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What Goes On: A Rockin' the Suburbs Newsletter

Volume 1. Number 3.  April 19 , 2019. 
The welcoming entrance to Mobius Records in NoVa. 

The Week That Was: Tales of Record Store Day 2019 

It was Record Store Day across America, so we put out the call to the Suburbs Pod Community and they responded in a big way. So did Mike Snider, who came over to the deck with a growler, an iPad to watch the final round of the Masters and of course, some RSD vinyl. 
  • On Monday, Randall Brown (Knoxville, Quartjar) told us about procuring his annual Flaming Lips RSD prize, some Brian May and hepped us to a band featuring Butthole Surfer King Coffey — a heavy trip called USA/Mexico
  • Tuesday found Scott Parks on the end of our video line, and as usual, he went all-out for RSD, picking up Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy, Mission of Burma and Fela Kuti vinyl, among others.
  • Wednesday was Ben Montgomery time. He dialed us up from Florida and chatted about his finds by The Alarm and a-ha, and a good deed that resulted in him getting a really awesome VIP meet-and-greet ticket to a concert. (Pssst, listen to Ben's podcast, too.)
  • Thursday we were bad, we were nationwide (kinda): Bud Verge of Silver Spring, Maryland, Intern Sam Lisker of Ithaca College, BJ Bonin of St. Paul, Minnesota, and Keith Jacobsen of Grand Rapids, Michigan all chipped in with their RSD purchase tales
  • Friday's episode contained enough vinyl and talk to last all weekend. Jim, Patrick and Mike all reviewed their hauls, while Adam Coop and Mark Neese buzzed us on the Suburban Party Line.
The great Don Z. 

On Deck: Correspondence and Don Z: Live!

  • Monday and Tuesday — April 22nd and 23rd — are dedicated to catching up on some correspondence. We're focusing on new music in these two episodes, with picks from listeners and suggestions for rad tunes. And demonstrating that we're bad, we're worldwide, we've got messages from Norway, Scotland and Ireland. 
  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday — April 24, 25, 26 — are special episodes. We roll the tapes from our live show with producer and musician Don Zientara. Earlier this month we talked with Don, listened to exclusive live performances of his songs and watched as the audience asked questions. It's a great set of shows. 
  • On the subject of live events, we've got one coming up on April 24th. If you know any Led Zeppelin fans in the DC Metro area, let 'em know about this movie/interview thang we got going at Suns Cinema. 

Wayback Machine: Led Zep Countdown

  • OK, not very wayback at all, but why not check out episodes 534, 535, 536, 537 and 538, when we counted down Zeppelin tunes voted on by an exclusive panel? Oh, and did we mention we have a live event coming up on April 24 and it's all about Led Zeppelin? Well, we do! We do! We do!

What We're Listening To: 

  • Sam: Anderson .Paak ft. Smokey Robinson "Make It Better"
  • John: Jenny Lewis "Do Si Do" 
  • Jim: Bruce Springsteen  Springsteen on Broadway
  • Sami: Angelica Garcia "Red Moon Rising" 
  • Matt: Sam Roberts Band  Love at the End of the World
  • Patrick: Spiritualized  And Nothing Hurt 

Last But Certainly Not Least: It's the Suburbs Pod New Release Corner!

All these titles are out today, April 19. Get 'em while they are hot. 

Bananarama - In Stereo (In Synk):  The title refers to the British group’s current two-woman lineup. Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward deliver fresh pop beats for the first time in 10 years.

Cage the Elephant - Social Cues (RCA):  Before touring with Beck this summer, these Kentucky rockers invited him into the studio for a collaboration on one track of this new album.

The O’Jays - The Last Word (S-Curve): The classic soul singers release their first album in 15 years. Alas, it also will be their last.

Rolling Stones - Honk (Interscope):  Yet another greatest hits collection, this one focused on songs from the 1970s and beyond. The deluxe edition includes a bonus disc of live tracks with special guests including Dave Grohl and Florence Welch.

Sad Planets - Akron, Ohio (Tee Pee):  Patrick Carney of the Black Keys (and the “Bojack Horseman” theme) joins forces with indie rocker John Petkovic in this side project.

Winter - Infinite Summer (Everything Blue):  A new five-song EP from the Brazilian-American indie rocker, this one with a ‘80s vibe. Includes songs in English and Portuguese.    

The Yawpers - Human Question (Bloodshot): This Denver power trio evokes the sounds and spirit of classic FM radio. Tune in.
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