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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!

Message from the Leadership

Primary school

Dear Parents,
Spring break is around the corner and we look back at a wonderful term at ISD Primary. Children have been very engaged in their units and wonderful learning activities have been going on.
A few classes have celebrated the 100th day at school this school year. That special event has been linked to fun and meaningful activities connected to Language, Maths and PSPE. The Early Years presented their animal unit to all parents in a big exhibition. And our PYP 7’s have had taster lessons at Secondary and are preparing themselves for the PYP exhibition that is coming up in April.
We are very proud of our Student Council. The student representatives are taking on the responsibility of taking action and organising and participating in important activities. In a very short period of time, they have set up a program for fundraising for Turkey and Syria. The bake sale, book sale and raffle have been a big success.

They also thought about how to connect and promote the community feeling and came up with spirit days. This week we had our first “Cartoon Character day” and more inspiring and fun community days are coming up. We are looking forward to seeing more and more parents attending our coffee mornings. We had a lot of parents joining us for the Home Language and Culture mornings and a workshop organised by one of our parents. Keep an eye out on our website and Social Schools' agenda for upcoming events.

We wish you a wonderful break and additionally Monday 6 March as a study day for the children.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday 7 March!

Sander Raaphorst

Secondary school

Dear Parents,

For ISD Secondary, February has been a dynamic month both on and off the stage. As we write this, we are busy preparing for our upcoming Open Day, which will take place at both our main campus and Satellite location. We are excited to welcome prospective students and showcase our school once again. Admissions for next year are coming in, and we are pleased to see healthy numbers for all year groups. 

We are also thrilled to see our DP1 class for next year slowly taking shape. At the beginning of February, we finalized the application report for IB DP authorization following a positive consultation visit. Now we are waiting for the authorization visit from the IB. A lot of work has been done in recent months, including writing curriculum outlines, teacher training, collaborative sessions on IB philosophy and objectives, and updating and ordering facilities and resources. With constructive feedback from our consultant, we are confident in our preparedness for authorization. More information on the IB DP and the authorization will be shared in the coming weeks. 

We also reflect on a highly successful Personal Project exhibition with MYP5. It is inspiring to see what students have developed after months of hard work, with guidance from their supervisors and support from our MYP coordinator, Olwyn Hall.  

Most of you have probably noticed that the playground at the main building is currently a building site. Due to various external factors beyond our control, we were unable to proceed with building the temporary units. However, we are now ready to continue. During the Spring break, we will prepare the area in front of the school for better bike parking and set up a garden just outside the MRC. We will also begin preparation work for placing the units. We anticipate that the units will be ready for use by the end of May. The temporary units are essential to provide enough space and facilities for our current school's growth while we wait for the new building. Progress is being made on the new building, and we expect actual construction to begin after the summer break. 

As Head of Secondary school, I end this first half term of the year 2023 on a positive note and look forward to the months ahead.

Wishing you all a lovely Spring Break. 

Minke Veeneklaas


ISD primary

25 Feb- 5 March Spring holiday
Mon 6 March Staff study day primary

ISD Secondary
25 Feb- 5 March Spring Holiday
Tue 7 March Staff study day secondary

Animal Research Exhibition in the Early Years

Contribution by Ms Jacqui Wilmot
The Early Years classes have been inquiring into animals and the ways in which we interact with them. As a part of this inquiry, each child undertook an individual research assignment, through which they discovered more about an animal of their choosing. The children have been working on this since November and in celebration of the completion of their research we invited families to come into school to see all of the children’s hard work!

Families were first treated to a musical presentation, led by Ms. Ilein and the three classes. Following that, children took their family members over to their research assignments and presented their process, findings, and conclusion. 

It was wonderful to have our families in school for this celebration of learning, and to see the excellent presentation skills of our youngest inquirers!


PYP 6 Co-design project with TU Delft 

Contribution by Ms Georgina Cuenca

During this month, students from PYP6 participated in a Co-design project with the Industrial Design students from TU Delft. It is a privilege for us to be on the TU Campus and be part of creative and pedagogical projects like this one.  

