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The coats & scarves are out (as are the hot water bottles!) and the grey skies of October are really here! But never fear, we are here to inject some sunshine and joy into this rainy weekend 🌞🙌 Thanks to everyone who's already joined The Jiggle Zone - hope you're all enjoying it - we've had some really lovely feedback so thank you! We LOVE to hear how you're getting on so tag us in your sweaty selfies and let us know which workouts are your fav! If you wanna get your sweat on this weekend (and warm yourself up!) then we've got you covered....
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Do you know that you're awesome? I just thought someone should remind you! We can be tough on ourselves. We take ourselves for granted. We forget all amazing the assets, skills and traits we carry through life that others would be so envious of. But they're normal and 'everyday' to us, so we forget to appreciate them.

But you are unique. You bring a special light, beauty, joy, initiative, creativity, and ingenuity to the world. Without you, the world just wouldn't be the same - you've had an influence on every person you've ever met, even those you don't know....we all have experienced that time when a complete stranger made our lives a little bit better - someone helping us when we needed it or giving us friendly smile when we were sad, the bus driver waiting for you as you run madly towards it or the person who said they like your dress! And you will have been that person for others - hundreds of times, when you didn't even realise.

So notice those gorgeous things you are. When you are kind, appreciate yourself for your kindness. When you have great ideas, remind yourself who solved that problem or who created that thing. When you are pro-active in making something happen, note the initiative and energy it took. Appreciate the things you do, the things you are and the things you bring to the table. These are individual and unique - not everyone can do what you can. Not everyone is as kind/ funny/ intelligent/ proactive/ brave/ talented/ empathetic as you - although we often assume they are (especially when we have normalised ourselves). And in turn there may be things that others are better at than you - and that is okay. REMEMBER....nobody brings everything to the table, but everybody brings something to the table.

We also normalise and forget to really appreciate our achievements. I've been thinking about this a lot recently and working hard on shifting my mindset. Lockdown took away almost all aspects of the life I had lived pre-covid. And I found myself stripped back to my simplest form - without jobs, without location, without most of my friends. None of that stuff I usually surround myself with - just me. And for a while I felt like I was back to square one, back to me at 18, like I hadn't really achieved anything in the last 10 years. And of course that's complete rubbish - I've obviously done and achieved a lot in the last 10 years. But it's easy to forget...

It's normal to me now that I got a good degree. It's normal to me now that I went to the drama school I'd wanted to go to for so long. I've normalised so many of the things I really desperately wanted 10 years ago. And we all do it, all the time! From our current standpoint, the things we have achieved seem pretty easy - but that's only because we've already been through the process of getting them and learnt the lessons etc. Cherish the experiences and lessons and achievements - they make you who you are. It's not about what they have given you now - circumstances change. It's about who they made you. Value the person they helped you become.

Away from normal circumstances, I have found real value in just 'being'. I've not found it easy - it's tough to just sit in yourself and get to know yourself, get to appreciate and love and cherish everything about who you are, not what you do/have.....but it's also rewarding. So I really encourage you to spend some time appreciating who you are, how far you've come and what you bring to the world. You are so valuable, so wonderful, so precious and you make such a difference (even if you don't always know it!)
How to stop screwing yourself over - MEL ROBBINS

The quote of the week below has been my computer background for years! I always find it so grounding. So just stop for 5 minutes and really think about all the things you are, all the things you have. Most of those things are probably aspects of yourself or circumstances that you could only have dreamed of as a kid. So lap them up and enjoy them.

The 10-year-old you would be so bloody proud of who you are today 💛
If you wanna get moving today, you can join The Jiggle Zone or grab a one-off Jiggle Fitness Weekly Workout. Have a great day!

Lots of love, Lyd xxx
 Lydia Shaw
 Founder & Fitness Instructor

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