Oh hey Jigglers!!!

Thanks for joining me all you gorgeous humans! It's a rainy old weekend but I'm hoping to spread some sunshine into your lives today and fingers crossed you'll be inspired to do the same! Yesterday was World Kindness Day so today's theme is spreading the love and kindness as far and wide as we can!  🌞
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Kindness is magic. It's completely free for us to give and yet it can completely change someone's life. A little act of kindness on someone's worst day can turn their week/month/life around. And we have that magic in our hands, easy and ready to use, so why don't we sprinkle a bit more around!

Acts of kindness might be grand gestures like sending flowers or presents or booking someone a treat BUT EQUALLY AS VALID are the teeny ones...

✨ A nice text to make someone's day
✨ Sending someone a picture of a happy day you spent together
✨ Write a letter to let someone know how much you value them
✨ Call your elderly neighbour and ask if they need any shopping done
✨ Buy a pay it forward coffee so someone who's struggling atm can enjoy a free cuppa
✨ If someone's in a rush, let them skip infront of you in the queue

It's not about the money spent or the size of the act - often it's just the fact that someone has thought of you or gone out of their way to do something for you. NO ACT OF KINDNESS, HOWEVER SMALL, IS EVER WASTED!! And every time you do something kind for someone else, not only does it make them happier, but it makes you much happier too - it's literally a win win kinda magic folks!

When we think about kindness we very often think about the external - being kind to others - and most of us can be good at that. But what about being kind to ourselves? I always remind us of this when I talk about kindness because we so often forget about it. Whilst we're off being beacons of love, kindness and joy for other people, we are often still being harsh and critical to ourselves.

But there is no wayyyy we would say any of those harsh critical things to a stranger on the street, let alone a friend. So why would we be kinder to a stranger than to ourselves? It doesn't make sense when you put it like that but it happens far too often. So if you realise you're saying any of these unkind things to yourself, just remember that the "be kind" thing extends to yourself too! You deserve at least as much kindness as everyone else around you.

So be kind to everyone you meet - you never know what a tiny act of kindness can do for someone in a dark or challenging place. And be kind to yourself because you 100% deserve it! 💛

What random act of kindness could you do today that would really cheer someone up? Remember something that seems tiny to you, could be a huge turning point in someone's mood today/this week/month/year!

I challenge you to perform 1 act of kindness every day this week! Notice how happy you feel once you've boosted someone else's mood 😊
That's it from me team! Be kind to yourself and spread the love and kindness to others too! We've got to look after each other in these crazy times and I know you Jigglers are all amazing, supportive, gorgeous souls 💛 Happy weekend!!

Lots of love, Lyd xxx
 Lydia Shaw
 Founder & Fitness Instructor

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