Hellooo Jigglers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope you got to raise a glass to the new year, whether you were dressed up in your sparkles, or snug in a onesie by the fire! We got through 2020 together woohoo 🥂 Onwards and upwards we go from here, with the hope that 2021 will see us reunited with loved ones, with jobs and activities we miss and with positive thoughts for the future!
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So the new year is here and the internet is flooded with companies saying we desperately need to detox, lose weight, set goals, freshen up our skin regime, clean the house more, etc - shaming who/what we are now and demanding we improve in all areas for the new year, new me and all that!

I'll be frank with you - this negative advertising makes me so angry that steam actually starts coming out of my head! These people don't know you. They don't know all the gorgeous, exciting, interesting things you are. They don't know how strong you are or how much it took for you to just get to who you are today. And yet they believe they have the right to shame you or make you feel not enough. (SIDEBAR - this is actually why I started Jiggle - I'd had enough of people being shamed into working out or even shamed during exercise and wanted to make exercise a positive celebration of our bodies!)

So, before you get hit with the wave of 'improve yourself this year' advertising, I just want to jump in today and remind you that YOU ARE PERFECT AND WONDERFUL JUST AS YOU ARE!!!! AND YOU DON'T NEED TO CHANGE YOURSELF! 

The fact we're changing 20 to 21 when we write the date is not reason enough to change ourselves. I also think it's worth remembering why these companies are shaming us for the way we are now anyway - it's because when they make us feel 'not enough' or 'incorrect', we then feel we need their product to 'correct' that. Which is absolute bollocks - I repeat: YOU ARE PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE & YOU DON'T NEED TO CHANGE!

Now obviously, if you feel like this time gives you motivation to challenge and inspire yourself, then don't let me stop you! I'm not saying don't make any NY resolutions - I'm just saying you don't need to! If it's useful for you to use this as a springboard to get into a better place for you then definitely go for it....but as you start to set those resolutions and goals make sure they are end goals that will really serve you, rather than goals that will impress others or fit in with societal pressures. A few things to consider for setting positive resolutions/goals...
  • does the end goal serve you and your future? If it is aligned with your purpose, it's likely to bring you fulfilment & joy
  • will this goal help you grow and flourish?
  • will this goal actually make you happy? or is it designed to please those around you?
  • ask 'why do I want to set this resolution?'
A great idea I saw this week was to see them as New Year's Practices - things you are going to practice and work on doing this year. Resolutions can be broken, and that can make you feel bad about yourself, whereas practices are things you are PRACTICING and therefore you know it's a journey towards improving.

Goals are great if they feel sparkly and exciting to you. But if NY resolutions feel like a slog right now, then don't put yourself through that. Choosing self love and valuing where & who you are right now is an achievement in itself. The last year has been difficult and we don't need unnecessary listen to what's going on in your head, and whether you choose to set goals or not, know that YOU ARE ALREADY ENOUGH 🙌

P.S. I also think it's worth mentioning that you can set goals and resolutions AT ANY TIME!!! You could set them in April if that feels more exciting! To be quite honest, I'm probably gonna do that 😂!!!
Happy New Year peeps! Let's make 2021 the year of treating ourselves with kindness and appreciating just how far we've come!

Lots of love,
Lyd xxx
 Lydia Shaw
 Founder & Fitness Instructor

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