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This is not Spinal Tap

The Week That Was: New Music Goes to Eleven!

And a lesson in time signatures, ya dig? 

Mon. June 8 - Listeners dig new music and they contributed their May new music picks to get the week off to a strong start. Steven Routledge told us about Inter Arma, Jerry Joseph and Will Hoge. Gerald Chyzenski touted Stefie Shock. Niklas Nygårds recommended Håkan Hellström (and Outtacontroller!). And Kevin Clement closed us out with a Neil Young cover by Molly Tuttle and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Tue. June 9 -  More listener new music picks from May rounded out of new music coverage this month. Harris King told us about Einstürzende Neubauten. Keith Jacobsen touted Nick Piunti and American Aquarium. Paul Trap recommended the Cudas. And Vasant Ramamurthy closed things out with Rose City Band and a Neil Young cover by Steve Gunn. Bam!

Wed. June 10 - Guest host B.J. Bonin gave us a lesson in unusual time signatures in rock music on Wednesday, with examples from XTC, Kitchens of Distinction, the Monkees, Broken Social Scene and more. He's way smart, ya know — and he rocks.

Thur. June 11 - Jim recently appeared on the podcast Out of Theaters, with Will Pfeifer and Billy Kulpa. They talked about the classic mockumentary This is Spinal Tap. This is part one of that conversation. It goes to 11.

Fri. June 12 -Today's episode is the second part of Jim's conversation with Will and Billy. They get into a conversation about Spinal Tap and they have a good time all the time. While going to 11.

Friday Night Hootenanny! Friday Night Jamboree!

Suburbs Nation, we are unable to see music in person due to the ongoing pandemic. So we’re bringing it to you. Our Friday Night Hootenanny is ON for tonight (Friday June 12)! 

Performing isn't required, just log on, watch and listen. Members of the Community — and perhaps a few special guests — will perform songs in a big, rollicking Zoom session.

And if you can stand it, stick around for the Third Hour. 

"Doors" open at 7.30 ET and the music starts at 8 ET. Come and let your spirit be lifted by the power of music. 


On Deck: Two (Count 'em) Big Interviews

And Patrick was on the road again

Mon. June 15 - Patrick was recently called into urgent family moving duty and it was no small trip: From Virginia to Wisconsin and back again. And the tape recorder was rolling. Some of the time, any way. 

Tue. June 16 & Wed. June 17 - An interview (in two parts) with the amazing Tanya Donelly. Yes, that Tanya Donelly, of Throwing Muses, Breeders and Belly fame. And she's got covers aplenty to tell us about. 

Thur. June 18 & Fri. June 19 - A sprawling two-episode interview with the Jayhawks in which Jim and Patrick attempt to instill order on the entire band hooked up to a Zoom chat. This one promises to be great fun for all. And yes, those Jayhawks. 

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, topics and dates are subject to change. 


The brotherhood of Sam Goody!

I live in … Baton Rouge LA.

I work as … special programs director for East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Court.

My favorite episodes are … the ones on five albums from Talking Heads and Elvis Costello, the Perfect Pop episodes and the Top 15 countdowns.

My favorite artists are … the Cure, R.E.M., Prince, Tom Petty, Dwight Yoakam, Emmylou Harris, the Who, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Pixies.

I have been rebuilding my record collection … since I lost my records in a flood in 2016. I have about 50 vinyl records right now. I do have well over 1,000 CDs, most of which I got as promotional CDs while working at Sam Goody. Fortunately, the CDs survived the flood.

The first album I ever bought was … the Cars’ Heartbeat City. The first single I ever bought was “Le Freak” by Chic.

The first concert I saw was … Shawn Cassidy, thanks to my sister who is seven years older than I am. The first concert I attended that I actually wanted to go to was the Neville Brothers.

I don’t play an instrument … but I did learn the violin when I was about 8 or 9. A broken collar bone ended that career.

I have met some rock stars … thanks to Sam Goody. I have met Luke Skywalker from 2 Live Crew, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, all the members of 98 Degrees, Fred LeBlanc from Cowboy Mouth and Billy Corgan.

My philosophy of life is … peace, love and rock and roll.  Also, you can't take life too seriously; it just may kill you.

The movie quiz will be back next week!

Who's That Band in That Movie? 

In the screenshot below, identify the artist and the movie it comes from, then email with your answers. A random drawing from correct responses will be held each Thursday to choose one winner.

Can you identify this band and the film they appeared in? 



We're known for our modesty, but even we have to admit our monthly new music episodes are impossibly awesome. And what is just as awesome? The playlist that rounds up all the tunes that have been picked out by Jim, Patrick, the interns and our impossibly awesome listener community. 

As a wise man very recently said (texted), "this collects most of the songs we played over five May New Music episodes (two of the songs aren’t on Spotify). Plus, some extras from May. Dig it."


What We're Listening To:

Jim:  Ar-Kaics - Ar-Kives: Volume 1
Mary: Ayanna Witter-Johnson - Road Runner
Matt: Sarah Jarosz - "Hometown"
Patrick: Coriky
Sam: Skee-Lo - "I Wish"
Sami: Moses Sumney - græ: Part 1

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Friday New Releases: 

Depending on where you live, you may indeed be able venture down to a local record shop and pick up some of these freshly-released platters. We are all for that. We are also all for you being careful, respecting your fellow humans and supporting your local record shops in the best way possible. 

The Ar-Kaics - Ar-Kives: Volume 1 (Dig!)
They bill themselves as “Virginia garage punk unknowns.” It says it right there on the album cover. Although they sound as if they could appear on the classic ’60s garage rock compilation Nuggets, this is in fact a contemporary group. Jim knows because he frequents band member Kevin’s record store in Leesburg VA. This album collects several of the Ar-Kaics’ singles (yes, they released 45s). Dig it.

Built To Spill - Built to Spill Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston (Ernest Jenning)
In 2017, indie rock stalwarts Built To Spill served as ultra-lo-fi poet Johnston’s backing band for some shows. Nine month’s after Johnston’s death (Rest In Power), the band pays tribute to a friend and strive to endear his heartfelt songs to new listeners.

Coriky -  s/t (Dischord)
This D.C. trio consists of two former members of Fugazi (Ian Mackaye and Joe Lally) and one former member of the Evens (Amy Farina). The sound on this, their debut album, is somewhere between those two bands, with serpentine melodies and intertwining vocals. And though Mackaye is nearing age 60, his fierce, fiery worldview has mellowed only slightly. 

Quartjar - The Money: Shot (Moot Point)
The Rockin’ the Suburbs house band (you hear them play the theme music every day) makes good on a promise to record songs written for fans who helped fund a previous album (it’s the 21st century way). This EP contains four tracks of cosmic rock that may have been intended for specific ears but is sure to win over the hearts and minds of all who hear it.

Various - In the Key of the Creek: A Craig of the Creek Musical (WaterTower/Turner)
Hey, Jeff Rosenstock fans! Just a couple of weeks after he released his latest album, now comes a soundtrack album for a Cartoon Network show with all songs written by … Jeff Rosenstock. You won’t hear him sing, however; vocals are provided by the show’s cast. But the songs are snappy, smart and fun and, as kids music goes, much more Banana Splits than Barney.  
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