Church News for Sunday 21st June 2020  
Trinity 2

All Public Services in Church on Hold Until Further Notice

In light of the Government guidance around non-essential contact, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have issued advice that public worship is suspended until further notice.  

This does not mean however that we stop being church - The Eucharist will still be celebrated each Sunday. Wednesdays, and feast days along with Morning Prayer, Midday Prayer, and Compline which are prayed daily on behalf of the whole Benefice, however, this is now to be done without a congregation present. 

And so we now have 'Phone Church'  

To join in simply call  03300 945 940
then at the prompt Room number: 55017514 #
and use Guest PIN: 3885 #

Church Opening

We are delighted to announce that from Monday 29th June 2020 we will be opening our 6 Church buildings for private prayer from 2-4pm one day a week.

Monday - Patrick Brompton
Tuesday - Spennithorne
Wednesday - Hornby
Thursday - Finghall
Friday - Crakehall
Saturday - Hauxwell

When you come
Please observe 2m social distancing at all times.  Please use hand sanitiser where provided.  The wearing of face-covering is a matter of personal choice.

Do not enter if you feel unwell or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19. These include:
  • High temperature
  • Continuous cough
  • Loss of taste and smell
Please follow all directions and markers set out and avoid contact with items as far as possible, including hymn books and printed material.

God of healing and peace, we give thanks for this place in which
to worship you. Guide each of us as we enter and leave to keep it
safe, as we seek protection for all from the coronavirus; in the name
of him who gave his life for us all, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Worshipping With Us

Sunday 21st June Trinity Sunday Trinity 2

09:00 BCP Holy Communion - for Patrick Brompton, Spennithorne, & Finghall
10:00 Morning Prayer - for Hornby, Crakehall, & Hauxwell 
16:30 BCP Evensong

Morning Readings
Jeremiah 20.7–13, Ps 69.8–11[12–17]18–20*, Romans 6.1b–11, & Matthew 10.24–39
Evening Readings
Psalm 46, 1 Samuel 24.1–17, & Luke 14.12–24
Lord, you have taught us that all our doings without love are nothing worth: send your Holy Spirit
and pour into our hearts that most excellent gift of love, the true bond of peace and of all virtues, without which whoever lives is counted dead before you.  Grant this for your only Son Jesus Christ’s sake, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.
Post Communion
Loving Father, we thank you for feeding us at the supper of your Son: sustain us with your Spirit, that we may serve you here on earth until our joy is complete in heaven, and we share in the eternal banquet with Jesus Christ our Lord.
BCP Collect
O Lord, who never failest to help and govern them whom thou dost bring up in thy stedfast fear and love; Keep us, we beseech thee, under the protection of thy good providence, and make us to have a perpetual fear and love of thy holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
During the week
09:00 Morning Prayer - Monday, Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday
09:00 Holy Communion - Wednesday with Rev'd Abbie Palmer

Sunday 28th June Trinity 3

09:00 Morning Prayer - for Patrick Brompton, Spennithorne, & Finghall
10:00 Holy Communion - for Hornby, Crakehall, & Hauxwell
16:30 Revive - via Zoom 
Jeremiah 28.5–9, Psalm 89.1–4,15–18*, Romans 6.12–23, & Matthew 10.40–42
Evening Readings
Galatians 1.13 – 2.8
Almighty God, you have broken the tyranny of sin and have sent the Spirit of your Son into our hearts
   whereby we call you Father: give us grace to dedicate our freedom to your service, that we and all creation may be brought to the glorious liberty of the children of God; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.
Post Communion
O God, whose beauty is beyond our imagining and whose power we cannot comprehend: show us your glory as far as we can grasp it, and shield us from knowing more than we can bear until we may look upon you without fear; through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Lord.
During the week
09:00 Morning Prayer - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
09:00 Holy Communion - Wednesday with Richard Wallis

Sunday 5th July Trinity 4

09:00 Holy Communion - for Patrick Brompton, Spennithorne, & Finghall
10:00 Morning Prayer - for Hornby, Crakehall, & Hauxwell 
16:30 BCP Evensong

Sunday 12th July Trinity 5

09:00 Prayer and Praise - for Patrick Brompton, Spennithorne, & Finghall
10:00 BCP Holy Communion - for Hornby, Crakehall, & Hauxwell
16:30 Taizé - via Zoom
Phone Church is working well, but please remember it is live and unless you mute the microphone on your phone everyone can hear anything that is happening at your end of the line.  We are still learning how to best use this system and whilst responses during the service are working well, communal singing is causing problems - so for the moment please just listen to the music as it plays rather than singing along.

For the liturgy/service booklet please follow the link for the relevant service.

As above to join in simply call  03300 945 940
then at the prompt Room number: 55017514 #
and use Guest PIN: 3885 #
For the latest update from the Church of England please visit

Weddings Baptisms & Funerals

The situation is very likely to change so please see link above or contact Rev'd Chris if you would like further clarification.


Weddings are now suspended until further notice.

Baptisms and Confirmations

Baptisms and confirmations must now be postponed (not cancelled), please do speak to Rev'd Chris if you have not already done so to rearrange a provisional date.


