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The Week That Was: Virtually Amazing 

1991! Jenn Champion! Fleetwood Mac! Tina Turner! Songs of hope!

Mon. March 30 - We wanted to be preparing for opening day baseball, but a chat with Noah Crane is even better. He led a discussion on the music of 1991, including R.E.M., U2 and Matthew Sweet's still jaw-dropping Girlfriend. Relive it now.

Tue. March 31 - Patron Barret Ries sent March out like a lion, by introducing us to the music of Jenn Champion, which goes from Carissa's Wierd to S.  

Wed. April 1 - Mike Wagner was our Wednesday guest and came up with a thought provoking topic: Albums that followed up an artist's massive hit. Think of the glory that is Tusk, for starters. "Sara" anyone? 

Thur. April 2 - Intern Sam joined us to relate the tale of attending a Broadway show about the life of Tina Turner. This episode will get you in the mood to head to the Nutbush City Limits. 

Fri. April 3 - Today's episode is all about songs of hope, something we can all use a big dose of right now. Hit play and drink deep. 
Friday Night Hoot! Friday Night Hoot!

Suburbs Nation, we are all are stuck at home and unable to see music in person. So we’re working to bring it to you. Our Friday Night Hootenanny is ON for tonight (Friday April 3)! Members of the Community — and perhaps a few special guests — will perform some songs in a big Zoom group session.

"Doors" open at 7.30 ET and the music starts at 8 ET. Watch, listen and let your spirit be lifted by the power of music. 

Join here:

On Deck: Adam Schlesinger and Bill Withers: Rest in Power

Plus, Dylan's latest and March new music.

Mon. April 6 - We pay tribute to Adam Schlesinger, who left this planet far too soon. Jim and Patrick discuss Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, and of course, That Thing You Do!

Tue. April 7 - The man who wrote "Lean on Me" and "Ain't No Sunshine," Bill Withers, also left us this week. We'll take a look at his career, legacy and influence. 

Wed. April 8 - A discussion of Bob Dylan's sprawling "A Murder Most Foul." 

Thur. April 9 - March new music time. Patrick will kick off selections from March. 

Fri. April 10 - Jim closes out the week with his March new music picks. Always fresh and good!

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, topics and dates are subject to change. 


Bells goes great with vinyl!

I live in … Columbus, Ohio

I work as … an outdoor education instructor working with K-12 students, but I’ll be going to graduate school in the fall!

I discovered “Rockin’ the Suburbs” by … listening to Jim and Patrick’s previous podcast and following them over to this one! I stayed because I love how listener-involved this one is.

The last record I bought was … a 45 of the Monophonics ‘“Chances." Last LP was Sam Cooke Live at the Harlem Square Club. CD was Marvin Gaye’s You’re the Man.

The first concert I saw was … an all-ages Social Distortion show. I was probably only 12 or 13, but I remember thoroughly enjoying it.

The last concert I saw was … a free outdoor show in downtown Columbus for St.Paul and the Broken Bones. One of the best concerts I’ve ever attended, definitely a band to go see if you get the chance.

I play … the viola. I was classically trained from 4th grade through high school. But I haven’t played since. I dabble with guitar, ukulele, and harmonica, which is much more fun.

I am drinking … Bell’s Oberon Ale! It’s seasonal and the release was earlier this week. I was turned onto it while living in Michigan. I have fond memories of going out on release day while in college to get it with my friends.

My favorite basketball team is … Ohio State. As a Columbus kid, I am a Buckeyes fan through and through. I’ll generally watch any Big Ten game that‘s on, though (RIP March Madness 2020).


These are sad, difficult times we're living through and as we discussed on our Friday episode, we can all use as much hope is one thing we can't afford to run out of. So dig into our Songs of Hope playlist and let us know if you have any songs of hope we should add. Let's lift each other up and get through this together. 

What We're Listening To:

Jim: Fountains of Wayne - Traffic and Weather 
Mary: Imogen Heap - The Music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 
Matt: Basia Bulat - Are You in Love? 
Patrick: Bob Dylan "Murder Most Foul"
Sam: Micheal Jackson - "Keep the Faith"
Sami: The 88 "At Least It Was Here ('Community' Main Title)"

Merch alert! Merch alert! 

Suburbs Pod Merch Table 


We've got 8-track logo t-shirts, bottle openers, pint glasses and stickers! Get 'em while they're hot at the Suburbs Pod merch table! 

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What Do You Mean You Don't Know What Day It Is? It's Friday! New Release Friday!

We rock, we don't stop. Rock the platters that will make your body rock. And this week's new release pile is full of hot wax. Gather up all your debit cards, your laptop and get to ordering a few of these discs from your local record retailer. 

Born Ruffians - Juice (Yep Roc)
Quirky rock from Canada. Whatever trade dispute may exist between our two nations, at least a fresh supply of quirk still flows freely from north to south.

Anna Burch - If You’re Dreaming (Polyvinyl)
Could you sound more like ‘90s alt-rock, Anna Burch? Could we love you any more for it?

Hiss Golden Messenger - Forward, Children (Merge)
M.C. Taylor and company recorded a live set at the famed Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro NC and now releases it as a benefit for the Durham Public Schools Foundation. Hear some heartfelt music and help the kids. That’s what people call a win-win.

Locate S,1 - Personalia (Captured Tracks)
If anyone had ever told Christine Schneider that pop music is supposed to be lightweight, disposable entertainment, she never listened. There’s a real charm to her compositions, which work whether you’re dancing or chin-stroking.  

Thundercat - It is What it Is (Brainfeeder)
So what is it, exactly? That’s difficult to pin down. Jazzy, funky, etherial, atmospheric, with touches of Weather Report-style fusion, plus a guest appearance by Childish Gambino. Don’t try to figure it out; embrace the storm.

M. Ward - Migration Stories (Anti-/Epitaph)
When you dream, does your mind go somewhere else? When you listen to music, does your soul go on a journey? M. Ward seems to think so, and on his 10th album, the veteran indie artist wants to guide you to the places he has seen and the experiences he has had.
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“Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain. We all have sorrow, but if we are wise we know that there’s always tomorrow." - Bill Withers, "Lean on Me." 
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