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Introduction to Taking the
Preferred Title Poll

If you are receiving this message, it is because you are affiliated with this level of health care worker in Canada. We are looking to gather feedback from, Unregulated Care Providers (UCPs), students enrolled in UCP programs in addition to UCP employers and UCP educators.

As you may know, there are currently over 60 different titles being used across Canada for UCPs and this lack of standardization negatively impacts client safety in addition to creating challenges to support and grow this profession. As a strategy to unify all 8-month trained UCPs the Canadian Association of Continuing Care Educators (CACCE) is advocating for a standardized title. 
To support the work, we are doing with governments at all levels, educators, and within the healthcare sector we would like to gather some data to support this effort. Please complete this short 3 question survey on a new title for UCPs. Your responses will be collected and curated by our team, responses will be anonymous and not directly or indirectly tied to any individual or organization.


One of our missions is to advocate for and drive the adoption of a standardized title that properly reflects the important role of UCPs across our community.

In the last decade UCPs are increasingly being asked to perform “nursing” skills as part of their role.  Nursing skills such as (but not limited to): assessment of situations, giving medication (including injections), extensive wound care and suctioning of tracheostomies are being assigned to UCPs at escalating rates across the country. These high-risk skills, when not having standardized training can put the client and UCP at serious risk. Recognition of the expanded role of the UCP must be addressed.

Research shows us that the evolution of the UCP role mirrors that of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  Therefore, an obvious choice for a standardized title that clearly connects UCPs to nursing would be Nurse’s Aide or Nursing Assistant. Unfortunately, the title “Nurse” is protected, and legislation dictates that using any form of nurse in a title is prohibited.

One of the CACCE’s missions is to advocate for and drive the adoption of a standardized title that effectively reflects the important role of UCPs across our community.

In the survey you will see a consolidated list of titles based on the 100’s we considered. Our team consulted with marketing, legal and HR experts to review all the current titles in use. Here are the criteria we used to curate the list.

  • Ensure new title can be applied to all settings   
  • Do not include the word worker – not professional, very task-oriented term
  • Ensure that personal care, community support and in- home management covered within title
  • Do not include the term “provider” as it is too generic
  • Do not include patient or resident in title - too specific to workplace setting
  • Do not use the term Assistant- as it is not clear “who” you are assisting and too broad of a term

Consider using “Aide” in the title. Doing this may allow for activists to advocate for title protection for “Aide”.

Moving Forward

It is our recommendation to use the term “Aide” in our title. Formally adopting “Aide” as part of the new UCP title. Doing this will provide the platform to follow a similar path that the nursing profession did, where the next step would be to ask for official national title protection. If we are united and put in the work, with time, Aide could become ours and have the same cache and respect as Nurse has become in our society. Here are some examples if we adopt Aide in the title. On the survey you will have the opportunity to add your own suggestion.

Full Title Acronym
Client Support Aide CSA
Health Support Aide HSA
Supportive Care Aide SCA
Health Care Aide HCA
Personal Support Aide PSA

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your valuable feedback and input. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this poll or the content within this document please contact Laura Bulmer, (Chair of CACCE) at


*Unregulated Care Provider: also known as: UCP, Personal Support Worker, Health Care Aide or Continuing Care Assistant etc. who receive 8-month training in either a community college, university, private school, or district school board. May be regulated in some regions.

**Currently Health Care Aide is a title being used in several regions across Canada

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