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The Week That Was: Back to the New Normal 

Patrons, patrons, patrons. We love 'em. 


Monday, Feb. 3 - Nate Scott has a very cool new podcast called The Sneak. He joined us to talk about this true crime and sports pod. Check it out when you're all caught up with Suburbs Pod. And if you don't know them already, be sure to get into Blitzen Trapper, who we feature in this episode. 

Tuesday, Feb. 4 -  We rambled on with good friend, Patron (and longtime Super Bowl Champion KC Chiefs fan) Mike Snider about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Who's in, who's out and who's up for some Doobie Brothers?  

Wednesday, Feb. 5 - The amazing Noah Crane stepped up to the mic on Wednesday, and served up a band we haven't discussed much on the pod: Counting Crows. Dig into this episode and let the memories come flooding back.  

Thursday, Feb. 6 -  Eric Lohrenz is back for his second consecutive Thursday appearance, this time talking about music close to Patrick's heart: African rock and pop. Africa Rocks! is also the theme of this week's playlist. Scroll on down to get the link for those jams. Thanks Eric!

Friday, Feb. 7 - Nick Scalera comes up with another thoughtful and intriguing topic: The Chameleons. If you don't know this English band, we think you're going to head down a rabbit hole this weekend. Patrick sure did. You might even be able to answer the question: What does anything mean? Basically.

On Deck:  Heather Valley, Steven Routledge, New Music and Mailbag

Um, no one checked the mail during January? That explains that funky smell. 

Monday, Feb. 10  - The Vinyl Junkie — aka Scott Parks — came up with another amazing idea for his Patron episode. He introduces us to singer/songwriter Heather Valley.  This is a conversation/interview unlike anything we've done on Suburbs Pod. Just look at that picture up there!

Tuesday, Feb. 11 - We tee up two calls from the inimitable Steven Routledge on Tuesday. In one, he talks about new music from December and his favorite music from 2019. In the other, he talks about new music from January and even more favorite music from 2019.

Wednesday, Feb. 12 - We play more calls about 2019 favorites, from listeners who said they forgot to send them on deadline. We’ll let them have their say. The stragglers are Kevin Clement, Craig Rosen and Jay Ignacio

Thursday, Feb. 13 -  New music from January. Time for Jim and Patrick to get off their butts and dig into the new releases. 

Friday, Feb. 14 - This Valentine's Day edition will feature new music picks. We love new music. We want it to be our Valentine. 

Live show alert! Live show alert!

ATTENTION: If you are somewhere, anywhere, near Vienna, Va. on Wed, March 4, 2020, head immediately to Jammin Java. We are putting on a live show counting down the best songs by The Who. Who's Best, if you will.

In addition to witty banter, sharp insights, and plenty of ear-splitting song clips, there will be special guests (actually from England in one case), giveaways and a very special Patrick Powerpoint Presentation on his personal collection of Who vinyl. Fun times for all! 

Get your tickets NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!

Demolition Means Progress!

I live in … St. Paul MN

I work as a … geologist

My favorite episode is … 502 - Escape to Lollapalooza. That's a story! 

My record collection consists of … several hundred tapes and CDs. I unloaded most of my vinyl in the ’90s, which I regret. I'm drawn towards bootlegs/recordings of live sets, which might be a bit different from most people.

My most prized record is … the worn Monkees LP that I had as a kid, and still have thanks to my mom, who saved it.

The first record I ever bought was … On vinyl: [cover Patrick's ears] Genesis’ 3 Sides Live. On cassette: Billy Squier’s Don't Say No, which was worth every cent. On CD: The Pogues’ Hell's Ditch, also worth the money.

The last record I bought was … a bunch of used ones, since I'm cheap. But Stef Chura’s Midnight is the last new one.

The first concert I saw was … as a kid with parents (that I can remember): The Osmonds and the Oak Ridge Boys. Without my parents: Billy Squier and Def Leppard as a 13-year-old.

The best concert I’ve seen was … Back in the late 80s, as a struggling young student at the University of Minnesota, I got to see Bob Mould play his acoustic 12-string and sing songs on campus like he was busking. But he wasn't busking (no hat or open case). Even though I loved Husker Du, I had no idea who he was. This was probably because of the acoustic guitar, and the songs he played were then-unreleased Workbook songs. The music hit me like a truck. I missed a lot of classes watching him play in parking ramps for an audience of me and four other people.

I play … guitar, bass, vocals, recording, mixing, etc. My band is Demolition Means Progress. Check us out on Bandcamp. We have a new EP, Undefined Horizon, coming soon— with thanks to Randall Brown for inspiring me to add certain effects to a song.


On Thursday of this week (yesterday for those of you who devour our newsletter the same day it arrives), we did an episode with our pal Eric Lohrenz in which we discussed African music. The gist of it was: African music f***king rocks. To celebrate that sentiment, Eric and Patrick collaborated on this week's playlist. Hope you dig it. And keep in mind, we're barely scratching the surface. 


Suburbs Pod Guests On Tour,  Feb 7-23

What else are you gonna do? Go outside? It's February!

