Hello Jigglers,

Well it's only 13 more sleeps til Christmas, some people have got snow (luckkyyy ⛄) and we're well into the Jiggle advent calendar - how are we getting on with that? If you've missed any, Sunday is recap day so tomorrow you can catch up on anything you've missed this week - on our Instagram, Facebook & Youtube - and get in on the Christmas FUNNNN!!! 🎄🎅🔥🎁🧦

It's not long til the big day 🎅 and if you're DREADING that trip to a packed shopping centre to buy presents for people, then let me save you the stress. We've got an array of exciting, great-value gifts for you just below...

I just want to start this by reminding you that you are worthy and you are enough. You are worthy of love, you deserve the chance to speak & be listened to, you are good enough, you are worthy of respect and kindness. You deserve nothing less than what any other person does. I was teaching drama to a group of teenage girls the other day and more than half of them apologised before they started doing their speech. BEFORE THEY HAD EVEN STARTED!!!! Which means they weren't apologising for making mistakes (although they did that after too!), they were actually saying sorry for standing up and speaking when it was their turn. 

And it broke my heart a bit. I remember being that age and feeling the same way. That nothing about me was good enough. That I wasn't worthy of people's time listening to me. That how I looked altered what I was worthy of. That I didn't deserve to take up space and be heard. And I expect many other people experienced that when they were younger too.

We are often taught that it is our appearance, our weight, the shininess of our hair, our age, or our wealth that gives us worth. It's so woven through our society we often don't realise it's happening but our minds are constantly programmed to believe that we must better ourselves, and achieve before we are worthy of existing in the world. That having a better job, or being a size 6 means we are worth more. That having a partner validates our worth. That once we have achieved something enormous or impressive, only then will we be deemed 'good enough'. It's plastered all over the social media, films & magazines we consume - they project these perfect lifestyles, bodies, incomes, jobs & setups that we're supposed to hanker after to feel that we're worthy.

BUT YOUR WORTH DOES NOT DEPEND ON ANY OF THOSE THINGS. Your worth is INTRINSIC! It is steadfast, unchanging. And I suggest we throw any concept of worth being "something you attain", out the window!

There are no conditions to your worth. Your worth doesn't depend on anything - your appearance, wealth, age, job, salary, upbringing. You are born with worth. Whoever you are, YOU have the right to be heard. The right to take up space and exist in your full technicolour glory.The right to love and respect. If nothing and nobody on the outside can define your worth, then the only one who can confirm and valildate your worth is YOU.

So decide to accept that enormous worth you have, acknowledge it and let it illuminate your life with freedom. Allow yourself to grow into the full, flourishing version of yourself, knowing you are worthy of that time and space.
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Don't forget to check out the Jiggle Advent Calendar and our Christmas Gift Packages! Have a fabulous day and see you soon!

Lots of love, Lyd xxx
 Lydia Shaw
 Founder & Fitness Instructor

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