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The ISD Parent Update is emailed to the ISD Community once a month. The Parent Update contains a collection of stories from the various classes and departments within the school. Enjoy the read!


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Message from the ISD leadership
Important dates March

ISD Primary
Lunar New Year celebrations
PYP6 Students compete in The Greatest Role Model Show
PYP6: Cleaning Space Junk - TU Delft visit
EcoTeam: Two Golden stars for ISD
PYP6 Collaboration with TU Industrial Design Master's Students
PYP5 Media and Advertising

ISD Secondary
21 February International Mother Language Day
Kindness week at ISD Secondary
English  - wishing tree - kindness in English class
Music - All hands together now
Open Day
Languages: Love around the world
MYP 4 - Integrated Sciences - dissecting hearts
Singing for the elderly
Careers Guidance - BridgeU - Bridging the gap between school and the future

Activity Tip during the holidays
ISD new teachers: Nice to Meet you!

Message from the ISD leadership

Dear parents and students,

As we approach Spring Break, we look back at an eventful first half term of 2022.  

All Units are in full progress and we see wonderful learning activities taking place. The lower years are working on the Transport Unit and have set up an airport in the workshop area. Other groups are exploring nature through the eyes of an artist. Some groups visited the TU to build structures that can stand different weather conditions. 

PYP 6 finished their Unit about role models with a “Greatest Role Model TV show”. 

PYP 7 had taster days online with Secondary teachers and got a feel of what it’s like to move to a Secondary school.  

At Secondary we launched the Community Project in MYP 3 and the Personal Project in MYP 4, students are now meeting with their supervisors and making action plans for their proposals. Some great proposals have come up and we look forward to the exhibition of the end products in the coming months.  

In the past two weeks we have also had our admissions events. In addition to the online taster-lessons and the virtual Open day on the website we were excited to be able to offer live tours of the school on Wednesday 23 February for prospective students. Thanks to the great effort of all staff and the student council reps this was a successful event with a lovely positive vibe. It was wonderful to have new students and parents live in the building.  Despite successful online events such as the Assessment information evening and the Big Mo interactive theater evening we look forward to being able to open up more after the February break. Having learned from this experience we will still on occasions use online methods. For example, the parent teachers student meetings at Secondary will have a slot for live and online.  

After the holidays most Covid regulations will be relieved which hopefully allows us to go back to ‘old normal’ and provide opportunities for meetings and events to be in school with visitors and trips. Of course, basic hygienic measures and common caution will be reiterated.  

We kick off after the Spring break with a visit from Ewoyn Crisfield, from Crisfield Consultancy, who has been working with the school on strengthening the language learning at ISD. This is a whole school development plan and Ewoyn will be visiting and speaking at Primary and Secondary. The EAL coordinators of Primary and Secondary are both collaborating on setting up a solid programme. Input from parents will also be sought. More information about this will follow. 

On behalf of the whole ISD team we would like to wish everybody a lovely Spring break and look forward to welcoming you back in March.   

Sander Raaphorst and Minke Veeneklaas



ISD primary
7 March - Study day no school for ISD primary
In week of 28 March - Parent Teacher conferences

ISD secondary
Week 14 March: Digital Citizenship week
17 March: Parent Teach conferences
19 March: Parent Teacher conferences

26 February – 6 March 202: Spring break 

Lunar New Year celebrations at ISD primary

Dear Familes,
Happy Year of the Tiger!

PYP 0/1/2 celebrated Lunar New Year with weeklong related activities in the classrooms and workshop. Many thanks to the family volunteers who assisted in decorating our front entrance and making a wonderful video to share with our school about how they celebrate at home. 
We hope that next year we can have our big, in-person festivities again!
Ms. Kerry, TA/SEN PYP 1/2/3
Enjoy the photos! 

PYP6 Students compete in The Greatest Role Model Show 

By Mark Shillitoe and Sara Moroney 

What do Albert Einstein, Hedy Lamarr, TommyInnit, Elon Musk and Enid Blyton have in common? They are some of the role models of our PYP6 students. Miraculously, these people and many more came from past and present to compete against each other for the title of the Greatest Role Model. There were four rounds of contestants, each began with the contestants introducing and highlighting their achievements, followed by challenging questions designed for each to prove his/her worthiness. After a hidden vote,  

The student audience had the final say, choosing the winner of The Greatest Role Model!  

