16 August 2022

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Since our last newsletter, there have again been many legal twists and turns. All of the most recent and relevant documents are referred to below.  And once again, please consider donating to the LAC's legal fund as the costs are steadily increasing.

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Edwin Angless
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Update you on the River Club development
Dear LAC supporters
To update you on the River Club development
We finally have a date in court set to hear the Contempt of Court application regarding the River Club development, where endless delays have allowed the developers to restart construction at the River Club site for two months - which we believe is in flagrant contempt of court.
Judge Hlope finally allocated the 22 and 23 August for the hearing.
The SCA (Supreme Court of Appeals) appeals will be heard later in the year, either in Oct or November and will be heard by a full bench of the WC High Court 
Please try to support us if you can on the 22nd and 23rd by coming to the WC High Court in town.
This has been an exhausting and energy sapping campaign, not because of it being long or arduous but because the tactics deployed against us (lies, bullying, intimidation, assault, misrepresentation and other means) require additional fortitude. Your support (and donations) will help up stand up to this bullying more effectively.
Leslie London
Cut out all plastics
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For Volunteering to sell the T-shirts. 

You can collect them after 12 noon any day at Ferdinandos Pizza 205 Lower Main Rd. We have created packs for you. You will need to sign them out. 

T-shirt sales are R200 . 

I am placing the Snapscan code here so people purchasing can directly see this image and use Snapscan or you can take the cash and either donate directly to our bank or drop the cash with Joy   +27 (72) 949-4600   In Trill road observatory.

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