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The Week That Was: Who's Best: LIVE

Mon. March 16 - We settled in at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Va. and, in front of a live audience, started to count down the Who’s greatest songs. Your votes gave us songs 15, 14 and 13. And no, "Magic Bus" didn't make it. 

Tue. March 17 - In addition to revealing songs 12, 11, and 10. We played some trivia: Can you match the lyrics to the song? Play along by hitting play on Tuesday's episode now. And no, "A Quick One" didn't make it. 

Wed. March 18 - Gary O’Hanlon of Cafe Kindred/Townshend Bar joined to talk about his love of the Who (and a certain creepy song). We also broke into the top 10 with songs 9, 8 and 7. And no, "Squeeze Box" didn't make it. 

Thur. March 19 - We played more Who trivia, this one a bit on the esoteric side. Listen back to it — and how much trouble our contestants had with it. Oh and we reveal songs 6, 5 and 4. And no, "Eminence Front" didn't make it. 

Fri. March 20 - Today brings the big reveal: what was the No. 1 Who song? Plus, audience members make their final pleas for other songs they love. And no, "My Wife" didn't make it. 
Virtual Hootenanny alert! Virtual Hootenanny alert!

Suburbs Nation, we know you are stuck at home and can’t go see live music. So we’re working to bring it to you. Join our special Virtual Hootenanny tonight (Friday March 20), where members of the Community will perform some songs in a big Skype group session.

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On Deck: Mike and Julie! Scott Parks! Tribute Songs! 

And two episodes jam packed with correspondence. 

Mon. March 23 - In our last in-person recording before the isolation hits, we hung out with Mike and Julie Snider and had a wonderful, free-ranging conversation about how music plays a part in married life. Instant Classic! 

Tue. March 24 - Scott Parks joins us for a deep dive into Pussy Cats, the legendary Harry Nilsson-John Lennon project. Be prepared for some high-level geeking out over this 1974 classic. 

Wed. March 25 - Kevin Goff and Rob Gates join Jim in the basement, while Patrick joins via Skype from his basement. First up is a fun discussion on tribute songs. As in "Alex Chilton" by that one band. 

Thur. March 26 - It's correspondence time! Kevin and Rob help us dig into the mailbags and come up with some thoughts from our listeners on The Kinks. Which goes back to a Patron episode from Scott Parks. 

Fri. March 27 - We wrap up the week with some correspondence about drinking songs, as Jim, Kevin and Rob dug into a bottle of the good stuff. 

Pictured: Rob, with mother, Cora, and son, Sam, at Rob's 50th birthday extravaganza a few weeks ago.

I live in … Virginia Beach VA
I work as … a videographer at NASA Langley Research Center 
My favorite episodes are ... Clash Week.  I was on a business trip and it was great to have that theme for the five days I was away from home. And c'mon, it's a week of talking about the only band that matters. But even if there's an episode on which I don't particularly care for the music, I still really enjoy the discussion — the dulcet tones of Jim Lenahan and Patrick Foster. 

My record collection is … sadly, pretty much non-
existent. I ditched all my hair band vinyl when CDs came out.  Along with The Police, The Cars, Talking Heads. Ugh, it's damn near a crime what I did. My brother is 14 years older than I am, and growing up he had what I thought was just the coolest collection of albums and 45s. He still has it all (he was the smart one) — Chicago, Boz Scaggs, Bob Seger, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, all the Motown and Atlantic soul artists, etc. That was really my first introduction to pop music. For as much as we like to still bust out our Van Halen and Ramones shirts, I can easily slip into "Wouldn't It Be Nice" or "Bernadette" with a smile on my face. 
The first concert I saw was … The Cars, Shake It Up Tour, 1982, William & Mary Hall. Nick Lowe & the Chaps opened. I was 12 years old; my brother took me on a school night, and at the time it was the greatest thing I had ever seen and heard in my life.

The last concert I saw was … Elvis Costello & the Imposters at The Norva. I was completely hammered on double vodka sodas and have no recollection of leaving the venue. I think I had a good time, but my wife may beg to differ.     

