26 July 2022
Dear LAC supporters
As you know, the River club development was halted by an interdict issued by the High Court in March. Since then, the developers, along with the City, the Province and the First Nations Collective, applied for leave to appeal and were turned down in the high court. They then approached the Supreme Court for leave to appeal.
The Supreme Court has not even considered the matter and the developers have assumed that their petition to appeal, as yet ungranted, uplifts the interdict against any construction work.
This is patently in violation of the ruling of the court and therefore constitutes contempt of court.
The OCA and the GKKITC lodged papers against the Trustees of the LLPT for contempt of court on the 8th July. The matter was postponed to the 27th July and is due to be heard after 10am on Wednesday morning.
We are inviting you to join a peaceful demonstration outside the High Court on Wed 27th to express support for the campaign to stop the unlawful construction continuing at the site.
The developers and their supporters are trying every trick in the book to delay the contempt hearing and you will hear a lot of misinformation circulated because that is what money can pay for. Don’t be put off. The case against the developers is strong and the OCA and the GKKITC and their supporting organisations (which include 18 indigenous Khoi and San groups/councils) have a strong case that is legally grounded to turn over the flawed decision made by politicians and planners to benefit private entities in the name of public goods.
We will meet on Wed 27th at 8.30 am outside the High Court
Leslie London
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