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The Week That Was: A Platter of Podcast Pleasures

The Beatles! Intern Sami! R.E.M.! Beasties! Aging! KRS-One! 

Mon. April 27 - Guest host madness! 50 years ago, the Beatles released Let It Be. It was their twelfth and final studio album. Guest hosts Nick Scalera and Mike Wagner took the reins for Jim and Patrick and talked about the historic record and the documentary film that soon followed.

Tue. April 28 - Intern Sami is doing fine! Technology has kept us together during this pandemic and we utilized that power on Tuesday to check-in with Intern Sami from Cali. She told us how she’s been keeping busy while social-distancing, and what she's been listening to. 

Wed. April 29 - Patron Jeff! Jeff Niebuhr joined us to chat about the greatest American band of all time. In rock history, the UK is known for bands while the U.S. is where individual artists found fame. Jeff laid out the criteria and found that there was a tie at the top. Hit play now

Thur. April 30 - They say lost time is never found again. Jim celebrated a birthday recently and got to thinking, what are some great songs about aging? He and Patrick enlisted the services of fellow listeners to find tracks on growing old. And we all probably have birthdays this year, right? 

Fri. May 1 - Today's episode — welcome to May, by the way — takes on listener correspondence about episodes on missed concert opportunities (episodes 738794 and 795) and the music of KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions (episode 801). In the process, we swing from Townes Van Zandt to William Shatner to KRS-One in 20 minutes, cause that's how we roll. 

Friday Night Hootenanny! Friday Night Jamboree!

Suburbs Nation, we are all are stuck at home and unable to see music in person. So we’re bringing it to you. Our Friday Night Hootenanny is ON for tonight (Friday May 1)! 

Performing isn't required, just log on, watch and listen. Members of the Community — and perhaps a few special guests — will perform songs in a big, rollicking Zoom session.

"Doors" open at 7.30 ET and the music starts at 8 ET. Come and let your spirit be lifted by the power of music. 


On Deck: Perfect Pop

This is how you look when the stops have been pulled

Mon. May 4 - Fri. May 8

When times get as tough as what we're living through right now, there is no choice but to pull out the stops. And next week, the stops will be pulled. 

Five days, five episodes, 10 songs, all perfect. Clear your schedules and get ready for the full-on return of Perfect Pop Week. 

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, topics and dates are subject to change. 


Hibiki all around! 

I live in … Centreville VA.

I work as … a middle school assistant principal.

My favorite episodes were … Genesis Week.

My favorite artists are … Guided by Voices, Lou Reed, Stephen Malkmus, the Hold Steady, the Who, X, Minutemen.

My record collection consists of … 600-700 LPs.

The most-prized record in my collection is … 15-60-75 (Numbers Band): Jimmy Bell's Still in Town.

The first record I ever bought was … Jim Croce: Life & Times.

The first concert I saw was … Black Sabbath/Blue Oyster Cult at Richfield Coliseum, 10/12/1980.

The best concert I saw was … Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and the Grateful Dead at Akron Rubber Bowl, 1986 or Guided by Voices at Club Quattro in Osaka, Japan, 3/1/2000 or Will Hoge/Ryan Culwell at the Pour House in Charleston SC, 11/19/18.

I have met rock stars … Todd Rundgren, Ian Hunter, John Doe, Will Hoge.

I am drinking … Hibiki (Suntory whisky) Master's Select

Semi-new! Semi-new! Semi-new!

Who's That Band in That Movie? 

Patrick has continued watching movies at a rate that some (including those who live with him) might have already called "troubling." And just like on the podcast, he's ready to turn his unhealthy obsession into something fun for all.

The premise is simple: Take a look at the screenshot below and try to identify the artist and the movie it comes from.

To enter: email with your answers and we'll hold a random drawing in which one correct answer-er will (maybe) pick up some (cool) random stuff from Patrick's record room. 

Last week, Vasant Ramanmurthy, Eric Lohrenz, Bud Verge and Paul Trap all correctly deduced that the image was: 

The Feelies in Something Wild.

A random drawing was indeed held and indeed, Mr. Bud Verge was the name selected. Watch your email for instructions Bud!

Now, on to this week's challenge. Good luck! 



On Thursday's episode, we took up the topic of aging, the passage of time and all those feelings that come around when a birthday pops up. And since we all probably have one this year... 

...our listeners pitched in with song ideas and we whipped them together into one playlist. You can cry in your beer, hang your head out the window and yell or just stroke your beard (which kinda of makes you like a sea captain) contemplatively. But no matter what you do, crank it! 


What We're Listening To:

Jim: Wax Fang - Black & Endless Night
Mary: Ingrid Andress - Bad Advice 
Matt: Original Soundtrack - Pokemon Gold & Silver Complete Soundtrack
Patrick: Miles Davis - E.S.P.
Sam: Tal Bachman - "She's so High"
Sami: Nina Simone - Work From Home With Nina Simone

We got the goods and the good are for sale!

Suburbs Pod Merch Table 


We've got 8-track logo t-shirts, bottle openers, pint glasses and stickers! Get 'em while they're hot at the Suburbs Pod merch table! 

And if you are a Patron of the Pod, you get 20% off all products. And no matter how many items you buy, shipping is only five (count 'em) 5 bucks. 

Friday New Releases: Mayday May Day

What better way to spend that U.S. Govt. check than to hit up the internet and order up a big ol' stack of smoking hot platters to support all the musical artisans who could sure use it right now. Bandcamp is a good place to begin hint hint. 

American Aquarium - Lamentations (New West)
Because he was already writing about the struggles of many in our society, and the questionable motives of many of our leaders, BJ Barham’s songs have extra resonance in our current crisis. Produced by Shooter Jennings, with a strong dose outlaw country and Springsteen influence, this album, from a veteran Americana band, will make you angry but also hopeful that the right people can still do the right thing.

Car Seat Headrest - Making a Door Less Open (Matador)
It’s been four years since the last Car Seat Headrest album, the one that made Will Toledo a true darling of indie rock. For a guy who used to self-record and post song after song to Soundcloud, that length of time is an eternity. Perhaps Toledo needed some time to clear his head. Having won Pitchfork and not really interested in becoming the next Green Day, where is one to go? Thankfully, Toledo is more Beck than Billie Joe, and the result is a funky, weird, electronic-laden exploration of rock and pop, yet still with hooks that catch you when you aren’t even expecting them. He even takes on an alter-ego within the album, an old trick that David Bowie would use to reinvent himself. And how does Pitchfork reward him? With a 6.6. Guys …

Diet Cig - Do you Wonder About Me? (Frenchkiss)
Much has been made (including on this podcast) of singer-guitarist Alex Luciano’s rock-star qualities. But let’s take a moment to recognize Noah Bowman’s galloping drum style. It’s taken many a great rock band more than one try to properly anchor its sound. Two full albums and an EP in, Diet Cig has it nailed. (Oh, and the songs are again hooky and emotionally honest and ready to find a home in your brain for a while.)

Damien Jurado - What’s New, Tomboy? (Mama Bird)
This Seattle singer-songwriter’s 15th(!) album contains the laid-back tunes fans have come to expect — the kind of thing that gives soft rock a good name.
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"I'd like to write some songs that are so good that nobody understands them. Not even myself." ~ Townes Van Zandt
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