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What Goes On: A Rockin' the Suburbs Newsletter

Volume 1. Number 1.  April 5 , 2019. 

What You Missed Last Week: Dan Mangan and New Music 

Here's what Dan looked like at the DC9 gig. Great photo from Jim (and he says he's not a good photographer). 

What's on Deck: Rest in Power, Rarities and Led Zep Reactions

  • Rest in Power: Monday and Tuesday we bid fond farewells to Hal Blaine, Dick Dale, Scott Walker and Ranking Roger.
  • We dip into the rarities file (it's been too long) on Wednesday and Thursday. Jim came up with some very cool selections from artists you know and love. Patrick brought some records from bands no one has ever heard of. 
  • A Fan Mail Friday Flashback closes out the week. There are cards, letters and posts about our Led Zeppelin Countdown. And Echo Park Jimmy weighs in on his favorite Zep tunes in a call that, weirdly enough, might have some of you saying "brevity?" 
  • Speaking of on deck, that's where next week's shows (Mon-Thurs anyway) were recorded. The first Deck Recordings of 2019 and the first appearance of the multi-talented Jasper Colt. 
But let's be honest. It was cool to see Jasper, but his dog Scout was the best thing ever. 

Wayback Machine: Episode 74

  • While you're counting the minutes until Monday's new episode drops, rev it up to 88mph and go waaaayyy back to 2017, when Jasper told us about his trip to Cuba. Featuring Music from Yissy & Bandancha, Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos, and... PITBULL.

What We're Listening To This Week: 

  • Sam: Bad Company "Rock and Roll Fantasy" 
  • John: Steve Earle "Anyhow I Love You" 
  • Jim: Bad Brains "Attitude" 
  • Sami: Kourosh Yagmaei "Saraabe Toe"
  • Patrick: The Rolling Stones "Who's Driving Your Plane?"

From the Correspondence Bag: 30th Anniversaries 

Kevin Clement was musing on the 30th anniversary of some classic platters recently and he got it all kicked off. A sampling: 
  • Kevin: The Cure Disintegration
  • Tom Beshear: Elvis Costello Spike
  • BJ Bonin: Throwing Muses Hunkpapa
  • Mike Wagner: Replacements Don’t Tell a Soul
  • Mark Neese: Tragically Hip Up to Here
  • Ben Montgomery: De La Soul 3 Feet High and Rising
  • Erik Didriksen: Galaxie 500 On Fire
  • Mike Snider: The Jayhawks Blue Earth
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RTS 2019 Squad: Sam Lisker (GK), Justin Newsom (D), Sami Reed (D), John Rossman (D), Matt Windeler (MF), Patrick Foster (MF), Jim Lenahan (F)
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