rolls of used artificial turf with nowhere to go -- a growing waste problem
Say NO to Artificial Turf for MV:  We Need Your Letters & Attendance at the MVC Hearings

The Martha’s Vineyard Commission has scheduled public hearings on the MVRHS’s proposed sports complex — including a 2.7 acre plastic field — on January 14th and February 4th. This proposal raises a number of climate-related concerns. For more information, from the Field Fund click here
We need your letters and voices! Thus far the supporters of artificial turf are much more vocal and active! Letters can be short and simple.
WRITE: send letters to 
SPEAK: Individuals are invited to speak at the January 14th hearing. Email Lucy Morrison if you would like to speak. 
SIGN ON: To add your name to a letter opposing the plastic field, click here.
100% Renewable MV Passes
Unanimously in Aquinnah!
On Dec 19th Aquinnah joined West Tisbury to become the second town to formalize its commitment to climate action by voting for the 100% Renewable resolution. Read more about it here, and in our blog.
MVC Presents DRI Energy Proposal
In AQ and EDG January 5th (tomorrow)!
The MVC will present its proposal for adding an energy policy to the Development of Regional Impact (DRI) checklist. You can join the Board of Selectmen's meetings in Aquinnah (5 pm) or Edgartown (6 pm) to listen to the details. Zoom links are available at town websites. 
January 12, 9:00 am
Learn About MV Stormtide Pathways Project
The Center for Coastal Studies is presenting information about this new project that will map the inundation paths of stormwater in light of sea level rise and will include real-time water level forecasting on a National Weather Service website to help emergency responders during storms. This mapping will also be a great climate planning tool.  Please consider attending the meeting, as public input about storm action and flooding will be a great aid to the project! 
Electric Cars! --
Hear What the Future Generation Has to Say
Tillie & Emmett Taylor and their parents are the proud owners of their first EV. Tillie (8 yrs) says: “I love our electric car because it doesn’t use fossil fuels, and because there’s heated seats! I also love the backup camera—it’s so big you can really see what’s behind you.”Emmett (11 yrs) says: “I like our electric car because it doesn’t contribute to climate change and it’s very, very quiet. You don't need to pay for gas or anything. You can charge it at your house or up at the cliffs.”
On January 7th look for our Climate Solutions box in the MV Times, about electric cars. Visit our website for more resources.

If you have an EV please let us know!
We would like to feature other EV owners in future newsletters. 

Make Your 2021 Firewise

We are used to thinking of wildfire as a problem for the Western parts of the country, but in actuality the Island has significant vulnerability to wildfire. With our State Forest and other areas loaded with potential "fuels" it is important for our community to know how we can be smart about fire risk. Check out our latest blog post by Mardi Moran and this fire safety card created by the West Tisbury Climate Advisory Committee.    
MVC Climate Action Task Force
Wraps Up A Busy Year
Thanks to Commissioner Ben Robinson's leadership, 2020 has seen the MVC take important steps in its acknowledgement of climate change as a regional planning priority. Most notably they have added Liz Durkee as a dedicated climate planner. You can read the the CATF Annual Report to learn more.
McCarthy and Kerry
Picked for Biden's Climate Team
In August of 2019 John Kerry and Gina McCarthy came to the West Tisbury School to discuss climate change with our community. Now they will have the opportunity to put their ideas into action as two of the leaders of the Biden administration's climate efforts. Hopefully the passion we heard in their voices that night will translate into real change in how our federal government 
addresses this work.  (photo: Gabrielle Mannino)

Thanks and Goodbye 2020

Despite so many reasons to wish 2020 a speedy departure, we want to recognize, that against all odds, our community is making progress on climate related work. We have begun the necessary conversations and some of the work to address the changing climate. With any luck 2021 will see paths cleared and our ability and enthusiasm for this work will only grow. There is certainly no time to waste.  
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