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The Week That Was: Books, Album Closers, Movies

And two days of Pernice!

Mon. June 29 - Patrick talked about three rock books he recently read on this edition of Patrick's Book Nook: "1966: The Year the Decade Exploded" by Jon Savage and two autobiographies, "What Does This Button Do?" by Bruce Dickinson and "Big City Cat: My Life in Folk-Rock" by Steve Forbert. Get out those reading glasses, kids!

Tue. June 30 - Tim Hoffman, a patron of the pod, picked the topic for Tuesday's episode. We discussed great album closing tracks. This episode is a must-listen for all you music freaks out there. In other words, all of you. 

Wed. July 1 - Jim and Patrick watched some movies recently, and while they are not necessarily new, they all had a music thread connecting them: "Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage," "Yesterday" and "Rocketman." Which got two thumbs up? There is only one way to find out. 

Thur. July 2We talked with singer-songwriter-novelist Joe Pernice about his new stripped-down solo album, "Richard" in part one of this excellent interview. Thanks again, Joe!

Fri. July 3 -  Today's episode is part two of our interview with Joe Pernice, solo artist and also of Pernice Brothers and Scud Mountain Boys. Joe's new album is called "Richard." He discusses his music and also his writing for books and TV. Thanks for your time, Joe. 

Friday Night Hootenanny! Friday Night Jamboree!

Suburbs Nation, we are unable to see music in person due to the ongoing pandemic. So we’re bringing it to you. Our Friday Night Hootenanny is ON for tonight (July 3) ! 

Performing isn't required, just log on, watch and listen. Members of the Community — and perhaps a few special guests — will perform songs in a big, rollicking Zoom session.

And if you can stand it, stick around for the Third Hour. 

"Doors" open at 7.30 ET and the music starts at 8 ET. Come and let your spirit be lifted by the power of music. 


On Deck:  New Music and R.E.M.

Plus we crack open a jumbo sized box o'  listener correspondence 

Mon. July 6 - Patron and pal Noah Crane joins us to talk about the overlooked glory of R.E.M.'s Up. Patrick gets swept up in the excitement. 

Tue. July 7 - The letters, cards, emails, voicemails, tweets, posts and flaming arrows have been piling up, so we crack into some correspondence. Much more to come, just you wait and see. 

Wed. July 8 & Thurs. July 9 - Jim and Patrick square off against new music from June. There can only be one winner. 

Fri. July 10 - Our incomparable interns take matters into their own hands and show us all just what new music from June really means. 

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, topics and dates are subject to change. 

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I live in … Jeffersonville IN (suburb of Louisville KY).

I work as … a stroke and trauma nurse, studying to be nurse practitioner.

My favorite episodes were … Replacements countdown.

My favorite artists are … Jesus & Mary Chain, Morrissey/Smiths, Replacements, Sonic Youth, Bonnie Prince Billy, My Morning Jacket, Slint.

The first record I ever bought was … J. Geils Band, Freeze Frame.

The first concert I went to was … Jets and Miami Sound Machine. I wanted to do the conga.

The last concert I went to was … Cut Copy at Headliners Louisville (FYI it’s for sale if anyone is interested).

The best concert I saw was … Sigur Ros, 2003, Brown Theatre, Louisville. Pin-drop silence to majestic symphony.

My favorite song is … “Just Like Heaven.” That’s my go-to answer; my current fave changes every week.

I used to play … the violin up until college, but I was terrible. I took Violin 101 at IU, thinking it would be an easy A, and my teacher advised me to quit. 

I have never met a rock star … but I met Dennis Rodman at 24-7 Spyz concert.

I am drinking … Makers Mark. I’ve been an ambassador since 2006.

My favorite basketball teams are … Indiana Hoosiers and Indiana Pacers [ed. note: a good man].

My favorite soccer teams are … Real Madrid and LouCity.

My philosophy of life is … Mabuhay. That’s ttagalog for “long live …/welcome.”


To mark the July 4 holiday, Jim compiled this musical companion — describing the American experience, traversing the nation’s highways and byways, and exploring the vast land and varied culture.

Hit. Play. Now. 

What We're Listening To:

Jim: Becca Mancari - The Greatest Part
Mary:  Demi Levato - "Confident"
Matt: Mitski - "Your Best American Girl" 
Patrick: The Pentangle
Sam: HAIM - Women in Music, Part III
Sami: Rush - Test for Echo

Friday New Releases: Fresh Platter Roundup

We'll say it again: these are bizarre, surreal, unsettling and upside-down times, but one thing stays the same: Friday is new release day and new music is a salve for the soul. Get out there and (safely) salve your soul with these fresh slabs o' wax. 

Dream Wife - So When You Gonna … (Lucky Number)
On their second album, this British trio continue their modern riot grrrl sound. It’s brash but inviting - with choruses that will prepare you to join their battle as they take on this patriarchal world.


Willie Nelson - First Rose of Spring (Legacy)
Just a couple of weeks after we got a new Dylan album, here comes the 70th (!) album by another music legend. This record is mostly covers, but who can blame Nelson for slowing down a bit. It’s not as if he hasn’t already proven he can write a tune.


Paul Weller - On Sunset (Verve Forecast)
The Modfather’s 14th solo album continues the soulful journey he started with the Style Council sound. While we may miss the jagged edges of the Jam, the rounded corners make this pill so easy to swallow.

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