ISD students enjoyed three sessions with the TU students, where they could test children’s games and toys as well as co-design with the students from TU Delft. Considering that PYP6 students have amazing creativity, that was a great opportunity to improve their art and design skills with future professional designers.  

Interdisciplinary workshop between Art & science

Contribution by Ms Gabriela Angelin Teixera
MYP1 students in ISD Secondary were treated on 21 February to an engaging workshop that aimed to integrate Art and Science through interdisciplinary learning. The workshop was designed to explore the relationship between art and science, and how their commonality can be used to develop observational skills.

The workshop featured a range of activities, including discussions on works of art by Rob Van Es, an artist who creates beautiful pieces using microscopic images. Students were also challenged to observe and draw the physical features of a grasshopper, while the third activity involved observing and representing botanical life using crayons.

By using observation as the first step in the scientific method, the workshop allowed students to develop their observational skills and gain a deeper appreciation for the relationship between art and science. 
Overall, the Art & Science workshop was a fantastic opportunity for students to engage with both Art and Science in a unique and exciting way, encouraging them to think more creatively, observe more deeply and appreciate the connections between different subject areas.

ISD secondary - Extended learning programme

Extended Learning Programme
After the break, there will be a few new additions to the Extended Learning Programme. Ms Ruocco is starting a book club on Mondays which includes the creation of your own movie trailer. Spring is just around the corner, which means the gardening club will be starting again. The ground will be prepared during the break ready for the students to prep their patches and sew their seeds. Students can see the new schedule and sign up through the Google Classroom page. 
Piano Lessons! 
We have a private piano teacher, this was communicated in an email to parents a few weeks ago. Some students had a successful trial lesson and have signed up to continue lessons. If your child didn't have a trial lesson but wants to have piano lessons, please use this link to sign them up:

PYP 5 updates
Contribution by Zoi Avramidou

100th Day of School Celebration
Last week, on the 7th of February we celebrated the 100th Day of School. The kids were preparing themselves for this, days before. They brought groups of 100 from home in order to compare them and do activities based on those items. On Tuesday, they brought snacks from home to share with the rest and they did a lot of fun and educational activities. Some examples:

  • They played a guessing game with baby pictures.
  • The students worked on the “100” bubble letters craft in which they made a picture out of the numbers 1, 0, 0.
  • The students worked on comparing the bags of 100 items they brought in from home and they used the balances and scales to compare the weights of the bags.
Unit of Inquiry: Organizations - Workshop Day at ISD Primary, organized by the PYP 5 students
On Friday 3rd of February, it was Workshop Day!  The students have been working hard on creating their organizations and designing workshops to teach the PYP7 and PYP6 classes a new skill or hobby. This whole project was a huge part of our last unit, Organizations, in which students inquired into different organizations, their functions, and their purpose, and in the end, they came up with amazing ideas for their own clubs! The day was a HUGE success, and all the participants had a great time.  We are so proud of them! 

Raising money for Syria and Turkey

At International School Delft, we strongly believe in the importance of supporting those in need. Recently, our hearts have been deeply moved by the events in Turkey and Syria. Many people are homeless and devastated. There is an urgent need for medical care, blankets, food and shelter. 

The primary student council have worked hard in coming up with creative ideas to raise money and awareness for the affected families. We held a bake sale last week at primary which was a resounding success. At secondary, our MYP 4 students also organised a bake sale on Monday 20 February.  We are incredibly grateful to all of the parents and students who baked and bought delicious treats for this event.

But our efforts are far from over. On Wednesday we organised a second-hand book sale, where donated books were sold for 1 euro each. On the same day, students were able to purchase raffle tickets. On Thursday we hosted our first-ever ISD Spirit Day on Thursday, where students could get dressed up and bring a donation of 1 euro. With the efforts in primary, ISD raised over 3100 euros!

After the break, on 15 March, our MYP 1 and 2 students are participating in a Fundraising run in the Wilhelminapark. The aim of this run is to be ACTIVE and at the same time raise money for the victims of the earthquake.

