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Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah. (Psalm 62:8) Thank you so much for praying for our family; we need God’s guidance and strength every day. We’re glad to report that He has been guiding our plans, and the month has gone by quickly! We stayed busy making visits to churches, making plans and arrangements for our travels this fall, learning how to take care of our little boy, and working on the camper! People sometimes ask me if I’ve gotten everything fixed on it... my answer, with a smile, is that it’s a 25-year-old motorhome! It will always need work somewhere, so I won’t bore you with the stories. :-) An exciting thing I’m doing right now is teaching singing school here at Liberty Baptist in Greenville... more about that next month!

We ran out of space in last month’s letter, so this month we wanted to tell about where Charlie’s name comes from. We named him after our missionary friend, Charles Truman Wesco, who was martyred in Cameroon in October 2018. (If you don’t know the story, you can read about their family at We pray that whether our Charles grows up to be in full- time Christian service or whether God has another plan for him, he will be surrendered to the Lord in his life and bring glory to Him by life or by death, as his namesake.

Baby at tent meeting

Stacy shares with us some thoughts on her first childbirth experience: Charlie’s birth reminds me of the birth of our Saviour. I was not completely prepared. I didn’t have all the things I needed to care for a little baby. When Christ came to earth, people were not ready to receive Him as their Saviour. As a result of my unpreparedness, little Charles was wrapped in a an unsecured cloth diaper and a blanket. This makes me think of Christ being wrapped in swaddling clothes. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to lay my baby in a manger, but we (like Joseph and Mary) were not in the place we had hoped to be to have the baby. God knew right when and where my baby needed to be born, and Charlie wasn’t born till we got to MI. Jesus had to be born in Bethlehem, and He wasn’t born till after Joseph and Mary got there. How I praise God for His plan in Charlie’s birth, but more importantly for His plan in sending Jesus to earth to redeem mankind!

God bless you! Please feel free to write so we can pray for you. 
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