My favorite lyric is …"Breathe out so I can breathe you in, hold you in" from "Everlong." That holds a special place in my heart. When you're trying to describe how close you wish you could feel someone next to you, in your heart.  Well … it just makes sense.  
I once met a rock star … Clarence Clemons. The Big Man! He came into the video production company I was working for at the time to have a copy of a VHS tape made. This was when Bruce had put out Human Touch and Lucky Town, and we were wondering/waiting if he was ever going to ever play with the full E Street Band again. I didn't ask for an autograph or a picture. I just told him how much I really enjoyed the music and that I hoped we'd see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band together again. He smiled that big smile and said it was going to happen. He was right!   
My favorite basketball team is … James Madison University. I graduated from there, so I've gotta rep the Dukes of JMU!
My favorite EPL team is … Liverpool Football Club YNWA  
My philosophy of life is .. Be nice. I get it, it's hard. My emotions get the best of me in all kinds of ways. Good, bad, and everything in between. But hey, remember in Roadhouse when Dalton was telling the other bouncers how to handle a situation? He said be nice. Of course, until it's time to not be nice. 


Listener Mike Wagner had an idea: Let’s all support smaller, independent artists who may really be struggling without tour income now. And so Justin Steiner, who curates weekly playlists with the Suburbs Pod community, engaged other listeners, and the results are here. Play it on a loop.

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What We're Listening To:

Jim: John Mellencamp "Longest Days"
Mary: Tobago and d'Lime - "Love Thy Neighbour"
Matt: The Tragically Hip "New Orleans is Sinking" 
Patrick: Carissa's Weird - They'll Only Miss You When You Leave
Sam: HAIM -  "The Steps" 
Sami: Jax Anderson - Heal 

New Release Friday! New Release Friday! New Release Friday!

Our award-winning new release newsletter is back with a pile of steaming hot platters. Fire up your PayPal account and get these delivered fresh to your front stoop. 

Eliza & the Delusionals - A State of Liberty in an Objective Reality (Cooking Vinyl)
This Australian indie band was set for a big year on the festival circuit. But their upbeat guitar pop will put you in a festive mood at home too.

Roger Eno and Brian Eno - Mixing Colours (Opal/Deutshche Grammophon)
Brian Eno is a musical savant. His brother Roger is a gifted pianist. Working together, they make rather dreary ambient music that unfortunately comes off as ill-timed. Put on those Eliza & the Delusionals tunes again.

Game Theory - Across the Barrier of Sound: PostScript (Omnivore)
Led by Scott Miller, Game Theory was one of the most underrated indie bands of the Eighties, interweaving ingenious wordplay, power pop hooks and a remarkable intellectual streak. The band was extant from 1982-1990 and this record documents recordings made by the last of their ever-shifting lineups. Michael Quercio (Three O' Clock) and some of Miller's former collaborators made up this version of the group, and Across the Barrier of Sound: PostScript offers unreleased songs in a mix of home and studio and live recordings, while serving as a wonderful final look at a fantastic band. 

Adam Lambert - Velvet (More is More/Empire)
If you know Lambert as the guy who fills in for Freddie Mercury on Queen tours, you’re not likely to be attracted to this album. Instead of Brian May guitar and Roger Taylor drums, you get synths and electronic beats. But if you dig Justin Timberlake-style modern pop, this album just might rock you.

Gordon Lightfoot - Solo (Rhino)
This album from the he famed singer-songwriter features songs he wrote in the early 2000s, before suffering health problems. The arrangements are as basic as can be: Just a guitar and a voice, with emotions that still need to be expressed.

Morrissey - I am not a Dog on a Chain (BMG)
Reviews call this a return to form for the pioneering mope rocker. Press play at your own risk.

The Weeknd - After Hours (XO/Republic)
The “Can’t Feel My Face” singer goes mostly slow-jammy on his latest album. It’s long build, but eventually we get a couple of upbeat numbers in “In Your Eyes” and “Save Your Tears.” Isn’t that what we really want after a long week?
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