Oh heyyy fabulous Jigglers,

Thanks for joining me this beautiful Satuday! I know this week has been completely crazyyyy! BUT we are always here for our Jigglers and today I just wanna give you some ideas for how to boost your mood and get yourself motivated when you need a bit of a pick-me-up 💛
Also, with the announcement of Lockdown #2, because exercise is SOOOO amazing for our mental health and I want to help you stay happy, healthy and motivated, I'm extending our flash sale. Until 10th Novemberyou can Join The Jiggle Zone for £15.99 a month!!! If you just want it for the month of lockdown you can easily sign up and then stop your subscription after a month (it's very flexible!) so if you're a little bit curious - why not treat yourself to some TLC and give it a go 🙌

So, we got through lockdown #1 and now we're faced #2. Somehow this one almost feels like it's going to be harder - perhaps because this time we're going into it knowing what it'll be like, and perhaps because our patience and resilience are exhausted (or probs a bit of both!). However, if we've learnt anything from #1 it's that WE CAN DO IT! It will be tough but we have within us all the strength, courage and determination we need to get through this.

Also, whilst challenging, this doesn't have to be a totally negative time. We can still pursue the light in a dark night. We can still find the good that can come from this time. We can still take action to improve our moods and mindset. So here are a few tips you can come back to whenever you're feeling a bit low - I hope they will help you get your mojo back and feel like the fabulous human I know you are 💛

1. What opportunities are there in this time that you wouldn't normally have? Although it may not be your first choice, are there things you're getting the time to do now that you'd never normally do? Are you seeing more of your family or getting to spend more time with yourself? Whatever they are and however small they may seem - seek them out.

2. What are you consuming? The news is pretty anxiety-inducing at the moment, so be mindful of what you are watching/reading - could you cut it out for a few days or perhaps decide to read the bbc headlines once a day? With nothing else to do, we're also going to spend a lot more time than usual scrolling on social media, so be proactive about what you want to be seeing. Ask yourself - which posts actually make me feel good? Do pics of photoshopped models in bikinis on beaches actually make you feel good about yourself? Or would seeing body positive pics and good news stories help put you in a better headspace? Take control of your feed and only follow accounts that make you feel happy!

3. Get outdoors - I know it's cold but I've been making myself go outside this week and it's made such a difference! In Lockdown #1 we had 30 degree heat to get us out there - this time we're going to have to be more deliberate about getting outdoors! I promise it'll refresh your mind and body - totes worth it!

4. Gratitude - think of all the things you have in life that you would struggle so much without......there will be the obvious ones, but if you keep going, you get to things like electricity, hot water, a roof over our heads, being able to walk, having all our senses - when we really take the time to realise it - we have SO much.

5. Don't compare your journey through lockdown to anyone else's - it's an unnerving time and emotions are likely to be all over the place, and that is 100% okay! Listen to your feelings, validate them - you are absolutely allowed to feel however you feel, regardless of how others are reacting (even if everyone around you seems fine...which they're probably not btw!)

6. Be kind to yourself. Who cares if you put a bit of weight on. Who cares if you watched too much rubbish tv today. The truth is all you have to do is keep getting out of bed, keep sane and keep going. So treat yourself with all the love and care you can muster. And while we're on that - be as kind as you can to everyone around you. If you have an opportunity to make someone smile - take it! Helping others also makes us happier too so it's a proper win-win sitch!

So there we go - a few tips to keep us all going! Try to keep your bodies moving (I really mean it when I say that just 10 mins of moving around can make the world of difference - if you've got a Jiggle Zone subscription, the Move Your Body series are perfect for this), be mindful of your feelings and don't judge your reactions. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and whenever you possibly can - seek out the light in the darkness - because, even in the darkest night, there are ALWAYS stars out there to be found.

If you feel tense, stressed or anxious over the next few weeks, take 2 minutes out of your day - breathe deeply, enjoy some fresh air and soak in the sunshine on your face. Watch a funny video. Find a GOOD news story. Remember there is love and goodness in the world and there is better to come 💛💛💛
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I hope you have a lovely weekend in the fresh air & spending time with your loved ones. Hopefully see you sweating with me in The Jiggle Zone very soon!

Lots of love, Lyd xxx
 Lydia Shaw
 Founder & Fitness Instructor

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