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The Week That Was: Wrapping up 2019

With a bow on top and Jim and Patrick and Nick's picks.


Monday, Jan. 27 - The calls were coming thick and fast as the deadline to grab our 2019 mix tape approached. On Monday, Paul Trap, Trip Bakun, Ken Wadsworth and Gerald Chyzenski chimed in and we heard tunes from Sam Fender, Sunflower Bean, Control Top, Reuben and the Dark and from a backyard in Detroit, the almighty Space Skull.

Tuesday, Jan. 28 -   Scott Boyken and Bud Verge surprised us on Tuesday's episode, while Kevin Bartlett and Zac Sieffert (Nola Zac!) also picked up the phone and gave us a call. We heard jams from Sturgill Simpson, Lloyd Cole, Nick Cave and yes, Lana Del Rey. 

Wednesday, Jan. 29 - Tom Russell, Lower Dens, Fruit Bats and Aldous Harding were among the artists we discussed on Wednesday. Walt Falconer — of the mysterious Falcon's Nest — and Michael Zwerin got in touch. And sent us all on vinyl hunting expeditions. 

Thursday, Jan. 30 -  Corey called from his car, Kevin Goff called very late at night (or early in the morning) and Eric Lohrenz did the hotline bling thing as well. New Pornographers, Sego (who suck), Pile and Cherry Glazerr were the hits we spun on Thursday. And more love for the interns!

Friday, Jan. 31 - The month wraps up today and in honor of another January in the books, Nick Scalera talked to us about his favorites from 2019. And finally, Jim and Patrick gave their top selections from the year gone by. Anyone got change for a 75 Dollar Bill? 

On Deck: Onward Into 2020 

The rocks and the rolls of a new decade commence. 

Monday, Feb. 3 - Nate Scott has a very cool new podcast called The Sneak. He joins us on Monday to talk about it... and crime songs. You'll understand why when you listen on Monday. 

Tuesday, Feb. 4 -  Listener of the Week Mike Snider joins us to talk Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's a Patron episode and you know about that whole Patreon thing we have going, right? 

Wednesday, Feb. 5 - On Wednesday, awesome Patron Noah Crane takes his turn at the plate, and he serves up a band we haven't discussed much on the pod. Hit play on Feb. 5 to find out who it is. 

Thursday, Feb. 6 -  Eric Lohrenz is back for his second consecutive Thursday appearance, this time talking about music close to Patrick's heart: African rock and pop. 

Friday, Feb. 7 - Nick Scalera will close out next week with an episode on a very cool band that you will probably really dig. Does anyone remember the Chameleons? 

Suburbs Pod Shoutout Corner

A big shout out to I’m With Her! The trio of Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O'Donovan & Sara Watkins won the Best American Roots Song Grammy for "Call My Name.” They were our guests on episodes 403 and 404.   Rockin’ the Suburbs makes dreams come true!
Rock Chalk Snider!

I live in … Vienna VA (suburb of Washington DC)

I work as a … journalist, covering technology and business

I discovered“ Rockin’ the Suburbs” … as a friend of, and former coworker with, Jim and Patrick — and an occasional partner in crime on music and podcasting adventures.

My record collection consists of … about 50 vinyl LPs, about 4,000 CDs, and another 150 DVD-Audio and SACD discs.

The most prized record in my collection is … my wife Julie’s original copies of A Hard Day’s Night and The Beatles Second Album. I have a CD of Johnny Cash’s American Recordings with the booklet signed by the Man in Black.

The first album I ever bought was … Straight Shooter by Bad Company. 

My favorite song is … “Windfall” by Son Volt.

I don’t play any instruments, except … a plastic guitar video game controller. That probably doesn’t count.

I’ve met a few rock stars … As a reporter who has dabbled in music reporting, I once shook Mick Jagger’s hand. I got to spend a lot of time with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. I’ve met and interviewed on stage at South By Southwest: Neil Young, Sammy Hagar and Pat Benatar. Among the other musicians I’ve talked to in person: Bono, Dave Grohl and the rest of the Foo Fighters, Gary Clark Jr., Joan Jett, Norah Jones, the band Keane, Perry Farrell, Kirk Hammett, Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam).

I am drinking … Sierra Nevada 40th Hoppy Anniversary Ale

My philosophy of life ….  used to be “Enjoy Every Sandwich,” a saying of Warren Zevon’s. But after the death of Rush drummer Neil Peart, I read an interview with him that Rolling Stone had resurfaced. And he said in 2015 that one of the questions he asks himself daily is “What is the most excellent thing I can do today?” I may try that one on for a while.

Super Bowl Sunday!

Patrick's Super Bowl Betting Guide 

Yes friends, the biggest NFL day of the year is upon us and while you're standing around at a SB Party shoveling down warm cheese and spicy wings, you'll want a little something to keep you interested in the action from Miami. And it doesn't hurt if you can pocket a few extra dollars for your record shopping fund in the process, right? Let's take a look at some key wagers available to every man, woman and child in this great country we call the U.S. of A who's willing to place a few dollars into an offshore betting exchange that may or may not be functioning when Monday morning rolls around. 

How Long Will it Take Demi Lovato to Sing the National Anthem?

-Over 2:05 (-125) 
-Under 2:05 (-105)

The odds are pretty close here, meaning the general public is pretty undecided on this one. According to my research, the average time of the last 10 anthems at the Super Bowl has been 1:57 seconds. Taking that and the fact that Lovato tends to speed up her music in high pressure situations, I advise playing the under on this one.

Which Political ad Will Air First?

Donald Trump (-290)
Micheal Bloomberg (+190)

I'm banking on a surprise here. Trump has been rumored to be preparing an early ad to set the tone for the night, but I have a strong inkling that Bloomberg will beat him to the punch. Given Bloomberg's experience in media, I like him to win this one. Go big on Bloomberg and laugh all the way to the bank.

