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May 4, 2020
Clear Rating – Third-Party Valuation Report – NOW for Wealth Management
As valuations of hard to value assets decrease, now may be a good time for transferring these assets to children or other beneficiaries as it relates to the 2020 estate and gift tax limits of $11.6 million for individuals and $23.2 million for married couples.
In order to lend against hard to value assets (oil and gas, real estate, private securities, etc.), you will need a third-party valuation. Clear Rating is the answer
Why use Clear Rating? Five simple reasons:
  • Credibility
  • Independence
  • Expert Review
  • Pricing
  • Turnaround Time
The Clear Rating Valuation report is an ideal solution for third-party valuation of hard to value assets that is Mandatory for Best Practices in Wealth Management execution.
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Featured News

New SEC Rules Put Little Guy at Heart of Private Deal Action

Finally, change for the better is officially afoot in the world of private placements. With the world engulfed in the COVID-19 pandemic, this exciting regulatory policy shift comes not only as a much-needed opportunity for the little guy, but could prove to be a significant driver of America’s economic recovery, as well. READ MORE

Valuation Is Now Even More Important In Alternative Investments
(Featured on the FINTRX  Blog - April 23, 2020)

If private placement valuation was important and considered as an option in 2019, it has become a requirement in 2020. In fact, any alternative investment must undertake an updated valuation to be relevant. 

In a normal year, private securities transactions are discussed and negotiated based on pre- and post-money valuations. These valuations—many times third-party reports or reviews—form the basis of investment by RIA clients. However, in turbulent times, a valuation is a necessity for portfolio management, buy or sell signals, and investor comfort of the known versus the unknown. READ MORE
Upcoming Events
ApexOne Webinar
May 6th - 12:00 PM ET
ApexOne Investment Partners is a leading owner of Workforce Housing in the United States. They focus on value-add and core plus investments where America's workforce, young families and retirees can enjoy a great place to call home. 
Pelorus Webinar
May 7th - 11:00 AM PT
Medical Cannabis Market - Deemed Essential Business. Medical cannabis sales are surging and over 80% of the Pelorus Fund is invested in commercial real estate properties owned by licensed cannabis businesses. 

Entoro Impact
The Lombardi Foundation

Entoro Capital would like to thank Spencer Tillman once again for being the Master of Ceremonies and a panelist at our Professional Athletes and Family Offices Unite for Impact event last February. During the event, Mr. Tilllman informed the attendees about the Lombardi Foundation, which supports amateur athletics and leadership to youth and adults worldwide. The net proceeds of the Foundation, are reserved for charitable causes selected by the Board of Directors which include: Texas Children's Hospital, MD Anderson Cancer Center and Harris Health.

Visit Mr. Tillman's Foundation website to learn more about how you can become involved. LEARN MORE

Featured Investment Opportunities
Pelorus Equity Group

Pelorus is an asset-based lender that makes secured, short-term bridge loans on commercial properties with cannabis-related business operators as tenants. These real estate loans are conservatively underwritten and vigorously vetted, and the loans are made in only the 33 medically-licensed cannabis states. The Pelorus Fund targets a 15% net return for investors, has a low 1% management fee that effectively drops to 0%, as investors share in the origination fee charged to borrowers. Fund investors in Pelorus, as a Private Mortgage REIT, qualify for a 20% Federal Tax Deduction on interest income and distributions are paid out monthly.  Pelorus is thriving even with the economic downturn, as the company has a $150 million pipeline of cannabis-related, real estate loans in its portfolio, and the cannabis sector has been deemed an essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic. In short, the Pelorus Fund targets superior equity-like returns on secured debt, with lifetime net, annual returns of 13.6% through 1Q2020.



CareCapital provides funding, litigation support through billing/medical records distribution, and underwriting/collection services effectively as a captive entity and wholly-owned affiliate to Advanced Diagnostics Health System (the hospitals and clinics group parent). The primary block of Company receivables is personal injury/subacute trauma cases relating to medical care provided to patients represented by over 600 law firms in Texas and surrounding states. CareCapital has approximately $350 million in outstanding billings on ~13,500 open cases.


Chia Network Inc.

Chia Network has lowered their proposed SAFE valuation cap into the range of $49MM to $57MM. This follows the release of their Beta blockchain which now has full transaction support. The community has grown quickly, allocating ~80TB of space to the test network. To put that in perspective, it would take 27,000 hours (1,100 days) for any one person to plot as much storage as the community already has in 4 months. That’s with farming rewards being useless “Monopoly money” until the main net launch.



Farmstead’s online grocery offering provides same-day delivery of fresh, locally sourced, safely procured, high-quality groceries, at prices equal to or less than those of local supermarkets.


Horizon Globex US Holdings, Corp.

Horizon Globex is a suite of integrated blockchain software applications for compliant securities issuance through secondary trading of digital securities. A compliance-first business. Horizon Globex’s solutions combine Wall Street and Silicon Valley to power the next generation of exchanges and securities offerings in the U.S. and globally.


ApexOne Investment Partners
ApexOne Investment Partners, LLC is a dedicated real estate investment firm with a specialty in workforce, conventional multifamily and student housing properties. The senior leadership team at ApexOne has more than 150 years of combined real estate experience.


Gravitas Infinitum

Gravitas Infinitum is taking advantage of unprecedented opportunities by developing the Hemp Economy Services Platform which includes business services, whole plant hemp processing using our advanced proprietary technology, and cloud-based customer-centric software under the Gravitas Kannavis (GK) brand.


Best Perwira Gloves

Best Perwira Gloves is a producer of high-quality medical gloves. The Company is issuing senior secured notes in the form of a green bond, the proceeds of which will be used to aggressively expand production of its environmentally friendly, biodegradable, nitrile medical gloves, offering a chance to invest in a timely project and help save the lives of frontline medical workers as the world fights against Covid-19.

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Please email us with your questions regarding the above offerings. We appreciate your consideration of these investment opportunities and look forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you,
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