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The Week That Was: Interview Madness!

And Patrick was on the road again

Mon. June 15 - The third leg of Patrick's journey from Virginia to Wisconsin and back was aired on Monday. Listen in freedom, friends, while we work behind the scenes to secure the release of the tapes from the second leg. And please, take care of your lakes, rivers, creeks and streams. 

Tue. June 16 - We stumbled into a pot of interview gold and the first reward was part one of our chat with the amazing Tanya Donelly. Yes, that Tanya Donelly. Hit play right now if you haven't already. And if you have, do it again

Wed. June 17 - Part two of the Tayna talk. Wednesday was a good day. Bask in the charming glory once again by pressing play right now. 

Thur. June 18 - What a week, phew! Not only were we able to line up blockbuster back-to-back interviews, but we were lucky enough to offer a preview of songs from the forthcoming Jayhawks album, XOXO, which is out next month! And yes, those Jayhawks. 

Fri. June 19 - Today's episode finds us at part two of the Jayhawks interview, in which Jim and Patrick attempt to instill order on the entire band hooked up to a Zoom chat. Spoiler: Patrick doesn't help much with that. Thanks again to the whole Jayhawks crew for this enlightening talk

Friday Night Hootenanny! Friday Night Jamboree!

Suburbs Nation, we are unable to see music in person due to the ongoing pandemic. So we’re bringing it to you. Our Friday Night Hootenanny is ON for tonight (Juneteenth) ! 

Performing isn't required, just log on, watch and listen. Members of the Community — and perhaps a few special guests — will perform songs in a big, rollicking Zoom session.

And if you can stand it, stick around for the Third Hour. 

"Doors" open at 7.30 ET and the music starts at 8 ET. Come and let your spirit be lifted by the power of music. 

That was 1987

On Deck: Patron Madness!

And Intern Mary. And THAT song. 

Mon. June 22 - Patron Barret Ries met an amazing musician at his day job and was kind enough to introduce him to us, which takes the form of us interviewing Cody Piper. We love it when our patrons use their episode for something cool like this. Thanks Barret!

Tue. June 23 - Patron Scott Parks has fellow Indiana-ite (and our pal) Justin Steiner on the pod to talk about the most recent incarnation of Guided By Voices. Prepare to be guided by Pollard. 

Wed. June 24 - Patron Mike Wagner hops on the pod to talk about the music of 1987. R.E.M, U2 and some band called The Replacements had albums that year. 

Thur. June 25 - We check in with Intern Mary. And as you know, without our interns, the suburbs would not rock. At all. 

Fri. June 26 - Steven Routledge wrote a song. We cried. Now we pod about it. And try not to cry. 

Note: Due to the ongoing pandemic, topics and dates are subject to change. 


You are who you're supposed to be!

I live in … Minneapolis MN.

I work as … the baseball glove repair guy.

My favorite episodes are … a couple of the interview episodes: Dave from Marah and Patrick from Titus Andronicus. Both are the type of guys you would love to just sit next to at a bar and shoot the shit.

My favorite artists are … the Replacements, the Hold Steady and Bonny Doon (they backed Waxahatchee on her new album).

My record collection consists of … around 1,000 cds (all in storage), 200 LPs and 300 cassettes.

The most prized record in my collection is … an original Replacements’ The Shit Hits the Fans cassette. Only 10,000 were made.

The first record I ever bought was … The Fixx's Reach the Beach on cassette.

The last record I bought was … Bonny Doon’s Blue Stage Sessions live from Third Man Records, Detroit.

The first concert I saw was … Judas Priest and Savoy Brown at the Met Center, Bloomington MN (very heavy metal parking lot). 

The best concert I’ve seen was … the Waterboys, Fisherman’s Blues tour, at First Avenue. Something about that show has always stuck with me despite the dozens of other great shows I have seen. Just a real communal vibe, and Mike Scott and the band were in great form and really enjoying being on stage that night.

My favorite song lyric is … The ones love us best are the ones we'll lay to rest / And visit their graves on holidays at best / The ones love us least are the ones we'll die to please / If it's any consolation, I don't begin to understand them. Gets me every time.

