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Number 203. June 24, 2022.
THE WEEK AHEAD: JUNE 27-JULY 1                                                        
Podcast: Patron things are happening. 

Happy Birthday: Colin Hay (June 29, 1953); T-Pain (June 30, 1985); Debbie Harry (July 1, 1945); Missy Elliot (July 1,1971).

Album Anniversaries: The Soft Boys - Underwater Moonlight (June 28, 1980); Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (June 28, 1988); James Brown - Live at the Apollo (June 29, 1963); Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (June 29, 1998); The Band - Music From Big Pink (July 1, 1968).

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Aug. 4-6, 2022 – Chicago area

  • Thursday Aug. 4 – Live Hootenanny at Arlington Ale House. 7.30pm
  • Friday Aug 5 – Record a 10-minute podcast w/ Jim & Patrick. You pick the topic. 5pm. Arlington Ale House.
  • Friday Aug. 5 - Frank Muffin show at Arlington Ale House. 9pm.
  • Saturday Aug 6 – Show at Hidden Cove: Demolition Means Progress/The Stick Arounds/Cutest Nuisance. 6pm. 


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Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – DC area

  • Thursday Sept. 29 – Live Hootenanny - VFW Post 350. 6pm.
  • Friday Sept. 30 – Frank Muffin and the HalFSmokes show at Hank Dietle’s in Rockville MD. 9pm.
  • Saturday Oct 1 – Show at American Legion Post 41: Wingtip Sloat/ Apollo 66/ Late Earth/ J. Schnitt. 7.30pm.
MIKE'S BEER BEAT                                                                                  
New or notable, classic or quaffable, Mike is pouring a glass of it.

Beer: Hootenanny 
Style: Kölsch
ABV: 4.8%
Brewer: Forest City Brewery 

Mike Sez: One of the styles that helped wean me from an almost-exclusive diet of IPAs and pale ales was kölsch beer.

The Mad Fox Brewing Co. in Falls Church (Rest in Power -- Ed.) won a gold medal at the 2011 Great American Beer festival for its Kellerbier Kölsch. I had always chosen to drink the Orange Whip IPA or some other bitter beer when visiting there (it’s since closed, unfortunately). But I decided I should expand my palate for a medal-winner.

I found the clean, crisp and hoppy beer as complex as any other. There’s a reason for that: kölsch is made with ale yeast (like a pale ale), but goes through its finishing phase at cold temperatures like a lager.

Conclusion: Enter the Hootenanny kölsch, a six-pack of which was sent to my by friend of the podcast Jon Hyman. This beer is brewed by Forest City Brewery, a Cleveland brewery on the site of a century-old tavern and constructed with bricks from a 19th century brewery.

The amber-colored brew gets an earthy character in part from Ohio-grown hops. It holds up if it warms a bit, but it’s so quaffable you won’t let it get too warm before you want another. This beer is perfect for a hootenanny, whether you attend in person or over Zoom.
PLAYLIST: TODD RUNDGREN ON BEARSVILLE                                      
This week, we featured Bearsville Records on an edition of What Was First on the day that was also Todd Rundgren's birthday. 

If you still have Todd on your mind, here's a massive 157-song playlist that purports to round up all the albums Mr. Rundgren released on Bearsville. If you start now, you should be able to get finished by the end of the weekend!

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WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO                                                                   

Mary: Cirque Du Soleil - Algeria 
Matt: First Aid Kit - "Angel"
Patrick: Various Artists - Making Losers Happy 
Sami: Harry Styles - "As it Was"
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