Funerals may now happen in Church, at the Crematorium or at the graveside.  Only immediate family members can attend – that is, spouse or partner, parents and children, keeping their distance in the prescribed way.


We continue to hold phone discussions for Churchwardens, PCC Secretary's, & worship leaders every other Wednesday. Our next meetings are 16:00 - 01/07/2020 & 15/07/2020 where we will continue to assess and plan for unlocking in line with Government and Diocesan guidelines. 

During lockdown we are not able to hold PCC meetings but are having PCC discussions by phone conference with any details being finalised by email in accordance with CRR2020

Crakehall have a PCC Conversation booked for 19:30 on Monday 22/06/2020

Covid Communion

From Lisle Ryder,
Though by Covid-nineteen we are kept apart
in isolation distanced and distressed;
though no kiss nor embrace should hug my heart
lest an accidental Judas left me cursed;
yet I kept on seeking for a hopeful sign
that the Spirit who calls us to be one
in Christ by blessing bread and fruit of vine,
might show afresh our part in God's own son.
Sunday still feels holy even though alone
for we are each connected by the sound
of those familiar voices on the phone
sharing Eucharistic prayers. We are found,
touched and joined by the Spirit on the line
with the Saviour Jesus – God divine.

A Short Story

 A Voice Crying in the Wilderness, is a short story on the theme of isolation written by Susan Perkins  (St Patrick's) for an American writing competition, is currently published in the online literary magazine, Short Fiction Break. Read the story at

Those of us who have read it found it enjoyable, giving an interesting background to a character sufficiently courageous to speak out.  

Would you like to share something that you have read or written if so please do email us!

Liberia News

Simon and Grace Stretton-Downes
Simon is a dentist leading a team at a clinic at the Eternal Love Winning All (ELWA) Hospital in Monrovia. Grace is a nurse and will support Simon as well as seeking God's direction for her role in the mission field.  The couple are sent by St Gregory's Church, Crakehall and are working for Serving In Mission (SIM)

Rosemary Gaven is our local contact and keeps us update with the news they send.
We have news from Simon and Grace about the last two weeks of their life in Liberia.  The clinic has a new receptionist, Sharon.  She was transferred from the hospital business office where she worked as the cashier.  She is 34 -  seems cheerful and capable. She is learning the ropes but seems quite quiet at the moment.  She obviously has to get to know everyone.  Simon wonders whether she will get used to his sense of humour!  They have returned to 5 days a week and have been very busy every day.  Archie and Wannie have been brilliant, working hard.  They have worked on a  68 year old man with a broken jaw,   2 patients in a row with large benign tumours at the front of their lower jaw.  One of them, Max, has a tumour the size of Simon's fist.  It has been there for 12 years or more. 

Simon says he has got a cold, runny nose and sneezing and hopes that it's not 'you know what'!  As he was writing this last night at 9 p.m. there was a heavy storm outside, making a loud noise on their tin roof.  The power suddenly went off and it seemed that the whole site was without electricity.  Then something banged on the roof but didn't seem to be anything serious although the only indication that it was alright was that no rain was coming in!  The room started heating up as the fans were off so no air-conditioning or water for a shower.  They went to bed with their small fans when fortunately the electricity was restored before they went to sleep.  This is of course what life is like in Liberia! 

Grace has news as well and she has settled into a little routine with the mothers of the malnourished children.  There is such fear and embarrassment about what other people think of them having a malnourished child.  Many of the children have other health issues as well so it is good they came to the clinic to get help with their children.  Under 5's are treated free.  She has been sharing Bible stories especially those showing how important every person is to God, how He sees and knows our pain and loves us unconditionally.  Grace has taken over being the weekly bread order lady for the compound as her SIM colleague left a couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday they started planning the next Spiritual retreat for May next year.  She is looking for a venue and helping with logistics at the weekend.  And they are going to do a Beetle Drive as the fun night, like at Cober Hill weekends away!  Grace says that she has been making meals for a few isolated people to have in their homes as sadly there are more active cases of Covid-19 now than there were last week.

As always they so appreciate each and every prayer that is said for them.  It is tough sometimes so thank you to all who pray for them. 

And Finally

From Rev'd Chris

It is truly joyful that we will be able to open our Church Buildings again and I am looking forward to being at each one next week, I think it will feel like a mini-pilgrimage!  It also feels oddly appropriate that we will be unlocking on St Peter's day - The day we remember the Saint who was 'given the keys to the kingdom'
There is much still to do in preparation for re-opening, signs to make walking roots through each building to prepare, cleaning supplies to source and not least cleaning 6 buildings that have been closed for the last 3 months.
The Churchwardens and I will be working on the documentation needed for each Church Building and we are organising teams to help with both cleaning and supervising the building whilst open.  If you feel that you may be able to assist please do let me know.
And with all that in mind, I am constantly aware that the situation may change again at short notice, either with the further lifting of restriction or even a further lockdown.  Therefore please be patient with us as we navigate ground that none of us has travelled on before as we try to keep people safe and meet the needs of our community.

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