26 February 2022

Dear <<First Name>>,

We have now fully uploaded all three days of the Court proceedings which finished on January the 21st.

You can watch the days proceedings here:

Day 1 -
Day 2 -
Day 3 -

Yesterday was exactly 5 weeks since the hearings ended, but unfortunately we have been unable to get any indication of when Judge Goliath will release her judgement.

Edwin Angless
OCA Comms
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Right of reply: Read the petition, James Tannenberg, Khoi descendants don’t want their sacred heritage site ‘developed’
Tauriq Jenkins & Leslie London - 21 Feb 2022

Dear James Tannenberg, 

Since you have once again made use of the First Nations Collective’s (FNC) support to justify the destruction of a sacred heritage resource for the Khoi, we thought we would share some of the comments made on our petition site. That’s because the comments show clearly that people who sign our petition are not — as you claim — stupid or misinformed. And a good number of them identify as people of Khoi descent and they neither accept the River Club development nor the idea that the First Nations Collective speak for them.

Below is a sample of their comments. You can confirm they exist at the petition site but we should warn you that it might take a while, since almost 73 000 people have signed the petition. That amounts to a lot of comments to read...

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