To make these role models come alive, students researched, practiced public speaking and created realistic costumes, everyone looked the part and did an amazing job, performing in role and responding to challenging questions. Students’ performance on this summative assessment exemplified the unit’s central idea: the choice of role models reflects the characteristics that individuals and societies value. 

We rounded off our exciting day with some bubbles, courtesy of Max Verstappen, who brought some from his recent Grand Prix victory! 

PYP 6: Cleaning Space Junk - TU Delft visit

Contribution by Ms Miros Silva - Ordaz

The last six weeks PYP 6A has been learning about :
How technology can help to support the wellbeing of life in space?

We have been practising our Creative thinking skills to solve a design challenge proposed by professor Nathan Eskue. He works at the Faculty of Aerospace at TU Delft and invited the students to think about possible solutions for space junk.

The students did a wonderful job generating novel ideas and considering new perspectives to solve this global problem.

They used the “Your Turn” design cycle from the “Science Education Research Hub” from TU Delft brainstorming to consider multiple alternatives and generate new ideas and creating original designs by practising flexible thinking.
On February 21st, Nathan came to visit our class and they shared with him the prototype of their designs which involved laser, magnets, nets and blower machines to help to tackle the space junk.


EcoTeam: Two Golden stars for ISD

By Miros Silva-Ordaz

The WeCycle organization awarded the International School of Delft with two golden stars for recycling between 100 and 250 electronics.
Congratulations to the school community for helping to keep our environment more eco-friendly.

PYP6 Collaboration with TU Industrial Design Master's Students  

By Sara Moroney and Mark Shillitoe 

PYP6 students went to the TU Delft Industrial design students for two morning sessions to provide children’s perspectives under the theme of emotions and mental well-being. During the design sessions, students were divided into small groups to participate in a group interview and complete tasks to provide their perspective on different themes related to emotions. After reflecting on the students’ feedback, the Masters students planned for the next session. 

In the second session, Master's students used the PYP6’s perspective to work with students collaboratively to co-design a useful instrument for the following uses: 

  • A tool that helps children be in a position of authority 
  • A tool to improve dinner table conversation 
  • A tool that helps students form and benefit from diverse groups  
  • A tool that helps introverts and extroverts cope with sadness together 
  • A tool to measure how children recognize positive emotions 

ISD PYP6’s and the TU Delft students enjoyed sharing perspectives and found the collaboration successful.  

PYP 5: Media and advertising

In PYP5, our unit of inquiry focused on media and advertising techniques. Students inquired into the main persuasive strategies used by advertisers – specifically ethos, kairos, logos, and pathos. The class used the techniques they had learned to design adverts for the school gym bag. For the summative assessment, the students applied all that they had learned during the unit to create an advert for a product of their choice.  

Some of the students went above and beyond for their summative assessment. They created well designed advertisements and took the initiative to make a positive impact in their community. They asked to host a sale for the products advertised and proposed that all the proceeds raised would be donated to help rehabilitate animals at a wildlife hospital in Delft and to purchase more books for the school library. The sale was very fun, and the students were able to raise a generous amount for both causes. Great job, PYP5!   

21 February International Mother Language Day

For International Mother Language Day ISD Primary and Secondary worked together on a nice programme to mark the occasion. From Secondary, Seb Vandenbergh (EAL Coordinator) and his group of EAL students, were planning to visit Primary and read stories to their home language buddies, do a language culture activity and share some cultural snacks. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the event had to be cancelled. We hope we can reschedule the event to after the break. 

One of our MYP 2 students wrote a short piece on International Mother Language day. 

Contribution by our MYP 2 student Franek Andrzejczuk
The International Mother Language Day aims to show that the mother tongue is very important for the development of a person. It is an annual holiday celebrated on February 21, which was established by UNESCO in 1999. The International Mother Language Day is intended to help protect languages and culture. The date was chosen to commemorate the tragic event that happened in 1952 in Dhaka, which later became the capital of independent Bangladesh. On that day, five students were killed, demanding that Bengali be made an official language in Canada, Bangladesh, and a lot of different countries. 

