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Volume 1. Number 36. All we want for Christmas is email. 
Pete, did you have to go? 

The Week That Was: Lots of Genesis, Zero Patrick 

Everyone knows this sets the stage for Patrick to record KISS week, right? RIGHT?

Monday Dec. 9 - Patrick is in Wisconsin, which just far enough to not hear our discussion on one of his least favorite bands. Jim invites Rob Gates and Kevin Goff over to get the conversation started and give an overview of legendary English band Genesis. 
Tuesday Dec. 10 - Peter Gabriel brought Genesis out of the darkness and into the spotlight. Jim, Kevin Goff and Rob Gates cover the band’s early years with the outrageous and wildly creative/successful first lead singer.
Wednesday Dec. 11 - The Genesis discussion continues, with Jim, Rob Gates and Kevin Goff. The band took a more pop-y turn, with drummer Phil Collins as the new frontman of the band. Their sound evolved, as did their celebrity.
Thursday Dec. 12 - The longs and shorts of Genesis. Which era of the band is better, prog rock or pop? Jim debates with Kevin Goff and Rob Gates.
Friday Dec. 13 - We wrap Genesis week. Jim, Rob Gates and Kevin Goff conclude with some final mentions of other songs that they love! Thank you Rob and Kevin for your thoughts and hard work on these episodes. 
Not sure about inside, but drinks are served at the door. 

On Deck: Whiskey Week 

Five voices and lots of heckling. And lots of drinking. 

Monday, Dec. 16 - It's a whiskey extravaganza, as Jim, Patrick, Bud Verge, Mike Snider and Rob Gates gather to sip and pontificate on music-themed whiskey. First up, Drake's new spirit. 

Tuesday, Dec. 17 - Metallica — also know for their Enter Night IPA — have a whiskey and the boys crack the seal for some sipping. 

Wednesday, Dec. 18 - Bob Dylan's Heaven's Door whiskey is our third and final taste this week and from the sound of it, the those spirits are starting to take effect. 

Thursday, Dec. 19 - It's back to beer in the basement, as Rob, Jim, Patrick, Bud and Mike talk about drinking songs. Always a fun listen.

Friday, Dec. 20 - By the end of long week drinking whiskey and beer, memories naturally become a little cloudy. As do voices. And perceptions. But drinking songs come through loud and clear. 

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    Suburbs Pod Shoutout Corner

It's true that Patrick doesn't care much (at all) for Genesis, but he does love Kevin Goff, and appreciates all his hard work on last week's episodes. Big shouts to Kevin!

Suburbs Pod Guests On Tour, Dec. 13-31

19 days left in the decade. How are you going to use them? 

Cory Branan (episode 248)

Dec. 15 - Memphis TN - The Green Room

Jesse Dayton (episode 709)

Dec. 13 - Angleton TX - The Dirty South
Dec. 19 - Austin TX - Palmer Events Center
Dec. 20 - Denver CO - Bluebird Theater
Dec. 21 - Denver CO - Larimer Lounge
Dec. 22 - Denver CO - Soiled Dove Underground

Kid Brother (episode 713)

Dec. 21 - Leesburg VA - Tally Ho Theater

JD McPherson (episode 218)

Dec. 13 - San Francisco CA - The Independent
Dec. 14 - Crystal Bay NV - Crystal Bay Club Casino
Dec. 17 - Lawrence KS - The Bottleneck
Dec. 18 - Des Moines IA - Wooly’s
Dec. 19 - Chicago IL - Thalia Hall
Dec. 20 - Minneapolis MN - First Avenue
Dec. 22 - Nashville TN - Basement East

Chuck Prophet (episode 66)

Dec. 14 - San Geronimo CA - San Geronimo Community Church (benefit for Lagunitas Schools)

Quartjar (“Rockin’ the Suburbs” theme music)

Dec. 14 - Knoxville TN - Open Chord / All Things Music (celebration of life for Lesley Moore)

Maggie Rose (episode 703)

Dec. 21 - Bethesda MD - Bethesda Blues & Jazz (Christmas concert)

Tommy Stinson (episode 110)

Dec. 13 - Burdett NY - Barry Family Cellars

White Reaper (episode 399)

Dec. 19 - Nashville TN - Basement East
Dec. 20 - Indianapolis IN - Hi-Fi
Dec. 21 - Chicago IL - Metro

Last But Not Least: Friday New Releases!

There are 12 shopping days left 'til Christmas, so get your people into your wagon and speed down to Variety Records to grab these platters for everyone left on your list. 

Harry Styles - Fine Line (Columbia)

Having escaped his boy band, Styles continues his pursuit of pop legitimacy with his second solo album. He cites David Bowie as an inspiration for experimentation, and the songs go in many directions, with flashes of power pop and touches of folk set against solid grooves.

Siobhan Wilson - Plastic Grave (Suffering Fools)

This rising Scottish star worked with Steve Albini on this new record, but don’t expect to hear hardcore. Unless you think of musically bare but emotionally dense songs as hardcore. It’s pretty hardcore then.

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"I didn't leave the band to go solo so much as to stop feeling like a production item."  - Peter Gabriel
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