How Many Songs Will be Performed at Halftime? 

-Over 8 (-245) 
-Under 8 (+170)

This is probably the trickiest bet of the night. As you can see by the odds, the public really likes the over here, and I'm going to have to agree with them. Given that there are two massive stars with extensive back catalogs on stage, you might think that it will be a hit-fest with at least 10 songs, but I'm thinking that J Lo and Shakira will spend some time on ballads. Play the under on this one. 

Best of luck on your wagers and enjoy Super Sunday!


857 songs. 54 hours and 13 minutes of music. That's right, peoples, we wrapped up our Best of 2019 contributions this week and as always, it was a pleasure and honor to hear our community weigh in. We bundled everyone's picks up into one ginormous playlist for all to enjoy. Heck, we even got Orville Peck. But no Beck. 


Suburbs Pod Guests On Tour,  Jan 31-Feb 16

Now that 2019 has officially been wrapped, let's rock!

Chaise Lounge (episode 290)

Jan. 31 - Columbia MD - The Soundry

Jesse Dayton (episode 709)

Feb. 5 - Washington DC - Pie Shop
Feb. 6 - Stanhope NJ - Stanhope House
Feb. 7 - Montclair NJ - Bandwidth Inn
Feb. 8 - Peace Dale RI - Roots Hoot House Concerts
Feb. 9 - Cambridge MA - Atwood’s Tavern
Feb. 10 - Brooklyn NY - Skinny Dennis
Feb. 11 - New Haven CT - Cafe Nine
Feb. 13 - Chattanooga TN - Songbirds North
Feb. 15 - Nashville TN - The Basement

Dot Dash (episode 492)

Feb. 9 - Washington DC - Slash Run (opening for the Delarcos)

I’m With Her (episode 403)

Feb. 14-16 - Riviera Maya, Mexico - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds music festival

Mandolin Orange (episode 546)

Jan. 31 - Stoughton WI - Stoughton Opera House
Feb. 1 - Ann Arbor MI - Ann Arbor Folk Festival

Piramid Scheme (episode 364)

Feb. 2 - Washington DC - Black Cat

Chuck Prophet (episode 66)

Jan. 31 - Sellersville PA - Sellersville Theater
Feb. 1 - Vienna VA - Jammin Java

Maggie Rose (episode 703)

Feb. 6-8 - Isla Mujeres, Mexico - Island Time Music Festival

Heather Valley (coming soon to Rockin’ the Suburbs)

Jan. 31 - Brant ON - Arlington Hotel
Feb. 1 - Toronto ON - Tranzac
Feb. 8 - Hamilton ON - This Ain’t Hollywood

White Reaper (episode 399)

Feb. 14 - Milwaukee WI - The Rave/Eagles Club (opening for Motion City Soundtrack)
Feb. 15-17 - Minneapolis MN - Fillmore Minneapolis (opening for Motion City Soundtrack) (edited) 

What We're Listening To:

Jim: Nada Surf The Weight is a Gift
John: GoGo Penguin A Humdrum Star
Mary: Sweetback
Matt: Tom Russell October in the Railroad Earth 
Patrick: The Rhino Brothers Present The World's Worst Records!
Sam: Kimbra "Sweet Relief" 
Sami: Dolly Parton "Love is Like a Butterfly"

Last but Never Ever Least... Friday New Releases!

Our award-winning new release roundup is the perfect reason to round up the whole crew and head on over to the mall to grab these hot platters o' wax. 

Destroyer - Have we Met (Merge)
How to describe the work of Dan Bejar (aka Destroyer)? The music plays with our notions of rock ’n’ roll. Stripped of their lyrical weight, many of the songs here could be viewed through the prism of easy listening. But those lyrics, exploring matters of the human existence, shatter that prism and leave us with dozens of pieces to collect, examine and try to piece back together.

Drive-By Truckers - The Unraveling (ATO)
It’s been four years since DBT released their blistering American Band album. One imagines they hoped the times would not require such a follow-up, but here we are.

Dustbowl Revival - Is it You, is it Me (Medium Expectations/Thirty Tigers)
With a name that hearkens to the Great Depression, you’re probably picturing hipster musicians who raided the vintage clothing store before hitting the stage to play banjos, washboards and jugs. And while Dustbowl Revival firmly fits into the “Americana” category, the music doesn’t feel “old-timey,” and many of the songs address the issues of today.

Lil Wayne - Funeral (Young Money/Republic)
One of the best-selling artists of all time releases his 13th album. Despite the title, it’s unlikely this journey has come to an end.

Frances Quinlan - Likewise (Saddle Creek)
We asked friend and Hop Along superfan Brad Maylor to write this blurb. He agreed: “Likewise is about our mutual quest for connection; to understand and be understood by one another. Sonically it embraces Frances’ love of folk while also experimenting with different instruments and sounds like digital beats, synths, pianos, strings and harp. Underpinning it all are Frances’ inimitable vocals, cadence and lyrical collage-like abstract poetry that can paint a picture, indeed a world, to draw this listener in like no other.” Thanks, Braddy.

Torres - Silver Tongue (Merge)
On her fourth album, Mackenzie Scott (aka Torres) goes deep into love and heartache, wrapped in atmospheric music that at times feels like a much-needed hug.

Paul Weller - In Another Room (Ghost Box)
For an artist who has built a career on making perfect pop, an experimental four-song EP of instrumentals built on tape loops, found sounds and electronic sonics would seem out of character. But Weller has earned the right to go where his creative mind takes him. That may not be entertainment, but we all have ever-changing moods.
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