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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Message from the ISD leadership
Important dates April

ISD Primary
ISD Primary Library News
PYP 3B - Art in Nature
PYP 3A - Update from the Hedgehogs
ISD Together in Action

PYP5: Forces and Motion

Whole School
EcoTeam - Hopscotch salad - growing food
Admissions 2022-2023
School Satisfaction Survey

ISD Secondary
ISMTF Math competition
Extended Learning Programme
Visual Arts: Visit to Van Gogh museum
PHE: students get active for Ukraine
PHE: cycling to the sports fields
Careers Guidance: Know your values

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear parents and students,

As the Dutch weather returns to ‘normal’ we have enjoyed a lovely spell of sunny weather. It has been a great opportunity for having lunch on the picnic benches, playing games outside, the launch of the garden club season and a variety of lesson activities taking place in the open air.

At the same time, we are all aware of the dark cloud hanging over Europe with the war in Ukraine and the worries these may bring to us and the children; for some it may be closer to home and heart than others, but it impacts us all. It has been more than heartwarming to see the great efforts at Primary and Secondary to raise support for the many Ukrainian refugees fleeing from the war. The charity fundraising event at Primary was a great success as were the Charity run and fitness and bake sale activities at Secondary.

As the leadership team of ISD we are actively involved in the Delft network of schools to see how and where we can support young Ukrainian students who have come to Delft for refuge. Most students will enroll in to the specially set up classes for Ukrainian refugees. There is close cooperation between the city council, the Samenwerkingsverband (Educational Support) and the primary and secondary schools in Delft. A leading role is played by the Internationaal Schakelklas which accommodates students new to the Netherlands who need to enroll in the Dutch system. As a school we have offered our support where possible, which may include accommodating a small number of students. If you would like to volunteer and can provide support, please do let us know.

With still a few months of this school year to go, we are at the same time looking ahead and planning for next year. The new Standard Terms and Conditions have been approved by the division council and both school boards. The ST&C’s have been published on the website. You will have all received the re-enrolment forms, thus far we already have had a good response and encourage you to re-enroll as soon as possible.

At Secondary, we will be expanding with a MYP 5 class and we see a good influx of MYP 1 students. This requires additional staff and space; the process of recruitment and expansion of temporary housing for the school year 2022-2023 at ISD Secondary is well on its way.

We have also started planning the introduction of the IB Diploma programme in 2023-2024 and are pleased to say we are now a candidate school for the IB Diploma programme. In primary school we are continuing our preparation for the IB PYP evaluation visit and have more opportunities for parental involvement on 20th April 2022. In the meantime, the planning for the new secondary building is proceeding well and we hope to provide an update in the coming months.

As parents you will be aware that at Primary, Sander Raaphorst is on leave for personal reasons and Sandip Jagdev is working on a reduced timetable because of medical reasons. At the moment, Kayleigh Schuurmans will tend to any urgent matters and be the first point of contact for the primary school.

The Laurentius Stichting is pleased to announce that an Interim Head of School has been appointed as of 31 March 2022. Ms. Marleen Sahertian will be working at ISD Primary, taking on the Head of School responsibilities. Marleen has been working at the Laurentius foundation for 3 years as part of the leadership team of another Laurentius school. We welcome you to a coffee morning at primary school on 20th April 2022 from 8.30-10am, where Ms. Marleen would like to introduce herself to you.

Being one school and one leadership team, we aim to continue to support each other in the Primary and Secondary sections and will align the joint processes. In preparation for this newsletter, we can only say that we are happy and pleased to see the great variety of learning and fun activities going on and are proud of the participation of our students, staff and parents in inspiring learning at ISD.

We wish all of you a lovely read of this newsletter and of course for our Muslim community at ISD a good start of Ramadan.

