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Smart Reuse Park Forum in Ljubljana  

On Tuesday, September 17. 2019, CENTER PONOVNE UPORABE D.O.O., SO.P.,  organized an open discussion (FORUM) on the topic"SMART REUSE PARK", they sought improvements and answers to the question: 

"Are we as a society environmentally responsible enough to reduce waste and live more sustainably?"

Open discussion was held at the premises of the European Union House, Dunajska cesta 20, Ljubljana.

Open discussions were attended by:
Mag. Zala Strojin Christmas (MOL), Maja Bajželj (editor of My Planet magazine), Živa Lopatič (Fair Trade), Nina Sankovic (JP VOKA SNAGA), Petra Grmek Green (Trust Institute, Etri Community), Dr. Viktor Grilc (Surface External Expert), Anton Komat(environmentalist), Ana Le Merechal - Kolar (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Directorate, Head of Promotion) and Tanja Gobec (representative of organic farmers).

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Reuse Centre opens in Miskolc

In October 2019, a reuse centre opens in Miskolc, that will fulfil two purposes: the reduction of waste and the social support for those in need by prolonging the life of unwanted but still useful objects. Thus, these objects received and collected here  such as toys, books, furniture  are sold for a bargain price. 

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Surface Multi-Stakeholder Forum Visual Tutor 

Multistakeholder Forum is part of the Activation Toolbox

The SURFACE Multistakeholder Forum Visual Tutor is an online toolkit that allows the visualization of SURFACE Multistakeholder Forum activities, concepts and Pilots. 

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to see easily the initial stakeholders' members and the new ones, as well as the work in progress divided by FUA's areas. 

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Bay Zoltán Research Institute at the European Waste Reduction Week

Circular economy is a flagship in the European Union: it appears in ecological and economical discussions and becomes more and more important in the research – development - innovation activities as well. One of the most important actors of the subject in Hungary is the Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research. 

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Tool #1: “decision matrix”

In newsletter No2 we presented the activation toolbox as a conglomeration of tools produced in the course of SURFACE. From this newsletter onwards we want to introduce one tool out of the toolbox.
This time the decision matrix is the protagonist.

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