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Cable Ties 

The Week That Was: Rockin' From Separate Basements 

Rest in Power Adam and Bill, new music from Dylan and March picks from Jim and Patrick. 

Mon. April 6 - We paid our respects to and marveled at the musical legacy of Adam Schlesinger. Jim and Patrick discuss Fountains of Wayne, Ivy, and Adam's film work. Rest in Power. 

Tue. April 7 - The man who wrote "Lean on Me" and "Ain't No Sunshine," Bill Withers, also left our earthly plane recently. We'll take a look at his career, legacy and influence and his amazing personal journey. 

Wed. April 8 - Intern Sam joined the guys from a freehweelin' discussion of Bob Dylan's sprawling "A Murder Most Foul," a surprise single release that Bob described as "an unreleased song we recorded a while back that you might find interesting."

Thur. April 9 - Patrick led off the March new music brigade with songs from Maria McKee, Waxahatchee, Shabaka and the Ancestors. 

Fri. April 10 - Today, Jim closes out another challenging week with songs to get your mind where it should be: on music. Hit play to enjoy the delights of Rookie, Cable Ties, Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real and Hakan Hellstrom.

Friday Night Jamboree! Friday Night Hootenanny! 

Suburbs Nation, we are all are stuck at home and unable to see music in person. So we’re bringing it to you. Our Friday Night Hootenanny is ON for tonight (Friday April 10)! 

Members of the Community — and perhaps a few special guests — will perform some songs in a big Zoom group session. Performing isn't required, just log on, watch and listen.

"Doors" open at 7.30 ET and the music starts at 8 ET. Come and let your spirit be lifted by the power of music. 


On Deck: Rest in Power John Prine 

Plus, new music from the interns, Steven Routledge and you, listener! 

Mon. April 13 - This one hurts. We gather to say goodbye to the amazing John Prine, who lived an amazing musical life. Rest in Power, John. 

Tue. April 14 - Interns Sam, Matt, Mary and Sami serve up some of their favorite new releases from the month of March. We love this new feature! 

Wed. April 15 - The inimitable Steven Routledge stays strong and marches on, literally, with his always-great new music episode. Many thanks for all you do, Steven! 

Thur. April 16 - Not to be outdone by Jim, Patrick, the interns and Steven, our listeners weigh in with their picks for best songs from March. It's a new music cornucopia! 

Fri. April 17 - TBD.

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, topics and dates are subject to change. 


Valparaiso Rocks! 

I live in … Valparaiso IN

I work as a … fifth-grade teacher, and the Suburbs Pod playlist manager

I discovered “Rockin’ the Suburbs” … as a fan of the old show. I found out about the new one through social media.

The first record I ever bought was … country music. Maybe the Oak Ridge Boys? I do know the first "rock" album I bought: Thriller!

The last concert I saw was … Ben Kweller at Basement East in Nashville with my brother and his girlfriend back in November. Went for the weekend for a wedding, and this was an added bonus. If things were normal, this answer would have been Drive-By Truckers with a number of the Suburbs Pod community.

My favorite song is … "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding" as performed by Elvis Costello & the Attractions and written by the great Nick Lowe

I play … a number of instruments, but not very well. I can play guitar, bass, piano/keys, and harmonica. Did all of those when I was in a band back in the mid-2000s.

I am drinking … Sex and Candy by 18th Street Brewery. This is a local brewery that has interesting names for their beers, and they do many tasty IPAs. This is one.


We mourn and celebrate the late John Prine in our Monday episode, and many of us have spent time with his musical legacy to cushion the blow. One member of our community — the awesome Scott Boyken — put together this fabulous playlist and was kind enough to share it with all of us. Thank you Scott. Rest in power Mr. Prine. 

What We're Listening To:

Jim: Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud 
Mary: clipping. Splendor and Misery 
Matt: The Beths - "Dying to Believe" 
Patrick: Shabaka and the Ancestors We Are Sent Here By History
Sam: Original Soundtrack: Saturday Night Fever 
Sami: Pinc Louds "Watching Snow"

We got the goods and the good are for sale!

Suburbs Pod Merch Table 


We've got 8-track logo t-shirts, bottle openers, pint glasses and stickers! Get 'em while they're hot at the Suburbs Pod merch table! 

And if you are a Patron of the Pod, you get 20% off all products. And no matter how many items you buy, shipping is only five (count 'em) 5 bucks. 

The (Good) Friday New Release Bonanza!

Nothing can stop the fresh wax and boy do we need it. So fire up an online hangout and discuss which of these new platters you're going to order from your local record shop. Every new release counts. 

The Dream Syndicate - The Universe Inside (Anti)
Got some time on your hands? Can’t leave the house? Take a psychedelic trip with L.A.’s Dream Syndicate. This album clocks in at just under an hour, with five songs! You could do the math on that, or let your brain focus more on the music.

Hamilton Leithauser - The Loves of Your Life (Glassnote)
The former Walkmen singer’s latest solo album has a certain expected bombast, but also some more playful tunes. Press play.

Local H - Lifers (AntiFragile)
This Illinois duo celebrates 30 years of hard rocking. With the legendary Steve Albini behind the board, this album sounds as fresh as anything they put out in their younger days.

Laura Marling - Song for our Daughter (Chrysalis/Partisan)
Not so many artists make straight-on folk music anymore. Most everything today prefers an adjective - “indie” or “alt” or “modern” or some other qualifier to signify that this acoustic music isn’t stuck in the past. Marling cares not about that; her seventh album is pure in song and style.

The Strokes - The New Abnormal (Cult/RCA)
In 2001, the Strokes released one of rock music’s great debut albums. It was a sonic blast that made us feel like music had been reborn once again—and that guitar-bass-drums would last forever. But their signature slop-pop couldn’t sustain itself, and this New York band has struggled to evolve its sound. This album has some nice tunes, but still makes one wonder, Is this it?

Webb Wilder - Night Without Love (Landslide)
This roots rocker — once self-described as “the last of the full-grown men” — has been laying music to tape since the mid-‘80s. His classic American sound makes us yearn for the days when we can see live music in bars again. Wasn’t playing behind chicken wire a form of social distancing?
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