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Volume four. Number 14. April 15, 2022.
Scott & Nick & Kevin & What Came First

Monday, April 18 - Scott Parks joins Patrick for take a look inside the world of Boston Spaceships.

Tuesday April 19 & Wednesday, April 20 - Jim and Patrick are joined by Kevin Goff & Nick Scalera for a look at the career of Australian jangle-masters The Church. 

Thursday, April 21 & Friday, April 22 - Two more editions of What Came First, in which Patrick examines the very first records released on iconic labels. 

Monday, April 25 - Friday, April 29 - New Music from March!



Plans are moving along for two Suburbs Fests this year. Make your plans now.


Aug. 4-6, 2022 – Chicago area

  • Thursday Aug. 4 – Live Hootenanny at Arlington Ale House in Arlington Heights, IL.
  • Friday Aug 5 – Frank Muffin show at Arlington Ale House. 
  • Saturday Aug 6 – Rock and Roll Show 



Sept. 29-Oct. 1 – DC area

  • Thursday Sept. 29 – Live Hootenanny at venue TBD
  • Friday Sept. 30 – Frank Muffin and the HalFSmokes show at Hank Dietle’s in Rockville MD.
  • Saturday Oct 1 – Wingtip Sloat, Apollo 66 and TBD at American Legion in Silver Spring MD. 
SUBURBS POD RADIO NEWS                                                                    
The most important radio station in the history of the world.

Rockin' the Suburbs Radio is now streaming music 24/7 at   For those of you who are Alexa enabled, we have a new skill in the Amazon AppStore!  You can enable directly in the Alexa app and then start it by saying “Open Suburbs Radio."

Some selected highlights:

3-4 pm ET Fridays: Mackensi Crenshaw brings you Mac’s Mix and cuts the average age of our DJs in half.

9-11 am ET Saturdays: Kevin Bartlett brings some Saturday morning jams to the airwaves on Jammin’ with Kevin.

All Day Saturday and Sunday: Catch replays of all of the shows from this week.

7-9 pm ET Sundays: Join Scott Parks as he plays selections from his personal collection of CDs, tapes, and vinyl records on My Collection. 

4-5 pm ET Mondays: Don’t worry you won’t have to see the forest to hear the forest on From The Woods with Noah Crane.

5-7 pm ET Mondays and Thursdays: Patrick Foster (aka The Mr. Patty) takes you on trips your feeble mind never considered, or even thought possible on Red, Hot & Brew. Slurp Slurp!

11:30 am ET Tuesdays: We have your lunch plans covered.  Tune into the Lunchtime Garbage Plate Show with Rob Gates.  You won’t leave hungry.

3-4 pm ET Wednesdays: Zack Kruse whistles past the graveyard on Mutant Graveyard.

4-5 pm ET Thursdays: Nick Scalera brings you Anything Could Happen.  We can be sure that some New Zealand tunes will be spun.

It's all at, Peoples! (With cool shows added regularly.) 
MIKE'S BEER BEAT                                                                                
New or notable, classic or quaffable, Mike is pouring a glass of it.

Beer: Delta Double 
Variety: Double India Pale Ale 
ABV: 8.5%
Brewer: Copper City Brewing Company 

Mike Sez: Some of you may have had beer made by this Rome, New York, brewery thanks to Mike Kohli, who is part of the establishment’s beer crew and entertainment booker — as well as a beloved member of the RTS community.

Copper City has now begun canning its own beers, as opposed to strictly making crowlers. That led to me getting to try a trio of beers, but of course I gravitated to the Double IPA. For me, Double IPAs are like a double-album from one of your favorite bands: They hit a little harder and last a little longer, allowing you to savor the experience.

Conclusion: This clear medium-amber DIPA harkens back to what is now a classic style. There’s a hint of citrus, but it’s not dominant as it would be in a New England IPA or the ubiquitous hazy IPA. Balancing the flavor is a pleasant resiny bitterness and caramel malty character that, hopefully, prevents you from slamming this brew. It’s not made for that. Put on a classic rock album — or a triple platter like The Clash’s Sandinista — and sit back and relish the ride.
FEATURED PLAYLIST: INSTRUMENTAL MADNESS!                                   

In today's episode, Bill Mulligan picked out some of his favorite instrumental songs (by artists who usually have vocals on their tracks). That got us to thinking that starting up a collaborative playlist based on his idea would be a very good thing to do. 

So put your thinking caps on and come up with your best instrumental songs (by artists who usually have vocals on their tracks). Click this link to add them to the playlist. Happy no-vocals to all!

WHAT WE'RE LISTENING TO                                                                  

Matt:  Orville Peck - Bronco 
Mary:  salem ilese - (feat. TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Alan Walker) - "PS5"
Patrick: Lee Bains & the Glory Fires - "God's A-Working, Man" 
Sam: Pink Floyd (featuring Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox) - "Hey, Hey, Rise Up" 
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Jason Pae, Sami Reed, Matt Windeler

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