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Number 209. August 13, 2022.
THE WEEK AHEAD: AUGUST 15-20                                                        
Podcast: Episodes recorded at Suburbs Fest Midwest!

Musical Milestone: On August 16, 1975, music papers in England published a statement from Peter Gabriel titled "Out Angels Out." In it, he explained that he had become disillusioned with the music industry and was leaving the band he co-founded, Genesis, effective immediately. By 1977 he had returned to making music, releasing his self-titled debut album in March. Genesis continued as a band, but had little success. The name of the singer who replaced Gabriel has been lost to history. 

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Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – DC area

  • Thursday Sept. 29 – Live Hootenanny - VFW Post 350. 6pm.
  • Friday Sept. 30 – Frank Muffin and the HalFSmokes show at Hank Dietle’s in Rockville MD. 9pm.
  • Saturday Oct 1 – Show at American Legion Post 41: Wingtip Sloat/ Apollo 66/ Late Earth/ J. Schnitt. 7.30pm.
MIKE'S BEER BEAT                                                                                  
New or notable, classic or quaffable, Mike is pouring a glass of it.

Beer: RhinO’fest
Style: Marzen lager
ABV: 5.5%
Brewer: Lost Rhino Brewing Co.

Mike Sez: Fests are fun whether focused on music or beer. Marzen is a style of beer, probably first made in the 16th century to serve at harvest festivals in the fall. It got its name from the word “marz," which means March in German. These days most people call the beer “Oktoberfest,” but “marzen” remains correct.

Conclusion: Lost Rhino’s RhinO’fest is the first Oktoberfest I had this season. It’s a fine example of a traditional marzen with a dark, reddish tint and malty, biscuity flavor. RhinO’fest does differ in that it has about the same alcohol level as the brewery’s pilsner; typically an Oktoberfest beer is 0.5 to 1% stronger than a brewery’s pilsner.

Some possible music pairings: Neil Young’s Harvest album, Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On,” on the band’s second album, or Joe Walsh’s But Seriously Folks, which includes the song “Indian Summer.”
MUSIC: LIVE FROM SUBURBS FEST MIDWEST                                           
Scott Parks put it perfectly on Twitter, so we'll just quote him for the introduction to this week's recommended listening:

"If you weren’t lucky enough to attend Suburbs Fest Midwest or missed the live stream of night 1, click this link for over four and a half hours of awesomeness! 🤘🏻"

We are working to add an "Album Spotlight" (see this example) to the newsletter each week and are looking for occasional contributors. No writing experience necessary (though you should know how to spell a few words), just enthusiasm for the album in question. Any and all albums are fair game: old, new, borrowed or (kinda) blue. Contribute once or once a week. 

If you're interested, just let us know by emailing us here. Thanks! 
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Jason: Tai Verdes - "LAst dAy oN EaRTh" (pictured)
Patrick: The O'Jays – Travelin' At The Speed Of Thought
Sam: Atlanta Rhythm Section - "So Into You" 
Sami: The Beaches - "Grow Up Tomorrow"
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