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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!

In this Parent Update you will catch a glimpse of the various learning activities that have happened in November. You can read about the PYP 7 AI workshop, trip to the TU Science centre, home language lunches, collaborations with the WaterLab, Eco-club recycle / recover initiative, a Wellbeing morning for MYP 5, Retailer visits with MYP 3, to name a few.

Don't forget to check the IMPORTANT DATES section below, as the festive month of December is full of nice activities and celebrations!

Enjoy the read!


ISD primary

5 December Sinterklaas celebration
19 - 22 December Christmas activities in class
20 December Christmas dinner from 5-6pm
23 December Staff inset day - no school for students
24 December - 9 Jan Winter break including staff inset day on 9 January
10 January Students back in school

ISD Secondary
5 December Sinterklaas celebration MYP 1-4
6 December Sinterklaas celebration MYP 5
9 December Purple Friday
Parent event: Movie and Gingerbread decorating - start at 5pm
12-16 December Test week MYP 4 and 5
15 December MYP 2 performs Little Victorians - Phileas Fogg - start at 5pm
19 December ISD Winter concert - from 7-9pm
19-22 December MYP 5 - IB DP subjects taster lessons (for students)
22 December MYP 4 and 5 Gala dinner - from 6:30-9:30pm
23 December Staff inset day - no school for students
24 December - 9 Jan Winter break including staff inset day on 9 January
10 January Students back in school

Eco-club: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva-Ordaz and Ms Jennifer LaForge 

In our Thursday afternoon after-school activity, the Eco-Club has been busy with a circular economy initiative (reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover, rather than simply discard). A fun group of MYP 1, 2 & 3 students have been sewing up a storm with the goal of creating at least 2 strands of bunting to hang in our secondary campuses. The students began by learning about the circular economy, they then created their own templates and brought in cotton fabrics from home. After only 3 lessons, we were able to sew up a portion of the first strand. Congrats to these hard workers!


PYP 7 - AI generation workshop with TU Delft students

Contribution by Payal Bhaskar

The PYP 7 had the opportunity to collaborate with TU Delft master’s students while making use of AI image generation to stimulate play and creativity in children.

In this project, the PYP 7 students used their descriptive vocabulary and an AI image generator to bring their imagination to life. We had the opportunity to provide children with a safe and secure way to play with and explore AI image generation and interact with others. This supported children to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills and creativity skills in an exciting way. 
By using Co-design and workshops, children are developing a thorough understanding of values and preferences in regards to AI and AI image generation. The PYP 7 children enjoyed the workshops and came up with very interesting thoughts, questions and ideas. This workshop aims for the children to have a healthy relationship towards AI and understand the potential challenges involved in its use.

Project with the WaterLab - Delft Measures Rain

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva Ordaz and Ms Gabriella Angelin Teixeira

During the science lessons, the MYP1 students have been collaborating with the Waterlab from TU Delft and the UNESCO Water Institute. They have been monitoring rain using different measuring instruments. With their data the students helped the project: Delft Measures Rain.

Delft Measures Rain is a citizen science project initiated and executed by WaterLab, a platform of multiple organizations focused on demonstrating, performing, and sharing water research. The rain measurements, like the ones from our students, contribute to the research of the Technical University Delft (TU Delft), in which the effects of urban development on rain within the city are explored. The participants’ measurements provide a higher resolution of rain measurement locations, giving a more detailed view of rain distribution. 

Our students have been monitoring the rain using two different methods. They also had to write a lab-report. Method 1 was a rain gauge built by the students and method 2 was the weather station. Students' main research question was "What is the difference between the amount of rain measured by two different methods?". In this investigation, students were encouraged to not ignore unexpected results so they can appreciate how the real-world works.

Besides the lab-report and the investigation the students learned how to reflect on their research, and they contacted the Water lab experts with some questions.

One of the questions the students had, was what the researchers do with the information they collect from their water studies. Marit Bogert answered: "We use the information from Delft Measures Rain (but also other studies that we do) to improve the environment we live in. By that, we mean: making our surroundings, for instance your garden, schoolyard or local park, a nicer place to be and also a nicer place for the plants and animals around us. Our climate and the weather in the future will change. In the Netherlands, this means that we will have more rain in very heavy rain showers, while at other times we will have very long droughts (do you remember the dry period last summer?). To make sure Delft does not flood ór dry out, we need to adjust the environment to help it. For instance, we can store water in small pools for dryer times, or plant more trees and shrubs to maintain water in the soil. To know where to do this, we need to know where the rain is (or is not) falling. That is what we measure during this project! We use the information you collect to make maps of the city and see which parts get more or less rain".

