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What Goes On: A Rockin' the Suburbs Newsletter

Volume 1. Number 4.  April 26 , 2019. 
Absolutely Don Z. 

The Week That Was: Correspondence and Don Z: Live!

  • On Monday, Listeners told us about new music they’ve been digging. With picks from NoLa Zac, Jesse Morin, Enrique Cruz and Steven Routledge.
  • Tuesday was more correspondence from our amazing community. Calls from Gerald Chyzenski from Ireland by way of Canada, Scott from Georgia USA, Kjell Arne Sandvik from Norway and Steven Routledge from Scotland.
  • Wednesday was the first of a three part broadcast of our live event with legendary producer, performer and surfer Don Zientara. Earlier this month we talked with Don, listened to exclusive live performances of his songs and watched as the audience asked questions. 
  • Thursday was Don Part II. He discussed working with Charlottesville noise weirdos the Happy Flowers and plays two of his own songs: “You Come” and “Jr. Heartbreaker.”
  • Friday's episode wrapped up the week with more Don Z-ness. He took audience questions and talked about that time Foo Fighters recorded at his studio. Don also played “Into the Daylight” and “All of the Pieces.”
Ain't nothin' but a New Zealand thang 

On Deck: Flying Nun Week II

  • Prepare to scream in joy or run for the hills in terror. IT'S BACK.... Flying Nun Week II. Our resident Flying Nun scholar Nick Scalera descends the stairs to Patrick's basement and doesn't emerge until the second installment of music, bands and legends from New Zealand's Flying Nun Records is complete. 
  • This year, we talk (and talk some more) about this beautiful, strange, odd and wonderful stuff called Flying Nun. There are deeper dives into classic bands, music from the 1990s, New New Zealand tunes (got that?) and plenty of music. You'll even learn about Pickle Darling and find out if you like This Kind of Punishment. 

Wayback Machine: Flying Nun Week I, duh

  • What else do you think you should listen to in preparation for next week's epic episodes? Episodes 330, 331, 332, 333 and 334 make up the original FN Week. You're gonna need the whole weekend to listen to 'em, too. 
  • And while you're at it, spin our Martin Phillips interview, too. It's much shorter. 

What We're Listening To: 

  • Sam: Tears for Fears Songs From the Big Chair 
  • John: Taj Mahal "Ain't That A Lot of Love" 
  • Jim: Juliana Hatfield Three “My Sister”
  • Sami: Ali & AJ "Don't Go Changing" 
  • Matt: Patrick Park "Life is a Song"
  • Patrick: Spacemen 3 Perfect Prescription 

Last But Certainly Not Least: It's the RTS New Release Corner!

All these titles are out today, April 26. Get 'em wherever fine music is sold. Or streamed. 

The Cranberries – “In the End” (BMG) – A posthumous release (Rest in Power, Dolores O’Riordan) crafted around vocal tracks culled from demos. We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Craig Finn – “I Need a New War” (Partisan) – The Hold Steady frontman’s sing-talk vocals are a love-it-or-hate-it sort of thing. We love it, which is why his latest solo effort is included on this list.

Foxygen – “Seeing Other People” (Jagjaguwar) – Remember getting a cool new wave mixtape from your friend and jamming it out of your boombox? Then maybe you want to be friends with this duo of Sam France and Jonathan Rado.

Guided By Voices – “Warp and Woof” (GBV) – Robert Pollard and his merry band of pop-rockers release another album. Perhaps we should list weeks in which Guided By Voices DON’T release an album.

Local Natives – “Violet Street” (Loma Vista/Concord) – The fourth album from this Silver Lake CA (hipster-central) outfit, full of loops and harmonies and falsetto and slick grooves. Could this be more 2010s indie rock? We’re not complaining.

Nils Lofgren – “Blue With Lou” (Cattle Track Road) – We love Nils not just because he’s been a member of the E Street Band AND Crazy Horse, but also because he wrote and recorded all-time classic sports anthem “Bullets Fever.” On this new album, he pays tribute to Lou Reed, which gives us yet another reason to love Nils.

Kevin Morby – “Oh my God” (Dead Oceans) – A double-album from a Suburbs Pod favorite, ripe with pain and pathos and a search for truth. And it’s not even our birthday.

Mountain Goats – “In League With Dragons” (Merge) – Some life advice: If you’re ever in a tough spot, listen on repeat to John Darnielle singing “This Year” from 2005’s “The Sunset Tree.” Then become obsessed and go buy all the Mountain Goats’ albums, including this new one.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – “Mettavolution”(Rubyworks/ATO) – The Mexican acoustic guitar duo’s latest includes a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes,” taking up the entire Side 2. An ambitious undertaking for anyone; did we mention this is an acoustic guitar duo?

Unperfect – “Yeah, Why Not” (Xenomania) – Hey, a listener just turned us on to this British pop group. And now there’s a five-song EP, including yet another version (acoustic) of chill tune “Gots to Give the Girl.”
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