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Volume four. Number 12. March 25, 2022.
Get ready for Eddie
Monday, March 28 -  Friday, April 1 

In a Very Special Week of Episodes, Mike Kohli and Steven Routledge take the mics from Jim and Patrick and present an Iron Maiden special. Whether you are a longtime fan or a Maiden newbie, there will something for all to enjoy. Stick your earbuds in and throw the horns skyward all week. 


Are you ready to get your rock on, in person? Plans are moving along for two Suburbs Fests this year. Mark your calendars now.


Aug. 4-6, 2022 – Chicago area

  • Thursday Aug. 4 – Live Hootenanny at Arlington Ale House in Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Friday Aug 5 – Frank Muffin show at Arlington Ale House. 
  • Saturday Aug 6 – TBD



Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – DC area

  • Thursday Sept. 29 – Live Hootenanny at venue TBD
  • Friday Sept. 30 – Frank Muffin and the HalFSmokes show at Hank Dietle’s in Rockville MD.
  • Saturday Oct 1 – Wingtip Sloat, Apollo 66 and TBD at American Legion in Silver Spring MD. 
SUBURBS POD RADIO NEWS                                                                    
Simply the most important radio station in the history of the world.

Rockin' the Suburbs Radio is now streaming music 24/7 at Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors to check out what we have going on by tuning in everyday.

Some selected highlights:

3-4 pm ET Fridays: Mackensi Crenshaw brings you Mac’s Mix and cuts the average age of our DJs in half.

9-11am ET Saturday: Kevin Bartlett brings some Saturday morning jams to the airwaves with Jammin’ with Kevin.

All Day Saturday and Sunday: Catch replays of all of the shows from this week.

5:30-7 pm ET Sunday: Frank Muffin (the band, not the person) presents the In The Mix.

7-9 pm ET Mondays: It’s Snider Rhythms hosted by Mike Snider. Perfect pairing with the latest selection from Mike’s Beer Beat.

5-7 pm ET Mondays and Thursdays: Patrick Foster (aka The Mr. Patty) leaves his mike open, makes the record skip and lots of straw jams on Red, Hot & Brew.

5-7 pm ET Tuesdays: Now is the time we dance on Electro Kultur hosted by Harris King.

9-11 pm ET Wednesdays: Canada has brought us poutine, back bacon and many great bands. Gerald Chyzenski takes you North of the Border.

9-11pm ET Thursdays: Erik Didriksen brings you more hit music than Casey Kasey and Rick Dees combined on Continuous Hit Music.

It's all at, Peoples! (With new shows added regularly.)


For those of you who are Alexa-enabled, we have a new skill in the Amazon AppStore!
You can enable directly in the Alexa app and then start it by saying “Open Suburbs Radio”.

MIKE'S BEER BEAT                                                                                
New or notable, classic or quaffable, Mike is pouring a glass of it.

Beer: Shiner Strawberry 
Variety: Ale
ABV: 4.3%
Brewer: Spoetzl/Shiner

Mike Sez: I’m sure most of you have had Shiner Bock. Well, that Texas brewery makes several other beers and just added this Strawberry Blonde Ale to its seasonal roster. Just as you can’t listen to the Beatles and Tom Petty all the time, you can’t just drink IPAs, right? So, just as I give a listen to new bands like Fontaines DC and Wet Leg, I decided to give this brew a try.

Conclusion: While I wouldn’t want to drink Strawberry Blonde forever, it’s a light, flavorful alternative to your everyday pale ale or pilsner. The aroma reminds me of Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries. But the flavor is tangy, not sweet. Actually, this might be a good beer to drop a bit of champagne or sparkling wine into. The strawberry letter for this beer? B.
FEATURED PLAYLIST: FEBRUARY NEW MUSIC                                        
This week was dedicated to finding the freshest new music from the month of February 2022, and a host of our community members hunted under rocks, logs and leaves (and all over the internet) for songs and albums to share with everyone.

Today we present you with the playlist payoff, a full load of soulful, somber, rockin' and slammin' tuneage. All you have to do it hit play and crank the volume. 

WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO                                                                  

Jim - Glen Campbell - Sings for the King
Mary - Alice Ivy (feat. Montaigne & Bertie Blackman) - "Sweetest Love"
Patrick -  Enrico Caruso - Antologia: La Coleccion Completa

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Mary Edelberg, Patrick Foster, Jim Lenahan, Sam Lisker,
Jason Pae, Sami Reed, Matt Windeler

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