The MYP1 students enjoyed contributing to this important project and would like to thank the WaterLab for their time.

Celebrating our Diverse Languages and Cultures at ISD 

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade

On Thursday 17 November, our Turkish and Spanish parents hosted a wonderful lunch. Celebration was the key word for both cultures. Delicious food was shared, cultural music drifted around, classrooms were decorated with flags and balloons, and fun games were played. There even was a Macarena group dance.

When you get your picture taken in a group, in Spanish they say: “Patatas!”  We saw big smiles on the faces of the students. They were having so much fun that we already have received requests from them to organise this again later this year or/and next year.  

We are most grateful to the parents who made these wonderful gatherings happen. It looked like you had as much fun as the children did, or even more 😉.  

Thank you to those parents who have already reached out to offer their help for a future lunch. There are so many more languages and cultures we still want to celebrate.  

If you are interested in ‘hosting’ such a lunch for your language and/or culture, please email us at or noting your language and/culture and we will contact you with more details closer to the date. We hope to connect as many language and culture groups as possible over the course of the year. 

Warm regards 

The Language and Cultural Lunch Team 

PYP 4 visits the TU Science Centre

Contribution by Ms Alanna Johnson

PYP 4B have been visiting the TU Science Centre in Delft for our Unit. The children have been using a variety of skills throughout and have thoroughly enjoyed working together with each other and building with our hands. We have enjoyed creating different marble runs finding out what pieces we need to use to keep it stable and enjoyed building structures using bamboo sticks. Teamwork is the word the children have been using and it has been great to see such collaboration.

MYP 3 Art - Designing for a Client

Contribution by Ms Judith Gerritzen

Last week MYP 3 Art students held their interview with a retailer in Delft. This exciting moment was the beginning of the unit 'The Client.' A unit where students in groups visualize an interior concept for a client. During the interviews, the students learned more about the new interior's needs and the owner's mission. 
In the following weeks, students will develop their abstract creative thinking of forms, colours, textures, materials, and the combination of these to create an atmosphere to welcome their client's consumers.
They will design their own wallpaper and mood board and present their concept to the retailers at the end of the unit. Besides that, they learn how to manage, work together, meet deadlines, order samples and deal with presentation nerves in an authentic situation. It feels like real life, right?
The first feedback I received from the retailers was lovely. They were impressed by our students’ enthusiasm, diversity, and respect. Already big applause for them. I also applaud the helping parents in our community because they supervised the students during the interviews. Lastly, a big high-five to the shops helping me out during the year's busiest time. Thank you; Game Mania, Stadskaarsenmakerij Delft, Uit de Kunst, Bakkerij Suikerbuik, Day Dream Deli, Maltha Sport, Chocolaterie de Lelie, Lily's Bubble and Tea and De Salamander. Perfect places to shop for last-minute winter celebration presents, if I may give a suggestion. 

ISD Secondary - Winter concert

On Monday, 19 October, ISD Secondary is organising a Winter Concert at the Satellite Campus. The MYP 1-3 year groups will be performing various songs as part of their MYP Music lessons. Additionally, we will have a few student ensembles performing, two different ISD school bands and the ISD singing group.

Date and Time: 19 October from 7-9pm
Location: Satellite campus

PYP5 - Unit of Inquiry: Landforms

Contribution by Ms Zoi Avramidou

In this unit, the children are learning about different landforms around the world. We began by looking at a map of "The World at Night" and using it to generate questions and hypotheses about where and why some areas are brighter or darker than others. 
 The children also inquired into the pros and cons of different landforms and how this relates to where people have settled throughout history. They are studying how physical features are translated onto maps and make their own 2D and 3D maps. The children are also studying ancient civilizations around the world and inquiring into their settlement patterns. Using books and the internet they are researching where, when, why, and how the people of ancient civilizations settled. Working with a partner they are making a diorama of the civilization and important landforms as well as a poster documenting their research. 
The children will have the opportunity to share their learning with the rest of the school by setting up a museum in the library with their presentations.