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation says around half of the world's languages will die by the end of the 21st century. Every fourteen days in the world one language is lost. The international mother tongue day is celebrated in almost every country in the world. It is also celebrated in International schools around the world and they have a lot of activities in their own languages to celebrate mother tongue day. People are celebrating this day to not lose their own language because it is better when we have more languages than just one. It's because the language it’s very important for our culture and communication with our family and to have a better understanding of our history. The topic of international mother tongue day in 2022 is  "Using Technology for Multilingual Learning: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Kindness Week at ISD Secondary

Contribution by Ms LaForge

Our first annual KINDNESS WEEK has been a wonderful success! Our students and staff came to school with a smile and were dressed in the daily colours. Teachers handed out Happy Grams whenever they saw a student doing an act of kindness or sharing a kind message. The Bingo sheet encouraging random acts of kindness was a big success and we are curious to see how many prizes are handed out in our whole school assembly on Friday the 25th.
The students in MYP1, 2 and 3 have painted happiness stones in our English classes and we are looking forward to seeing where they are hidden and who might find them. We've created the Instagram hashtag #isdkindnessweek, check it out to see some photos from the past week. 
Please keep the kindness going during the February holidays! Have a safe and relaxing vacation.

Wishing tree and cherry blossom - kindness in English class

Contribution by Nane Paraiso, Mike Dessens and Jennifer LaForge

On Thursday in the ISD kindness week, the English classroom was dominated by orange hues. All of the MYP 4- students joined together and they wrote beautifully kind and compassionate messages on red paper and hung them in a wishing tree. They wrote in their mother tongue with the English translation and ‘send off’ empathy, peace, health, positivity, equality and love to the world. Furthermore, they tied the heartwarming wishes unto cherry blossom branches. They have been encouraged to celebrate and embrace the transience of life. In addition, they realized that we can all appreciate little things which we often take for granted. And although the blossom falls, in the end everything comes full circle.

Music – All hands together now
Contribution by Ms Federica Grassulo

MYP2 classes just finished their U2 “Odd one out” about odd time signatures and syncopation. During the lessons, they had some tricky moments analysing the Mission Impossible theme (5\5) and Dave Brubeck - Unsquare Dance (7/4). They composed their own body percussion piece choosing one of these time signatures. What is the best way to experience Syncopation (offbeat)? Well, clapping games always work!
Clapping games are great fun and offer the opportunity to socialise with class members in and outside the classroom, they also develop foundational motor skills that will benefit students.
Research shows us that clapping games can help to develop:  Motor planning, encouraging students to cross the mid-line, sequencing, Bi-lateral coordination, visual tracking, language and communication. So why don’t you take a few minutes to ask your child from MYP2 to revisit the clapping game with you and have some fun together?! Below is the song and the game direction for everybody to try! Good luck!

Game Direction:
Two sets of partners form a square ("ones" and "twos"), each person standing across from his or her partner
On the first 8 beats, all clap hands out to the side, clapping each neighbours' palm.            
For the remaining 8-beat phrases, the pattern is as follows. (One number = one beat)
1. The "ones" clap partners palms above shoulder level, the "twos" below.
2. All clap your own hands together.
3. The "ones" clap partners palms below, and the "twos" above.
4.  All clap your own hands together.
5. The "ones" clap the palms of the neighbour on the right, the "twos" to the left.
6.  All clap your own hands together.
7. Reverse 5. (the "ones" turning to the left, etc.)
8.  All clap their own hands together

Open Day at ISD Secondary

After a virtual Open Day in 2021, we are very happy to be able to have a LIVE Open Day this year. On Wednesday 23 February, we opened the doors for prospective families to get an impression about our school. There were two time slots during which students followed a designated route through our school. All subjects prepared little activities for the students. 
The event was a great succes, thanks to all the effort from our teachers and staff members. There was a lovely atmosphere in the building and we hope we can welcome lots of new families in the new school year.

For families, who are abroad, we launched, a Virtual Open Day school video on our website. All in all, a great success!

Languages: Love around the world

By Ms Patricia Brugman
On Valentine's Day all languages (Spanish, French and Dutch ) collaborated and spent time in class to go over the meaning of ‘love’. What is love, how to define it, what types of loves are there and what or who do you love? We made posters with mind maps referring to these questions in Spanish, watched the children's news (Jeugdjournaal) and saw how Dutch children spend their Valentine's day giving each other anonymous gifts and listened to love songs in all languages. We had a great day!