I have met a rock star … Craig Finn at a Twins game. I said hi.

I am drinking … Schlitz.

My favorite basketball team is … the Harlem Globetrotters.

My favorite soccer team is … Minnesota Kicks (vintage NASL pick). 

My philosophy of life is … You are who you're supposed to be (Bonny Doon).

Quiz! Quiz! Quiz!

Who's That Group in That Movie? 

Last week, Paul Trap and Eric Lohrenz both emailed in with the correct answer: The Plimsouls from Valley Girl. Paul — who we are going to have to work harder to stump — also pointed out that this movie was remade very recently. Why did they have to do that? 

Nevertheless, onward! In the screenshot below, identify the artist and the movie it comes from, then email with your answers. A random drawing from correct responses will be held to choose a winner.



It's a Dylan job, but someone's gotta do it. 

In honor of the new album the former Robert Allen Zimmerman released today (see the New Release section for more info on his Rough and Rowdy Ways) Patrick went through the imposing Dylan catalog (studio albums only, no reissues or live sets) and plucked two tracks (well, mostly) from each. That is the playlist below. That's 77 tracks. 

Perfect for road trips, long walks and solitary hikes. And for indoctrinating the uninitiated. Just hit play and repeat as needed

What We're Listening To:

Jim: The Rolling Stones - Between the Buttons
Mary: Various Artists - The 4400 Music from the television series
Matt: Orville Peck - "No Glory in the West"
Patrick: Joe Pernice - Richard
Sam: The Jacksons - "All Night Dancing"
Sami: Original Broadway Cast - Aida 

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Friday New Releases: 

Buy online, buy safely in a store, grab and go or grab them on Bandcamp (who, to mark Juneteenth, will be donating 100% of their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund todaybut get 'em. Those new platters. Those shiny new discs o' wax.  

Black Eyed Peas - Translation (Epic)
On the dance pop group’s second album since the departure of Fergie, Shakira guests on a song called “Girl Like Me.” Not sure there is anyone quite like Shakira.

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher (Dead Oceans)
There are some dark themes on the second album from this Los Angeles singer-songwriter. While the music is frequently haunting, there are a couple of snappier numbers to keep the listener from going down too gloomy a path.

Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways (Columbia)
Is it possible that Bob Dylan could be both the most important musical artist of the 1960s and the 2020s? The 79-year-old takes a stride toward that highly unlikely achievement with his 39th studio album — his first collection of original songs in eight years. By turns world weary and luminous, the ten tracks come across like weathered texts unearthed from a time, well, out of time. But one listen to Rough and Rowdy Ways confirms that the words and sentiment are very much a part of these turbulent times. And that in the hands of true master, the most basic instrumentation is more than enough to create art that is at times, simply breathtaking. May he stay forever Dylan. 

John Legend - Bigger Love (Columbia)
The mega-popular singer’s seventh album opens with a Flamingos sample, announcing again his desired connection to a classic R&B sound. While he shows admirable appreciation for a simpler time, when a man could send hearts racing with a croon, the extent to which it works for you depends on how much you can buy into his deliberate singing style. Considering legends, maybe instead pull a Marvin Gaye album off your shelf.

Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile - Not Our First Goat Rodeo (Sound Postings/Sony)
The first classical-bluegrass mashup album from these collaborators was a success. And so nine year later, they have restrung their instruments for another go-round. The mesmerizing Aoife O’Donovan provides vocals on some tracks, which take on an English/Irish/early American folk sound.

Neil Young - Homegrown (Reprise)
Forty-five years since it was recorded and shelved, this lost album is finally released. Young sounds much as you would expect - pained and fragile. Coming off a breakup, he considered this album too personal at the time to be heard by others (although “Love is a Rose” did make it onto Decade). It’s the intense intimacy that pulls us in all these years later.

Various - Saving for a Custom Van (Father/Daughter)
The recent death of pop-rock craftsman Adam Schlesinger was a punch in the gut to so many fans. That includes indie rockers, a collection of whom recorded his works in this 31-song tribute album, available on Bandcamp. Proceeds of sales go to the MusiCares’ COVID-19 Relief Fund. Come for the cause, stay for the hooks.
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