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