Jesse Dayton (episode 709)

Feb. 7 - Montclair NJ - Bandwidth Inn
Feb. 8 - Peace Dale RI - Roots Hoot House Concerts
Feb. 9 - Cambridge MA - Atwood’s Tavern
Feb. 10 - Brooklyn NY - Skinny Dennis
Feb. 11 - New Haven CT - Cafe Nine
Feb. 13 - Chattanooga TN - Songbirds North
Feb. 15 - Nashville TN - The Basement
Feb. 17 - Nashville TN - City Winery
Feb. 21 - Houston TX - McGonigel’s Mucky Duck
Feb. 22 - Beaumont TX - Event Centre
Feb. 23 - New Braunfels TX - Gruene Hall

Dot Dash (episode 492)

Feb. 9 - Washington DC - Slash Run (opening for the Delarcos)

Fishbone (episode 628)

Feb. 22 - Orlando FL - Rising Vibes Reggae and Ska Festival

Matt Holubowski (episode 437)

Feb. 18 - Sainte-Genevieve QC - Salle Pauline-Julien

I’m With Her (episode 403)

Feb. 14-16 - Riviera Maya, Mexico - Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds music festival

Maggie Rose (episode 703)

Feb. 6-8 - Isla Mujeres, Mexico - Island Time Music Festival
Feb. 11 - Nashville TN - Grand Ole Opry House
Feb. 18 - Nashville TN - Grand Ole Opry House

Tommy Stinson (episode 110)

Feb. 19 - Pottsville PA - Hucklebucks
Feb. 20 - Bordentown NJ - Randy Now’s Man Cave
Feb. 21 - Baltimore MD - Waverly Brewing Co.
Feb. 22 - Richmond VA - Chilton House
Feb. 23 - Norfolk VA - Hive Collective

Heather Valley (coming soon to Rockin’ the Suburbs)

Feb. 8 - Hamilton ON - This Ain’t Hollywood

White Reaper (episode 399)

Feb. 14 - Milwaukee WI - The Rave/Eagles Club (opening for Motion City Soundtrack)
Feb. 15-17 - Minneapolis MN - Fillmore Minneapolis (opening for Motion City Soundtrack) 
Feb. 20 - Omaha NE - Slowdown
Feb. 22 - Kansas City MO - The Church of Lazlo’s E.D. Party
Feb. 23 - Tulsa OK - Vanguard

What We're Listening To:

Jim: Warren Zevon Sentimental Hygiene
Mary: Gregory Porter All Rise
Matt: Waxahatchee "Fire"
Patrick: Various Artists AK79
Sam: beabadoobee "She Plays Bass"
Sami: Alicia Keys HERE

Last but Never Ever Least... Friday New Releases!

Our award-winning new release roundup is probably not a good this week since Patrick wrote some of it. But don't let that stop you from chucking the gang into the station wagon and peeling out toward Kemp Mill Records to grab these platters while they are still smokin' hot.

Antibalas - Fu Chronicles (Daptone)
This Brooklyn outfit's spiritual home is the Kalakuta Republic in Nigeria, but they've settled in nicely on the Daptone label. Fu Chronicles is their fourth for Daptone and it continues the percolating Afrobeat that they have honed to a fine edge in their 20 years of existence. Antibalas (which translates from the Spanish as "bulletproof") are storming across the U.S. of A on tour starting next week. Once you witness their hip-swiveling, sprawling live show, you'll be instantly hooked. 

Green Day - Father of All … (Reprise)
This is a family newsletter, so we won't print the full title of this one, the first from Billie Joe & Co. since 2016's largely forgettable Revolution Radio. Armstrong told the NME that the album is "the New! soul, Motown, glam and manic anthemic. Punks, freaks and punishers!" Presumably all rolled into one. 

Ian Ferguson - Junk (County Fair)
Just to be clear, this is not the Scottish Ian Ferguson, who scored the winning goal for St. Mirren in the 1987 Scottish Cup Final. In fact, this Ferguson is from Nashville and he writes on his Facebook page that "this record is a compilation of scraps, leftovers, and unreleased tracks from the State of Gold sessions." That record got some excellent critical notices and it seems Fergie has learned the lessons of The Who's Odds and Sods very well indeed. 

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun (Dead Oceans)
On the surface, this four-song collaboration EP between the arty, world-music flecked Khruangbin (from Houston) and evocative singer-songwriter Bridges (from Fort Worth) seems like fun: a handful songs about driving across Texas. Inside the grooves, though, it's like many collabs: both sides feel like they are being awfully conscious of not stepping on the other's toes. As a result, most of the music sounds like it's barely there at all. 

The Lone Bellow - Half Moon Light (Dualtone)
This LP was produced by the National’s Aaron Dessner (not sure if that's a good or bad thing), but the Bellow seem to revel in the dark, mysterious worlds between light and dark, awake and asleep and pico de gallo and salsa. Well, maybe not that last part, but singer Kanene Donehey Pipkin possesses a very unique voice that is worth multiple streams. 

Nada Surf - Never Not Together (Barsuk)
Matthew Caws' haunting vocals have been the centerpiece of Nada Surf's melodic, introspective guitar pop since the mid-90s. And except for one incident, they have flown below the radar of many music fans. Never Not Together sounds like another great Nada Surf record: by turns beautiful, wistful and capable of evoking Teenage Fanclub, Big Star and Nick Drake with a simple bridge. 

Shopping - All or Nothing (FatCat)
This UK post-punk trio follows up 2018's excellent The Official Body with this new one, chock full of tensed up guitar, jumpy rhythms and plenty of those clever tricks that bands with only three instruments seem to come up with. They write some penetrating lyrics, too, but really, they had us at "UK post-punk trio." 

Stone Temple Pilots - Perdida (Play Pen/Rhino)
It has been pointed out that "Perdida" is a Spanish word that pretty much translates in English to "lost." And the group have admitted there is flute on this album. We'll just leave that right there and move on to...

Supersuckers - Play That Rock-N-Roll (Acetate)
A band that would NEVER agree to have flute on their album. Especially this new one, which comes banging on your door in the middle of the night with tracks like "You Ain't the Boss of Me," "Dead, Jail or Rock and Roll," "Ain't Gonna Stop" and the soon-to-be family classic, "Gettin' Into Each Other's Pants." Keep your foot on the accelerator boys, we're all strapped in for the ride. 

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