Finally, we have created an ISD donation page on Giro 555. If you are able to donate, please consider using the link provided to make a contribution:

We are grateful for your continued support and participation in our efforts to make a difference for families in need. Together, we can show the world the incredible generosity and kindness of our ISD community.

Thank you!

ISD Music Ensemble: Fostering Collaborative Learning Through Music

Contribution by Ilein Bermudez

Each Monday at the end of the school day, these students look forward with excitement to their ensemble rehearsal. Our ISD music ensemble covers all levels and creates a space in our school for learning together about music and beyond. Building an open-minded and caring collaborative learning community is at the core of our music sessions. This academic year we performed at the Diwali and the Christmas assembly with a diverse repertoire that suited these events. We look forward to continuing with our work and sharing more music!

Personal Project exhibition

At the Hofkerk, the MYP5 students held their Personal Project Exhibition on Thursday 9 February.

The Personal Project, which begins in MYP4, is a student-directed venture that presents both challenges and excitement. It requires students to take responsibility for completing a significant piece of work over an extended period, as well as reflecting on their learning and outcomes. By working independently, students gain the skills and confidence to pursue meaningful goals in various aspects of life, including education and the workplace.

The Personal Project is an excellent opportunity for students to produce a unique and personal product that showcases their learning consolidation over the course of MYP. The exhibition provides a platform for students to display their hard work and efforts.

The exhibited products were diverse and fascinating, including handmade soaps, novels, model airplanes, websites, apps, and self-made clothing, among other innovative ideas. We are extremely proud of all the hard work of our MYP 5 students!

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery: MYP 4 Careers Programme has started

Contribution by Ms Mirjam de Bruin

Secondary school is an exciting time for students to explore their personal values and develop their sense of self. In February, our MYP 4 classes kicked off their Careers programme with a series of lessons focused on personal exploration. As psychologist Charles Garfield says: “The key to knowing what to do, is knowing who you are”.

Exploring personal values is a critical step for secondary school students to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their aspirations. By identifying their personal values, students can develop an inner compass that guides them towards their goals and makes decision-making more straightforward.
Personal values play a significant role in choosing a career as they can help individuals identify what is important to them in their work/study and what they want to achieve. When someone's values align with their career, they are more likely to find their work/study fulfilling and satisfying.
After brainstorming about the types of personal values, MYP4 students thought about the values shown by famous people like Serena Williams, Elon Musk, Greta Thunberg, and Cristiano Ronaldo. It was interesting to see which values they picked for each person. After that, they made a mind map to find their own personal values.

By starting with a personal exploration in the careers programme, students in MYP4 are taking a critical step towards making informed decisions about their future. It is exciting to see these students beginning this journey, and we look forward to supporting them as they continue to explore their values and passions.

MYP5 lecture on loss, life and love

Contribution by Nané Paraiso
Mr Ed Hoeks, former ambassador to Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia (amongst 9 other countries), visited MYP5 to talk about history, a beautiful poem and his career as a diplomat. The students were inspired by his anecdotes and some are going to fill his rather large boots in the future. What struck our students most was that he addressed them in their native tongue: speaking 12 languages fluently.  It was both an entertaining and engaging lesson.

Language and Culture Lunches - Celebrating our Rich Diversity

On Thursday 9 February, we hosted the German and Southern African language and culture lunches. Both groups had wonderful decorations and delicious food to share with their communities. There was also music played in both venues, enhancing the vibes even further.
We had a wonderful turnout of students from all year groups and staff, as well as those interested in learning languages and tasting different foods. There was lots of laughter and telling stories in home languages. The German group welcomed newcomers who could say ‘apfelstrudel’. Once again, thank you to the parents for offering to host these special lunches, and for making them such a success.

If you are interested in hosting a language and culture lunch in the months after the Spring break, please contact Ms Ingrid at or on Social Schools.

