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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


Important dates June / July
Holiday and staff inset days schedule 2022-2023
Message from the ISD leadership

Home Language Learning - English Language Learning at ISD
Library - PYP 5 Collaboration with TU Delft
Update Eco Team - Peas Zone, EcoRunner visit and Hopscotch salad
PYP 4B - Unit 5: Technology and Communication
Home Languages visit
MYP 1 visits NEMO Science museum
Science Fair at ISD secondary
Service as Action - Homemade Lemonade

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear parents and students,

On the 25th of May ISD Secondary had their first ever Science fair! A great success. The students and their teachers had prepared well for this event, and it was wonderful to see students and parents enjoying the display of all the inquiry-based learning done by MYP 1, 2 and 3.  

Next week the ISD Primary will host the PYP exhibition, another great showcase of the inquiry learning going at ISD. This will follow not much later by the Community project exhibition at Secondary. A good example of how at ISD we cherish the IB continuum with alignment and progression of the learning going on from PYP 1 right up to MYP 4.  

These projects, exemplary of the learning going on in- and outside the classroom, likewise other initiatives are in this update. 

Wishing you an enjoyable read. 

On behalf of the leadership team, 

Minke Veeneklaas 



ISD Primary
7 June - Staff study Day - no school for primary
9 June  - PYP 7 exhibition
18 June from 10:00 -13:00 - International Day
22 June - Student Led Conferences
27 June - Reports sent home
7 July - last school day 

ISD Secondary
13-17 June - Test week MYP 3 and 4
24 June - Community project exhibition - MYP 3
24 June - International Day  (organised by the Parent Committee)
27 June from 15:15 - 16:30 - Art exhibition
29 June from 19-21:00 - ISD Secondary School party
30 June - Study Day ISD secondary - no school for secondary
1 July - Beach Day - borrel / drinks for parents after 4pm (organised by the Parent Committee)
4 July - MYP 1/2 trip to Drievliet
5 July - MYP 3/4 trip to Duinrell
6 July - Reports sent home - last school day, hand in books
7/8 July - Staff inset days

6 June  - Pentecost - no school for all students
9 July - 21 August - Summer Break

Holidays and Staff inset days 2022-2023

The holiday schedule and staff inset days for the next academic year are up on our website:

English Language Learning at ISD

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade - ISD Home Languages Coordinator

In our school the majority of students are learning English as an additional language. This means that they speak one or more other languages at home. For that reason, they are called Multilingual Learners. 

Some students are starting this language learning journey and some have been in our school for a while and have become more familiar with English. Acquiring a new language is an interesting process which depends on several individual aspects before fluency (proficiency) can be achieved. 

There are some interesting aspects to know about how second language acquisition works. 

Did you know...

  • “It takes time for children to learn a new language?”

    Jim Cummins, a renowned Second Language Acquisition(SLA) specialist, came up with a theory that clearly explains how long it takes before fluency can be reached. It is called the Iceberg Theory. *

  • “Your child first needs 2-5 years to learn basic and interpersonal language skills?

    To learn the language called ‘survival’ language. It is used in context and with social, informal contact. From research, we know it takes between 2-5 years to achieve fluency for this skill. *

  • “It takes 5-7 years for your child to learn cognitive academic skills?”

    This language is more abstract. There are less cues to connect with. It requires more experience. It takes between 5-7 years to achieve fluency for this skill. *

  • “The pace of this development depends on individual factors?

    Think about developing under different circumstances or environments. Think about learning skills, motivation, capability and how this can all develop differently in phases just as growing tall. 

  • The main focus at home should be on home language development? 

    Students at ISD tend to stay for different chunks of time. Some stay for a few months and some stay for a few years. Depending on the plans for the future, it is important to also think about the development of the home language. If your child goes back to your home country, it should be able to comfortably integrate in education. This means they have to keep developing their home language skills as well. At home this should have the main focus. 

  • That if you still have time left, English learning should be fun?

    Our advice is to make sure to have fun when practising English. Watch videos together, read books together. Your child brings books home from school and it is fun to read and practise them together and talk about the new words. Let your child read to you too. There are online vocabulary games to play together. Make this moment meaningful and fun.

Library: PYP 5 Collaboration with TU Delft Design Student 

Contribution by Joel Auer

PYP5 had the opportunity to take part in a research project with a TU Delft Design Student. The students were tasked with redesigning the school’s library space. They were asked to consider the current issues and then they built 3D prototypes to address the issues they identified. 

The students impressed the teachers and TU Delft student with the creative and inventive solutions they thought of to solve the problems with the current library space. 

We look forward to implementing the feasible design ideas from the students while improving our library space at the school. 

Great job, PYP5!

Eco Team: Peas Zone and Hopscotch salad

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva Ordaz

On 23 May the primary school opened the "Peas Zone". The Peas Zone has been converted from an unused, uninviting area to a wonderful place where students can enjoy working in a quiet and eco-friendly environment. This area was co-designed with primary students and has been in our eco-team agenda for this school year. We are really proud of the effort the teachers and students have made to make it happen. Well done!

Hopscotch salad project

After two months successfully growing lettuce for the Hopscotch project, the Eco-Team from primary and secondary sold their home grown salad and donated the 48 euros raised to Giro 555. The team used plastic bottles that have been donated as containers to sell the lettuce.

