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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear parents and students,

With still two months to the end of this school year 2021-2022, we proudly look back at the great initiatives which have taken place, this Newsletter is only a small reflection of these activities. At the moment, we are planning for the end of the year with activities such as the PYP exhibition, Community projects but also a first-time test week for MYP 3 and 4, another school party, our first International Day in three years and an interdisciplinary project week at the end. We do hope to be able to invite the ISD community; parents and family to some of these events. More information of these activities will be shared after the May break.

For the leadership team the May - June period is one of looking ahead and plan. It is a moment to reflect on the school plan and to identify new goals and developments for the schoolyear 2022-2023. In both Primary and Secondary the educational developments within the IB continuum are well on its way. The PYP evaluation visit, planned for October 2023, and the DP authorization process ensure that we are constantly reflecting and developing teaching and learning at ISD. The leadership team works in close collaboration; alignment and transition, likewise language development, will be joint topics on the schoolplan for next year.

The growth and progression at Secondary also require logistic developments. Planning for recruitment of staff, space and curriculum resources is well under way and we hope to be able to share some of the developments after the May break.

On behalf of the whole school leadership team,

We wish all families, staff and students relaxing May holidays.




ISD primary
7 June - Staff study Day - no school for primary
9 June (tbc) - PYP 7 exhibition
18 June - International Day

ISD secondary
25 May - Science Fair exhibition - MYP 1-3
13-17 June - Test week MYP 3 and 4
24 June - Community project exhibition - MYP 3
30 June - Study Day ISD secondary - no school for secondary 

25 April – 6 May: May holidays - no school for all students
26 - 27 May - Ascension day - no school for all students
6 June  - Pentecost - no school for all students

Meet Ms Marleen Sahertian – interim Head of School at ISD Primary


We would like to introduce Ms. Marleen Sahertian, who is functioning as ISD primary’s interim Head of School during Sander’s absence. Marleen started this month and will most likely stay on as interim head until the summer holidays. At ISD primary, Marleen will ensure that the day-to-day business can continue as smoothly as possible. In addition, she will focus on the planning for the new school year, assuring the further growth and development of ISD. Marleen's working days will be Monday-Wednesday.  

 After volunteering in Thailand as an English Teacher, Marleen knew she wanted to work in education and started with the PABO (teacher’s degree for primary education). She then continued her career at a Dutch primary school in the multicultural Rotterdam Zuid. There she worked as a class teacher and later as an educational support coordinator. During this time, she also completed a Master’s in Urban Education, which focused on education issues within a big city context.  

Three years ago, Marleen made the transition to the Laurentius Foundation, where she acts as the deputy director at the SBO (special primary education) Laurentius School. The Laurentius School is a school for children with learning and developmental problems. These problems can cause children to get stuck within the regular education system. The Laurentius School aims to guide and support the children with their learning problems, but above all, to let children have fun with learning again. 

Marleen, a mother of 3 boys, lives in Rotterdam and describes herself as a creative, caring and energetic connector with great perseverance.  In her free time, she loves to cook for family and friends. Marleen lets herself be inspired by the Mediterranean kitchen, a region she loves to visit during the holidays as well. 

We are very happy for all your help and support during Sander’s absence, Marleen. Welcome to the International School Delft Primary!

Sometimes it snows in April

We started this month with snow! For some students, the first time they ever saw snow. Even though it was a bit weird to build a snow man in spring, we all enjoyed it as well!

ISD Primary Library News

Thank you for the wonderful donations of Home Language Books! This section is growing quickly, and the children are so proud and excited. We always welcome donations of books appropriate for ages 4-12 and would be very happy to receive more in the following languages: 
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • African and Indian languages
  • Japanese
Our, This is Us section is also steadily growing. The children always look forward to the new additions, and this week was extra special! We had a very successful book sale with Rainbow Corner Books which earned us credit for new books. 
A few of our PYP 5 students used the money they raised last month from a class project (raising money for a good cause) to purchase books they wanted to see in our This is Us area. We met to research and discuss the titles, decide which were a priority and ordered them. They arrived this week and the girls will be diving into them as of today! 

As always, we are very grateful for the hard work our wonderful parent volunteers contribute to processing our new books and checking books in and out for the children.
Have a lovely break!
Ms. Kerry, Ms. Judit & Ms. Renu


ISD Primary welcomed Rana (mother of Layla, PYP 3) and Samar (mother of Amira, PYP 7) on 11 April for presentations and discussion about Ramadan. The visuals were beautiful and the content engaging! The main focus of the presentation was the importance of thinking about those in the world who are suffering, what we can do to help and daily Good Deeds. 
Thank you so much, Rana and Samar.  
Ramadan Kareem!
Ms. Kerry

King's day celebrations

ISD Primary participated today in the national 'Koningsdagspelen'. This 'King's Games'  is a sporty event in which an average of 1.2  million primary school children, dressed in orange, participate. The King's Games is traditionally celebrated the last Friday before King's Day.

