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Newsletter June 2019

In Loving Memory
Our Mounted Archery family is devastated at the sudden loss of a legend, Edward Odendaal. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all his family and his many friends. We will miss you, Edward - rest in peace.

Tribute from our MAASA President, Deirdre Janse van Rensburg

We say goodbye to a very dear friend today… 

Edward M Odendaal passed away on Wednesday 5 June.

 Our condolences go out to his family, his wife, his children and his friends in this difficult time.


Edward was a kind man, a man with a big heart, a compassionate heart, a serving heart. He always placed the interests of others above his own and was ready to lend a helping hand wherever he could.


Edward was a strong man, an opinionated man, he stood up for what he believed in and he fought for what was right.


Edward was an honest man, always telling the truth, never scared to share his thoughts and emotions, carrying his heart on his sleeve.


Edward was a soft and gentle man, a smile always at the ready, encouraging others with his words and deeds.


Edward was a brave man, taking on and shouldering the burdens of others and facing the challenges of life with patience and persistence.


Edward was a man of God, always sharing the word of God and setting an example of discipleship, love and forgiveness.


Edward was a mountain of a man.  He leaves behind a legacy of kindness, a footprint  that few of us could ever hope to fill. All will remember him with fondness, with tenderness and with joy.

He has touched and changed the lives of so many.


Oom Edward, you will not be forgotten, it was an honour to know you, and we will treasure you in our hearts for always.

Rest in peace my friend.

NEWS:  MAASA Nationals 2019
With almost all our qualifiers done for 2019, it is time to look towards Nationals.
Date:  9-11 August 2019
Venue:  Botha Wil Stalle
9th August - Arrival of horses
10-11th August - Competition days
Please note:
Competitors may camp over at the venue, and /or stable their horses there for the weekend
Competitors must have competed in a minimum of 2 qualifiers to be eligible to ride Nationals
Entries will open soon
More info to follow shortly - keep an eye on your email and our Facebook pages!

NEWS:  Sondela Annual Horseback Archery Competition
The first annual Sondela Horseback Archery competition was held at Sondela Game Reserve over the first weekend in June. Apart from being a fun weekend of socializing, outrides and competing, it was also the perfect opportunity to showcase mounted archery as a sport, as it was held at the same venue as a major Endurance event, which attracted lots of spectators, many of whom had never before seen riders shooting from horseback.
A massive thank you must go out to Johan du Toit and his team at Height Safety, for sponsorship and for the organizing of this event - it was months in the making, and included the building of a temporary track.  Johan, thank you for your hard work!  Also to Jaco Jacobs, who assisted with the transport of the equipment, and Deon and Deirdre JvRensburg for the targets.
The overall winner for the day was Jacques Horn (16), riding Balaika (on special loan from his coach and second placed overall competitor, Deirdre). Jacques took away a very special trophy donated by Nick du Toit (Johan's father), as well as the $500 prize money.  Congratulations Jacques!

Official Results:
Junior Division:
1st   Jacques Horn     188.64
2nd  El-Rico Klemp     132.07
3rd  Marli Jacobs        121.17

Senior Division:
1st  Deirdre Janse van Rensburg   163.09
2nd Deon Janse van Rensburg       156.66
3rd  Jaco Jacobs                           136.67

Overall Competition:
1st  Jacques Horn
2nd  Deirdre Janse van Rensburg
3rd  Deon Janse van Rensburg

Johan and his team from Height Saftey plan to make this an annual event, so make a note to join us again in 2020!
The first part of our judges and officials course was held on 28th April at Koiinos Estate, with the second part of the training held on 9th June 2019.  This will ensure that we have more qualified judges and officials to assist with competition days.
We are also in the process of arranging training clinics in Tzaneen (Limpopo) and KZN.  The sport of mounted archery is growing...
22/06/2019   MAASA/SANESA Q4 (North West - Potchefstroom Ruiterklub)
22/06/2019   MAASA/SANESA Q5  (Gauteng -Botha-Wil Stalle)
23/06/2019   MAASA Provincials (Western Cape - Griffins Mounted Archery)
06/07/2019   MAASA Provincials/SANESA Q5 (North West - Potchefstroom Ruiterklub)
07/07/2019   MAASA Provincials (Gauteng - Botha-Wil Stalle)
27/07/2019   MAASA Provincials/SANESA Q5 (Free State - Hoofprint Club)
Did you know? 
"Keep training, and keep learning - until you get it right."
In this section, we will focus on topics that inspire you to become better mounted archers. 

This month: more on the technical aspects of mounted archery equipment.

Getting to know your bow and how it functions is essential. The better you understand your bow and arrows, the better you will be able to choose equipment that is best suited to your style of shooting, your strength, draw length etc. and this will in turn (along with a lot of practice!) improve your accuracy on track.

When shooting a bow transference of energy occurs. Elastic potential energy is transferred from the bow to the arrow as kinetic energy, causing the arrow to fly. There are many factors that contribute to how well the energy is transferred as well as how well this energy is then carried forward in the arrow.

When a bow is drawn by pulling the string potential energy is stored in the bent limbs of the bow. When the string is released the energy is transferred from the limbs to the string which in turn transfers as kinetic energy into the arrow. The speed of the arrow is determined by the speed of the string which is determined by the speed of the limbs. In essence the faster the limbs of your bow, the faster your arrow will fly.

It is because of this transference of energy that you must never “dry fire” your bow (pulling the string back and releasing it without an arrow on the string). If there is no arrow on the string then the stored up energy will upon release return to the limbs from the string with such a force that it can weaken and even crack the limbs of your bow.

There are many factors that contribute towards the speed of the limbs:

·         Amount of energy stored in the bow.

·         The mass of the limbs (the heavier the limb the slower it will be).

·         The mass of the arrow.

·         The mass of the string.

·         The elasticity of the string.

·         Internal friction in the limbs.

Next month, we will have a look at draw length, bow weight and arrows.

"You can't expect to be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy."
For further enquiries, contact Diane Horn at

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