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News on SURFACE project

First Smart Reuse Park Forum in Rimini  

On Friday 8 November 2019, at 10.00 am, the Municipalities of the province of Rimini met at the headquarters of the Partner PP04 PoR, showing their in the SURFACE project and to structure the feasibility study in accordance with their needs and requirements.

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Vision for a New Fashion Season: Social and Circular

Each EU citizen consumes a staggering 26 kg of textiles per year on average with the textile supply chain responsible for 15 % of primary raw material consumption of EU households. The ‘fast fashion’ phenomenon shapes the way we consume clothes and has soared per capita sales. Overconsumption and insufficient regulation on circularity has led to increased volumes of low quality textiles, unfit for re-use let alone recycling.

With textiles rightly rising as a key priority under the new European Commission this document outlines RREUSE’s vision on how to achieve a more inclusive and circular textile sector that prioritises re-use and emphasises the role of social enterprises in the value chain as part of the solution. This paper also provides a number of key recommendations as to what specific actions the Commission should address when developing policy initiatives for the sector.

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Twinning partner meeting and the Learning Journey in Kempten

At the beginning of December, representatives from the partner countries of the EU's SURFACE project meet up in Kempten (Germany) to show to their twin partner guests how an already successful Smart ReUse park works. This was the first SURFACE twinning meeting where, among other things, guests could visit Kempten used goods department store and  have a tour to the Chance used goods department store in Lindau.


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Mineka - Reuse of building elements

In Lyon in France we find a small - but fine - ReUse project. Mineka (Matériaux de construction à [ré]utiliser) is the name of the project and was founded by female architects to give a second life to building elements from demolition houses and to bring surplus materials from construction sites back into the community.

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Tool #3: Cooperation Matrix

You want to visualize the current status of potential cooperation in the field of re-use in your region? 

The cooperation matrix describes all possible synergies and combinations between public authorities, private companies, social enterprises in your region

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Tool #4: Collaboration Agreement between
re-use actors

You are in the stage to settle specific re-use collaborations in your region?
Our templates for collaboration agreements shall give you an idea of what should be defined by the involved collaboration partners.

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