On behalf of the whole leadership team,

Minke Veeneklaas

Sandip Jagdev



ISD primary
4 April 2022: Student led conferences
8 April 2022: Corner Tree books at primary
14 April 2022: Staff study day: no school for primary students
20 April 2022: Coffee morning - Meet and Greet Ms Marleen (interim Head of School)
22 April 2022: Koningspelen
27 April 2022: Deadline for re-enrollment 2022-2023

ISD secondary
14 April 2022: School photographer
21 April 2022: Full progress report
27 April 2022: Deadline for re-enrollment 2022-2023

15 April 2022: Good Friday - no school for all students
18 April 2022: Easter Monday - no school for all students
25 April – 6 May 2022: May holidays - no school for all students
ISD Primary Library News

After weeks of sorting, processing, and organizing, we happily announce that our library has a new section of books dedicated to Home Languages. Many thanks to our families for the lovely book donations and our wonderful parent volunteers who spent hours labelling and covering. We could not have done this without them. The books are categorized by language. On the spine label, the language is written. There are books appropriate for ages 4-12, and we always welcome new donations. 
Save the date: On Friday, April 8th, Rainbow Corner Books will be setting up a book sale on the playground of ISD Primary. Families of PYP 0-2 are welcome from 11:30 am and families of PYP 3-7 from 13:45. Louise and Sue always have a fantastic selection of popular, new authors and a wide variety of subjects. They are very knowledgeable about options for reluctant readers and children learning English and are happy to assist. 
We are also excited to add a very special new author to our library: Our former ISD Primary colleague, Ms. Maria Biswalo! Her book is called, 'Mama's Magical Kanga'/'Kanga ya Mama'. We have a copy in English for our This is Us section and a copy in Ms. Maria's first language, Kiswahili for our Home Language section. We hope that Ms. Maria will be able to visit our school at the end of May to do a reading.
Our library is run by parent volunteers. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about how you can get involved and help at the library. 
You can contact us on: 

Kerry O’Reilly: 
Judit Rapai:
Renu Ochani: 

Hope to hear from you! 

Warm regards,
Ms. Kerry, Ms. Judit & Ms. Renu

PYP 3B – Art in Nature

Contribution by Ms Sandra Jevtic

For our unit: Art in Nature, we set up an art area for the children. To go along with our role play area: Florist shop, we decided to focus on flowers. During the past few weeks, the students have been bringing in real flowers to school to draw or paint. We learned the different parts of a flower in the classroom and were able observe and discuss each part. While drawing and painting, we took a closer look at the flowers to capture every beautiful detail. It has been wonderful to use real flowers for our unit of inquiry.

PYP 3A: Update from the Hedgehogs

By Ms Alanna Johnson


As part of our Nature Unit, we looked at various flowers and got creative. We inquired into their colours, shapes, sizes and names and then showed our creative skills to sketch, draw and paint the flowers that were bought in by the children. 


Nature Poems 

We have been looking at poems, inquiring into ‘acrostic poems’ with the word ‘nature’ where the children wrote about their thoughts and feelings. An acrostic poem is a poem where certain letters in each line spell out a word or phrase, we looked into writing phrases. This linked in nicely with the ‘nature walk’ that children did at the start of our unit. 



A week before our the ‘fundraiser’ our class were busy making bookmarks. The children were creative and did a great job. When it came to the ‘fundraiser’ on Wednesday 23rd March, a group of children took the lead in getting people to come and visit us by proudly shouting “Get your bookmarks – 1 for .50 cents or 2 for 1 euro. 

In total the Hedgehogs made €35.90. 


EcoTeam: Hopscotch Salad - growing food

By Miros Silva-Ordaz

To celebrate spring, the Eco Team at primary and secondary started a project with a couple of researchers from TU Delft to grow food with technology.

The project is called “Hopscotch salad”, because we believe that it’s important to reduce the carbon footprint in the food system. This project will help to expose children at an early age to technological food systems, where they can experience first hand how growing food, consuming it and selling it at a walking “Hopscotch” distance, makes our future more environmentally friendly.

Admissions 2022-2023

Dear Parents, 

Re-enrolment for the 2022-2023 academic year has begun! It is important to us to know who will be coming back in the new school year, and which families will unfortunately be leaving us for new adventures. 
By now, you should have received an e-mail from Open Apply that contains a link that allows you to indicate your decision and many of you have already let us know, thank you. If you have not yet received this e-mail, please send an e-mail to Ms. Bennett at:

The deadline for re-enrollment is 27 April. 
Thank you for your cooperation.
Ashly Bennett

School Satisfaction Survey

As part of our continuous effort to improve our school, each year we invite all parents to give feedback through the School Satisfaction Survey. The School Satisfaction Survey is an important tool that gives us input on how you feel about the school, the learning and wellbeing of your child. We feel that both social and academic dimensions are equally important in this. The social aspects include the attitudes, ambitions, and mental well-being of students, while the academic dimension pertains to student learning. All answers are anonymous and help us improve where necessary.