MYP2 students teach home languages to primary students

Contribution by MYP 2 student: Beatrice Fantini

On Friday the 20th of February all of MYP2 went to the primary school to celebrate Home Language Week by teaching the students there our home languages. We were able to teach the higher years of primary. I found it to be a very interesting experience, particularly for those who taught languages that were not their own, since teaching is the best way to learn, and we were able to learn new languages as well. This experience also taught us what it is like to be a teacher and all the struggles and fun that go with being one. It was a great experience to challenge myself by switching places and taking on the role of a teacher for a while.

Open Day at ISD secondary

Contribution by Mirjam de Bruin

On 22 February, ISD Secondary school opened its doors to families and prospective students for an exciting open-day event. The event was held on both campuses of the school, and families were able to explore the facilities, meet teachers, and learn about the subjects that the school offers.

The open day was an opportunity for families to get a glimpse of what life is like at ISD Secondary and to learn about the academic and extracurricular programs that the school offers.

Students had the opportunity to explore the classrooms, participate in science experiments, play cultural and math games, and view student work and projects on display. 

The open day event was a great success, with many families attending, not only from the primary school but also from other schools in the region.

Girl with a Pearl Earring part 1

Contribution by Ms Patricia Brugman

In Dutch class, we regularly discuss what's in the news. These coming weeks, we will delve into the artist Vermeer because of the grand exhibition of 28 Vermeer paintings at the Rijksmuseum. We read background information about the exhibition and learn what makes Vermeer's paintings so special. With MYP 2, we worked on the assignment 'Give your interpretation of the girl with the pearl earring and/or incorporate yourself into the assignment'. The results turned out to be very creative. 

First Response Officer in the gym

Contribution by Katty Larrosa

At ISD primary, students in PYP 4 and 5 are taking part in an initiative to encourage empathy and supportiveness in the classroom. During Physical Education (PE) lessons, two designated "Officers" are appointed to respond to any accidents or injuries that may occur during class. The role of these "Officers" is to immediately attend to the affected student by first checking on them, then informing the teacher if necessary, and finally, getting ice or cold water if needed.

The aim of this initiative is to foster a sense of responsibility and empathy amongst the students by teaching them to look out for each other and to take care of their classmates in need. This practice encourages the students to be supportive and caring towards their peers.

To ensure that all students are given the opportunity to participate in this initiative, two different children are chosen for the role of "Officers" in each lesson. This not only provides a chance for every student to practice the skills of empathy and responsibility, but it also helps to develop their confidence and leadership abilities.

Valentine's day party at ISD Secondary

Contribution by Mirjam de Bruin

Our school celebrated Valentine's Day in style on February 17th, 2023 with a lively and festive party. The event was held in the cosy atmosphere of the Colijnlaan lounge and featured a DJ playing all the latest tunes. To help set the mood, the student council decorated the lounge with an array of heart-shaped balloons, adding to the overall vibe of the event. 

The party was a great opportunity for students to let their hair down and have some fun with their friends. Students showed off their great moves and truly enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. While the younger students (MYP 1-3) had to leave the party at 9 pm, the older students were able to stay until 10:30 pm, giving them plenty of time to dance and socialize.

Overall, the Valentine's Day party was a great success and demonstrated the importance of creating a vibrant and engaging school community. The event was a wonderful way for students to come together, share some laughs and create lasting memories with their classmates. 


Valentine's day at the elderly home

Contribution by MYP 2 student Marina Comerma

A couple of days ago, the mentor class MYP2A went to celebrate valentine's day with the elderly people of the retirement home close to the satellite building Krakeel.

The students did this to bring some joy into these people's lives, as they often might find themselves lonely. The students baked many treats, such as cookies, cakes, and muffins. They also brought and participated in activities for the elderly people to enjoy, such as painting nails, playing bingo, and dominos, and doing origami. 

I believe that the event was successful and that the class brought some joy and hope into the elderly people’s lives, and gave them a nice memory to remember. 

Blind date with a book

Contribution by Gina Ruocco

In February, students were invited to go on a blind date with a book. Selected books were covered, and a few small hints were placed on the front. Students used these hints to choose a book, as they could not rely on the title or cover art to aid in their decision-making. This special activity helped encourage students to read and, in some cases, enticed students to broaden their horizons and choose books outside of their preferred genre. It was a great success! 

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