The primary students had a fun filled active day with different activities in the TU's center X. We want to thank everyone who helped out to make this event a success!


PYP 3 - Happy Earth Day

Contribution by Ms Sandra Jevtic and Alanna Johnson

Happy Earth Day on April 22nd! For Earth Day, PYP3 learned about all the different ways we can help our planet. Together we went for a walk around TU Delft to pick up litter. We found all sorts of litter: plastic, masks, cigarette butts, wrappers, paper, metal, and even a shoe! Let’s continue to help protect and clean our planet.

End of Nature Unit
As part of our end of unit Summative Assessment - we had Ms Irene come in and share her knowledge of Art. The children then went and created their very own 'Flower Art Piece' that shows their interpretation of Art with Nature.

Student Led Conferences

Contribution by Ms Kayleigh Schuurmans

On Wednesday 6th April ISD Primary opened its doors to welcome the parents to come and share in all the wonderful learning that has been taking place this year. The students were very excited to have the opportunity to share their portfolios and talk about the work they have produced and how they tackle different challenges in school. It was another great opportunity for us to enjoy bringing our ISD community together and we are very proud of what our students have achieved so far this year, we are sure the parents are too! Thank you students and teachers for your hard work, and thank you parents for joining us to celebrate the learning that is taking place at ISD primary.

PYP 4 - Technology: connecting people

By Ms Zoi Avrimodou

The central idea of this unit is how technology enables communication and exhanges between regions. The students are inquiring into the tools that connect people and places to each other. They are trying to recognise the similarities and differences between regions and finally to recognise the impact of technology on human interaction. 

During this unit, our Language focus is "Letter Writing". As a result, we've decided to write a letter to a family member or a friend that lives in a different country. After the May break, both group 4s will go to the post office in order to mail the    letters. It's an interesting project as the students are getting familiar with the way we write informal letters. The students will track their letters around the world and calculate the delivery time. Moreover, they have the chance to discover a variety of countries in the world map and try to understand how far or close they are to the Netherlands. In addition, they are researching on the different types of post offices and mailboxes around the world, as well as the postal system of those countries. 

Student Led Conferences
The MYP 4 students worked so hard and they were really proud to present their work and progress so far to their families. 

PYP 7: TU Delft visit: Eco Runner

Contribution by Ms Lucy Doyle
PYP 7 were lucky enough to visit the team at Eco Runner Delft, to round off our unit on sustainability. We learned about how hydrogen is made, and how cars can run on it. The children saw a hydrogen car that could travel from Delft to Greece on 1kg of hydrogen! This car won a competition last year for the longest distance travelled on that amount of hydrogen. We also saw the car that the team are entering into this year's race, but it was top secret because they're still working on it.

Bake Sale for TRD - Tanzania Rugby Development

By Ms Claudine van Diepen

After a whole school fundraising for Ukraine - whereby the students had to challenge themselves physically and raised €2370, it was time for a treat! The students initiated two bake sales and did a wonderful job on raising money for TRD*. With the bake sales, the students raised €417.

We are lucky to have so many students of different nationalities in school who have a passion and talent for baking/cooking. Rice balls, fresh mango juice, waffles, samosas, sushi, biryani and Kac Kac are some of the delicious dishes and drinks that they sold during lunch time.
Not only did the students raise money and provide the school with a variety of food, they took initiative, collaborated and demonstrated their areas of strength by cooking/baking internationally. A big thank you to Suimei, Avni, Noa, Shaima, Shino, Yun and the year 3 students below for running these bake sales!

And of course a big thank you to the parents who offered their kitchen for the preparation of these bake sales!
*Tanzania Rugby Development (TRD) is an NGO based primarily in Arusha, Tanzania which runs a rugby and touch rugby training program for underprivileged children in Tanzania. While the program revolves around rugby training, in reality it provides the students with a sense of community as well as teaching life skills: teaching the children to be good adults and responsible members of the community. It also provides a lot of the essentials, including hot meals, as well as progressive education, including on issues such as male and female 

Safety and emergency response at ISD

Contribution by Ms Minke Veeneklaas

Did your child come home in the past weeks saying there was a fire drill, that teachers were dragging a doll through the lounge or that there was fire on the playground? They saw it correctly: in the past 4 weeks a team of 7 staff members from both Primary and Secondary successfully completed the 'BHV- bedrijfshulpverlening- training, English translation: emergency response training. The team consisted of teaching staff, support staff and leadership. With the completion of these trainings, we now have a larger team of certified emergency response officers at each location. Not only was this a very useful training which has given us new insights, it was also a great  teambuilding exercise between the different members from Primary and Secondary.