MYP 4: Integrated sciences - dissecting hearts

Contribution by Ms Liza Dippenaar
MYP 4 has started with a Biology unit for Integrated Science. During this unit we looked at cells, organs and the systems within the body. To end of the unit and consolidate their learning, all MYP 4’s were given the option to dissect a lamb heart and kidney. This gave the students a chance to see the structures of the heart in a specimen that is very similar to the human heart and apply what they learned in class to observe these structures and how they are adapted for their function. The students exemplified the IB learner profile of risk-takers, thinkers and inquirers and the students were very proud of the work they did during this lab procedure.

Service and Action: Singing for the elderly

Contribution by Ms Mirjam de Bruin
On 21 February, students from MYP 1 plus the school choir headed off to the nearby elderly home to give their first ever performance. The performance was part of a Service and Action activity and all students gave an excellent show. There was a song with a dance, a violin / piano duo and a canon song from the school choir. Unfortunately, it was a bit cold so not all of the residents came out to watch the performance, but the ones who did, thoroughly enjoyed it and they asked us to come back another time.

BridgeU: Bridging the gap between school and the future

Contribution by Ms Mirjam de Bruin

This academic year we are introducing Careers Guidance to our MYP 4 students. In the week before the holidays, the MYP 4 students had their first introduction lesson from the two careers counsellors, Ms Brugman and Ms de Bruin. They introduced the counselling platform which we will be used, BridgeU.  
For your son or daughter, the next few years will have various important decision moments. From starting to think about the future, to choosing subjects for the IB Diploma Programme, to deciding which path they wish to take in the years after secondary school.
Finding the right higher education and career pathway is not an easy process and it will have a lot of deadlines that students need to stick to. That’s why we are very pleased to be working with the BridgeU platformThis platform will be an essential component of our school’s university and careers guidance curriculum. BridgeU puts all the essential information students need to know about the higher education application process in one place. In addition, BridgeU is designed to help our students keep track of the important deadlines and milestones, ensuring they submit their applications on time.

Features of the programme include extensive information about universities and careers, guides about studying in different locations and various assessments. For older students in the IB DP, there are various helpful tools like: document sending, reference writing, admissions insights and Smart University Matching. The platform manages the complex challenge of preparing and carrying out university applications, using data, intelligent tools, and streamlined task management, helping to prepare students with their university admissions.
After the holidays, we will start with the first careers guidance lessons which will take place during the Mentor lessons. In the first lessons, students will start to think about their personality, strengths and values. They will also take the MBTI personality assessment. We invite parents to check in with your child about the careers programme regularly and discuss the results from the assessments. 

Activity Tip during the holidays

Friday 4 March  - storytrail with the theme of LIGHT. During a short walk near Doelenplein, three storytellers and a few small beacons will shed light on the theme from various angles. Follow the light and be enlightened by the magic of spoken word, in some of Delft's most secret spots.
Sign up: Costs: €7.50 pp (incl. coffee or hot chocolate/ tea)
The first walk leaves at 19.00, the last at 21.00. The walk should take ca. 45 mins.
Walk of Light is meant for anyone over 12, and is English spoken.

ISD New Staff members: Nice to Meet You!

ISD Primary

Hello everyone! My name is Joel Auer. I was born and raised in the United States. As a child from a rural community, I never imagined that I would be able to travel and teach all around the world, but I am so grateful to have had that opportunity.  

Shortly after receiving my degree in Elementary Education, I began my teaching journey in China. It was such an eye opening, exciting, and beautiful experience that I decided to stay for 5 years. Following my time in China, I spent two incredible years living and teaching in Malaysia. I can’t describe the amount of generosity and kindness that I experienced while living in Malaysia and China. The people, food, and culture from both countries have helped to reshape my worldview and outlook on life and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I recently moved to the Netherlands, and I am loving my experience here so far.  

When I have free time, I love to travel, try new foods, and spend time doing outdoor activities with my friends and family. Thank you all for welcoming me into the ISD community and I can’t wait to get to know you all more!  

My name is Georgina Cuenca and I am from Spain. I am an enthusiastic teacher and artist, passionate about education and art. I worked as a teacher for 7 years in different public elementary schools in Spain, combined with extra activity art lessons from early years to the end of elementary years. Three years ago, I moved to the Netherlands to work as a Spanish teacher in a program focus on children from Spanish families that moved to this country. This is my first experience working in an International School and I am so excited as well as glad to be part of the ISD community! I am currently the cover teacher (and sometimes art teacher too) as well as part of the SEN department. As you can imagine, after school I love doing anything related to art, as well as walking, climbing, and traveling around the world.

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