The Hopscotch salad project was initiated by students of the International School Delft with the goal to help redefine current agricultural practices. The team developed a sensing device that registers and measures the ideal conditions (moisture of soil, humidity of air and sunlight) for growing the plants. This sensing device makes it easier to grow your own food. The Ecoteam would like to encourage people to grow their own food within their community, rather than purchasing veggies from the supermarket. 

We would like to extend a special thank you to Nathan and Tamara Eskue for supporting this initiative with their knowledge, time and warm spirit!

More information and pictures can be found here:

EcoTeam visit to the Dream Hall 
Last month the PYP 7s visited the EcoRunner team in the TU's Dream Hall. On 23 May the ISD Eco-Team was invited by the EcoRunner for a visit. Around 15 students from both Primary and Secondary joined and learned all about the background and progress of the Eco-Runner project. The Eco Runner team, consisting of 23 students, dedicates itself for a full year to design, build, test and race the world’s most efficient, hydrogen powered city car. Their ultimate goal is to inspire and activate the public to play a bigger part in the energy transition and they promote hydrogen along the way. This year the student's will participate for the first time in the Eco Maraton, which takes place between 1-3 June on the TT in Assen. The car the TU Delft team has developed this past year can drive over 3000 kms on 1 kilogram of hydrogen! We wish them all the best in their attempt to win the most efficient car title!


PYP 4B: Unit 5: Technology and Communication

Contribution by Ms Zoi Avrimidou
Letter Mailing Project (Update)
In Unit 5, Technology and Communication, students worked on letter writing. For that purpose, we decided to write letters to loved ones all around the world, and mail them. On Wednesday 18th of May, both PYP 4s visited the post office in Delft, where they had the chance to weigh their letters and find out their cost before sending them. It was an interesting, educational and fun project! Now the children are waiting for their letters to be delivered. In order to complete this project and make the visit to the post office feasible, a few parents volunteered to be our chaperones. It's always so nice to have your help and your support! Thank you.

Lighthouse Project
During this Unit, students realized that there are numerous ways that people can communicate and exchange messages or signals. It was interesting to see how a lighthouse can be used to warn and help boats and ships during the night or on a cloudy day. After doing their research on lighthouses, and finding out that Egyptians were the inventors of this discovery, they built their own lighthouses.

Making our Own Alphabets
"One of the most important forms of communication in written language. Students studied a few different alphabets that can be used to construct coded messages, such as the Hobbit Runes Alphabet. Their task was to create their own symbols for every letter of the English alphabet and write messages. After that, they had to exchange their texts with someone else and try to decode the hidden message." 

Summative Assessment
"At the end of this Unit, students had to design and create a piece of technology of the future that can help a person who cannot communicate because of a disability or serious injury."


Home languages visit 

Contribution by Ms Irene Alkemade - EAL Coordinator (PYP) & Home Language and Culture Coordinator (PYP-MYP)

On 4 April Mr Seb Vandenbergh and Ms Jennifer laForge both took their language groups on their bikes to visit the Primary school. Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German and Afrikaans were represented. Small groups of PYP students were guided by MYP students with a similar home language. They read books together, talked in their home languages and had lots of fun. 

After a while the group leaders swapped groups to chat with other groups. 

Even though not all languages in our school were represented, it was a great success!


The Home Languages day was supposed to be organised on 21 February, International Home Language Day. Due to some Covid-infections, it couldn’t take place. 

Some of our primary students, Evolène, Mia and Lea, whose languages were not represented in the visit, sent me a letter to ask when their home languages would be shared. I appreciated their effort very much. Through an online connection on 21 February, I asked them to represent me during my absence. They took the EAL IPad and made short videos of various students in our school sharing their home languages. This video can be seen here:

We hope we can organise more of these whole school interactions in the future to celebrate our Home Languages and Cultures. Thank you MYP students and their teachers for visiting us!

MYP 1 visits NEMO Science museum 

Contribution by Ms Gabriela Angelin Texeira

On 12 May, our MYP1 students visited the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. NEMO offers an attractive addition to the lessons in the classroom. In this interactive museum students informal learning environment in which the general public comes into contact with science and technology a surprising way. Visitors see, hear and experience how scientific phenomena and technology play an important part in their lives.

During the visit students could experience how science works by playing with water and forces. They have learned about the building blocks of the cosmos, and they found out what makes us human by exploring the living world in an exhibition called Humania on the fourth floor. The aim of the visit was to grow the students curiosity towards science, to awake their scientific spirit in a new, fun and playful way.  


Science Fair at ISD Secondary
Contribution by Ms Gabriela Angelin Texeira

The first Science fair at International School Delft Secondary was a great success. The level of creativity shown by the students was remarkable . Students did a fantastic job of presenting their posters and showcasing the fruits of their research and experimentation. This was a great opportunity for students to apply the scientific method and to become more knowledgeable about how the world around them works. The Science Fair was organized by the science department, led by Liza Dippenaar.

Service as Action - Homemade Lemonade

Contribution by Ms Claudine van Diemen
Another successful Service as Action sale!  Emma (Y3) and Rowan (Y2) sold homemade lemonade and raised 75 euros for the organisation,  MEERBOMENNU. The students from the science fair were very pleased with a refreshing lemonade! By the end of lunch they were fully sold out. 

It is wonderful to see students initiate their own sales in school and to see them collaborate with students outside their own class. These are important learning outcomes which they achieve through Service as Action activities. Well done Emma and Rowan!

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