At Primary, the emergency response is in hands of the TU Delft in close consultation with the BHV staff team; Irene van Alkemade is the emergency response coordinator for Primary. At Secondary Mr. J. Brouwer is assigned as the emergency response coordinator, he works in close contact with other support staff and the leadership team. 
As part of the Dutch regulations ISD has a safety plan. This safety plan is derived from the safety plans developed at board level of the Lucas and Laurentius Stichting. The safety plans can be found as a link in the schoolguides.
As these regulations are different in other countries, we would like to share with you an outline of the safety plan at ISD and the actions which have been taken in the past and will be taken in the future. Click here for the presentation.

Art and Science Club

Contribution by Ms Gabriella Angelin Texeira

Albert Einstein once said,"The greatest scientists are artists as well.” Both science and art observe, explore, and create. 

The Art & Science club is being coordinated by Miss Angelin Teixeira. Whereas the two disciplines meet in her classes, the aim is to introduce art as a way to study science. The students are being challenged to use their creativity in order to make the connection to a better understanding of scientific concepts and rules.

In the club many activities are done. For instance, students have built a camera obscura to study light. The camera obscura was used by many artists on the 17th century as an aid for painting. This is a tool used to view the optical phenomenon known as the “pinhole effect”: light traveling through a small opening in a box will project an image on the surface across from it. Another fun activity done by the club was the exploration of science behind making candles. In this activity students understood that melted wax vaporizes through a combustion reaction, where hydrocarbons interact with oxygen to break into its two components: hydrogen and carbon. This releases light, heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor, and fuels, the flame. Moreover, students have built a mini electric car and played with M&M's to study the science of colour.

The Art & Science club meet every week on Mondays from 15:30-16:30.

Humanities Coastal Erosion

Contribution by S. Raptopoulou & Jef Fobelets.

MYP2 is currently studying Coastal Erosion: the process in which sand, soil, and rocks along coastlines are carried away by the sea. What better way to show this process than with multicolour clay. 
The students in MYP 2, had to demonstrate in stages how these formations are created. The final product fort this Unit had to be a stop' motion film. This gave the students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge together with their creative skills. 

MYP 1 - Meet the Professor

With Meet the Professor, TU Delft is celebrating its Dies Natalis (birthday) together with primary schools in Delft. During Meet the Professor, professors from the TU Delft give a guest lecture at Delft primary schools about their own research.

Professor Fulvio Scarano from the Aerospace Faculty came to visit MYP 1B class and share his knowledge about his aerodynamics research and demonstrating the concept of aerodynamics in an experiment with balloons.

We would like to thank Prof Fulvio Scarano for his time and engaging presentation.

Careers Guidance – From ESTJ to INFP … know your personality type 

By the Careers Team: Ms Patricia Brugman and Ms Mirjam de Bruin
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” - Aristotle
In the Careers Guidance lessons this month, we focused on the personality type as defined by Isabel Briggs Myers, and her mother, Katharine Briggs. 
The mother / daughter duo Myers Briggs were fascinated with the theories created by Carl Jung. Jung believed that humans experienced the world using four different functions. These functions were the dichotomies that we associate with the test today: Extraversion vs. Introversion; Sensing vs. Intuition; Thinking vs. Feeling; and Judging vs. Perception.

At the time that Briggs and her daughter were researching Jung’s theories, America was involved in World War Two. Women were looking for work at unprecedented rates, many for the first time. Briggs and Briggs Myers believed that if women could understand Jung’s theories and assess their personality, they would be able to look for jobs that would best suit their interests and personalities. Since then, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Test has become the most popular personality test in the world. Companies use it to analyze job applicants, managers use it to determine which employees might get along with one another, and schools use it to help students with their career choices.
During Careers Guidance, we spent two lesson hours on the MBTI, explaining more about the 4 dichotomies, what they represent, analysing case studies, and finally taking the actual test. The MBTI assessment asks students to analyze relevant scenarios and choose preferred responses. The student's responses are used to form a personality report with a profile, recommendations, and careers. The personality report also has a personalized list of careers that match their personality type and contains lists of strengths, challenges, and recommendations for the student on learning, work, and communication. We encourage all parents to read and discuss the report together with their child.
As a rounding off exercise, the students filled in a one pager with a summary of their personality type and their strengths and weaknesses. The students had to read their report and pick and choose from the report what they felt described them best. Even though knowing your MBTI type only gives a framework to understand yourself, we do hope the exercises have helped the students to reflect on their own personality and gained some insights.

New schedule: Extended Learning Programme

After the May Break, a new Extended Learning Programme starts. The students have received an email with a link to a sign up sheet.

If your child would like to sign up for any of the ISD school clubs, they must use the link to the ‘sign up form’ that was sent to them via email. This will be on a first come first served basis. Please book any King Productions clubs via the Hannah King website: 


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