ISD Primary: Be the teacher in PE 

Contribution by Ms Katty Larrosa
In December PYP 5, 6 and 7 classes will propose their own PE activities/games and will plan/execute them during the lessons. Each class must plan and direct two different activities. One game with balls (could be any kind) and one team-building game. The children must present the plan for their activities at least one day before to the class teacher and the PE teachers will receive it through the class teachers too. The teachers will help the students with the guidelines and requirements.

The requirements for the activities are:

  • Children must set up the gym. 
  • Children must choose one or two representatives for the explanations and set up the teams. 
  • Children can use all the materials available in the X-building and in the school. 
  • Games/Activities might be known or new for the class. Students can explore the web, books, ask the teachers or use your imagination.

The aim of the 'Be the teacher' lessons, is helping the students to have more agency and make decisions about what they are doing in PE. We will observe leadership skills, teamwork, respect, adaptation and of course creativity. 

During the last PE lessons we have already started preparing for the activities for "Be the Teacher", focusing on Team building, trust games, and games related to football. 


MYP4A Organising class game
For mentor lesson in MYP 4A, small groups of students have organised class games to practice leadership and teaching others. The games are cooperative in nature, so teamwork is important.


MYP1 Flowchart Hunter gatherers to early civilizations
Organising snippets of information in the correct chronological order, asks from the students to use the knowledge from the classes to put into practice. Not only it can feel like making a puzzle but the creative part was a lot of fun too!




Contribution by Ms Elize Burgess

This week the Student Support department at ISD organized the first-ever well-being morning with our MYP5 students. The goal was to have a few hours to fully focus on student well-being through different exercises and topics. We went through specific tools they can apply in stressful situations, like tests and exams. 
The day started with a “check in” of emotions and continued with a small introductory part about the stations and the positive influence they can have. The stations included 1) Organization and executive functions at school, 2) Talking about emotions, ways to support my peers and myself, 3) Mindfulness and dealing with stress, and 4) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. After all groups participated in all of the stations, the day ended by gathering all together and sharing our thoughts. Before leaving the classroom, all students did a “check out” of emotions in order for all to see the effectiveness of the well-being day.  
The students were really attentive and seemed to enjoy all of the activities. The focus on well-being next to all the academic pressure has been a success and we will do something similar again later in the school year.

From the ISD Secondary library

Contribution by Ms Gina Ruocco

In October, a number of students from all year levels participated in the Student-Authored Super Short Scary Story Writing Contest in the Media Resource CenterThis super short story could only be two sentences in length, which meant that students had to choose their words carefully. All students had an opportunity to vote for the best terrifying tale during their mentor lessons. The winner of the contest was Anna Hospers (MYP4), with 35.4% of the vote. Congratulations, Anna! Read her spooky story below:

Anna’s 2-sentence spooky story:
I walk up the creaky stairs as I see a shadow sprint right past the window beside me, it suddenly disappears. I don’t think much of it but then I see it, a long slender figure grabbing my ankles from between the steps, I scream for my life.

Our library collection is growing, so the focus of November’s main display was learning through informational, or nonfiction, texts. We have a number of new nonfiction books in our collection that can be enjoyed by students and their families. 

Students can also use the digital catalogue to identify books of interest. Just visit the Resources page of the MRC website, and click on the link to the library catalogue. Once you’ve accessed the catalogue, you can search for books based on title, author, genre, etc.


Nice to meet you - new staff members

ISD Secondary

Hello, my name is Angela Verbeek and I am the caretaker at the Satellite location of ISD Secondary. I've always worked in the cleaning industry and had my own company for 11 years, working at schools and loved every bit of it.
However, it was time for a change, and Ms. Evelyne Le Poole asked me if I was interested in the position of caretaker/concierge at the Satellite campus. I didn't have to think twice, and immediately said YES! This is exactly what I wanted to do as I love to work with children, see them grow and develop into whoever they want to be in the future. 
I live in the Hague with my 5 year old son. Just the two of us. My hobbies are just spending time with my kid & family and I am also a huge Celine Dion fan 😂. 
I really hope to be working at ISD as long as possible because I really love it here.
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