Last week all families received an email with a link to the survey (one parent per family received this email). We need to collect all input from parents by 22 April. If you have not filled it in yet, kindly do so before this date. Thank you in advance. 

ISD Together in Action for Ukrainian Children and Families 

Contribution by Mr Mark Shilitoe

On Wednesday 23 March, the whole Primary school came together at the 'ISD Together in Action' fundraising fair. It was a huge success! 

ISD primary staff organised such a fantastic event, with all children pooling their creative efforts in baking, making and crafting. We enjoyed welcoming back ISD families into our school building after such a long time and through their generosity and support raised a cracking amount of €2552,36 which will be donated directly to Giro555

The grand total was announced after a lengthy money count during a short outdoor assembly for the ISD students the following day.

Thank you all again for your support.

On behalf of the whole ISD team

PYP5: Forces and Motion 

Contribution by Joel Auer
In PYP5, our unit of inquiry is focused on forces and motion. Students inquired and learned about forces and motion. Now they are applying that understanding to create and interact with simple machines. This activity was focused on wheels and axles, the students designed and built their own rubber band cars. After building, they tested their cars and improved them based on their understanding of forces.

International Schools Mathematics Teacher Foundation's (ISMTF) Math competitions

Contribution by Ms Andi Sarvestani
We are proud of our MYP 2, MYP 3, MYP 4 students and also one brave PYP 6 student, who stood up for the challenge of the Math middle and Junior competitions, although we started the preparation only after the winter break. The Junior competition took place on March 26 and the Middle school competition will take place on April 30. It's amazing to see our students' enthusiasm, hard work, and teamwork. Our sessions will continue till the end of the school year to foster this enthusiasm and preparation for next year. 

About the ISMTF
ISMTF math competitions counts about 70 international schools in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.  ISMTF promotes the mathematical educational interests of member schools and their students, working together to support the learning and enjoyment of mathematics.
Competitions are in three different categories:
Middle School (up to the age of 14 years), Junior (up to the age of 16 years), and Senior competitions (high school students of any age).

Extended Learning Programme

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen

The Gardening club is underway! Students have been preparing the ground for this year's ISD Vegetable garden. They worked together beautifully, removing stones and planning where they wanted to plant their potato's, onions and spinach. It was wonderful to see the students so enthusiastic and working collaboratively. They were taking such pride in their vegetable patches; one group even named every vegetable that went into the ground. Coming into school the next morning and seeing students tending to their patch was a nice sight. Thank you to Ms Reijnhoudt for leading the ISD Garden Club.


This round of activities for the extended learning programme will run up until the May vacation. The new round will start after the vacation, but students will be able to sign up before the break. Please note: The gardening club will run from now until the end of the school year, there is no need to sign up for after the break. 

From our Garden Club blogger Rayan Sajid:

The garden club, the sunniest club of the year, students digging, plants sprouting and most importantly, everyone having fun. Even though sometimes working the sun can be annoying, this club will make you change your mind.

In the first week we planted onions, potatoes and spinach!! The second week we will be growing carrots, cabbage and more to come. Even though it might snow, that won’t stop the garden from growing and growing. We have split each other in groups, most people are working in groups of 2 or 3 but some risk takers are working in groups of 4. This is the garden club blog part 1, hope you stay tuned and stay safe.


Visual Arts: Visit to Van Gogh museum 

Contribution by Ms Becky van Paassen
On Friday 11 March, MYP2 visited the van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. The students gathered excitedly in the lounge before we hopped on the coach and travelled to the capital city. We were lucky that Ms van Diemen could join us on the trip. We had an hour to relax before our time slot, so we went out onto the huge Museumplein where Ms van Diemen got us all moving around with some fun group tag activities. The students went into the museum fully energised. They were given a series of activities to complete, it was wonderful to see the students working hard whilst enjoying the paintings. Seeing paintings first hand is so different from seeing them in books or on a screen; the colours are much more vivid and you can experience the texture and the brushstrokes. The students were very excited to see paintings that they recognized from studying them in class. 'Ms van Paassen, is that the real potato eaters?' asked one student, excitedly. After a few hours enjoying the paintings, we had another hour to relax so we went back onto the Museumplein for more tag and relaxing in the sun. The students returned tired, but they had a great time. We were very proud of the students for being so respectful in the museum, and working hard to complete the drawing and research tasks while they were there, they were brilliant. Thanks to MYP2 for a great day out.

Aside from the exciting visit to the van Gogh museum this term, students in the art department have been gaining knowledge about the painting 'Guernica' and the risks that can go hand in hand with making art (MYP1). They have been developing skills in painting in the style of van Gogh, concentrating on creating movement through short, sharp brushstrokes and using the knowledge they gained about colour theory to show their understanding of the artists work in a summative assessment (MYP2). MYP 3 & 4 have been developing skills in drawing in one and two point perspective and using watercolour paints. They have been experimenting with the different ways in which watercolour can be used to create different and exciting results. The students will now be putting those skills to use in creating a surrealist painting which represents a corner of their mind. We hope to share some of the fantastic work being made at the end of the school year. 

PHE: Students get active for Ukraine
Contribution by Ms Loes Bekkers and Ms Claudine van Diemen

In PHE, most classes are in the middle of the fitness unit. This unit is not only about moving, but also learning about healthy lifestyles, such as good eating and sleeping habits, and trying to minimise stress levels. At school, we, unfortunately, do see some students drinking energy drinks, eating bags of chips, while we may find the lunches that they brought in the bin. We are trying to educate students that drinking water and eating healthy snacks is much better for their health.  And of course they can also eat food that is not as nutritious, but moderately. As a school we do not allow energy drinks and will address the students on this if we see it happening.
This week, all students have been involved in fundraising for Ukraine. MYP 1 and 2 have done a sponsored park run, where they found sponsors to raise money for Ukraine and tried to run as many laps in the park.  Where students found it quite difficult to run for more than 10 minutes in a row last week when we practised, we were amazed with the determination and stamina of the students this week during the run.  Some students even surprised themselves when they saw what they are capable of when they put their mind to it! It was great to see that some of them buddied up to help each other, saying things as: you know what you are doing this for, keep going!
MYP 3 and 4, since they are already a bit further into their fitness unit, performed a fitness circuit and also tried to do as many rotations as possible in the time available. Once again, great to see all students working so hard, some students even asked if they could continue a bit longer to raise even more money. They may be a bit sore afterwards, but they can also be proud of themselves. 
We really love teaching our students but this week, we were extra happy and extremely proud of what they have shown: their compassionate and caring nature, their determination and stamina. They showed that you can do anything if you have a goal and put your mind to it!

PHE – cycling to the sports fields after the holidays

After the May break, the PHE lessons will be outside again at the fields of Semper Altius. At the beginning of the school year, students were taken there by bus. After the May holidays, the students will be cycling to the fields, which will take 11 minutes. Many students already have a bike. If students do not have a bike yet, we would like to encourage them to organise a bike to use at school. Public transportation to the sports fields is unfortunately not a viable option. Having a bike at school, is also helpful in the commute between the 2 campuses. Of course, we have some ISD bikes for the students to borrow, but these are limited in numbers and not always available as they are used in between campuses.
You can find good secondhand bikes for reasonable prices at or
If you have any questions, you can contact Loes Bekkers (

Careers Guidance: Personal exploration: Know your Personal Values

By the Careers Team: Ms Patricia Brugman and Ms Mirjam de Bruin

The key of knowing what to do, is knowing who you are. In the Careers Guidance lessons, we therefore start with a personal exploration: “Who are you?”  A broad question which contains several underlying questions like: ‘what are your values, strengths, skills and interests?”
In the first lesson after the holidays, we focused with the MYP 4 classes on looking into ‘Personal Values’. A famous quote from Walt Disney’s brother Roy Disney is: “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”
So, what are Personal Values? Personal values are the things that are important to us, the characteristics and behaviours that motivate us and guide our decisions.
Knowing your values, may help you figure out what you want out of your life. This may help with choosing a career. When you know what matters to you, it’s easier to choose a career path that aligns with this.

Everybody is different, and what makes one person happy may leave another person feeling anxious or disengaged. Defining your personal values and then living by them can help people to feel more fulfilled and to make choices that make them happy, even if they don’t make sense to other people. 

Through various guiding questions, personal value cards and a test, all MYP 4 students reflected on their values. At the end of the two lessons, the goal is that each student has a better understanding of their most important values, which can help them later in their decision process.

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