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What Goes On: A Rockin' the Suburbs Newsletter

Volume 1. Number 6.  May 11, 2019. 
Tuesday is for Trombones. And Nick Lowe's new jam

The Week That Was: Fontaines D.C., Nick Lowe, Fan Mail and the Led Zeppelin Mystery 

Did it happen or didn't it happen? Well, we know a few things for certain: Jim and Patrick did reveal their new music picks, we heard a tale from Record Store Day and Jeff Krulik answered a lot of questions. 
Top coat, top hat. And I don't worry 'cause my wallet's fat

On Deck: The 80s. When Some of us Still had Hair 

Patrick takes some time off. He said something about taking a hike to the highest point in Texas, but we suspect he’s mostly drinking Shiner Bock.

While he’s out galavanting — May 13-17 to be exact — Rob Gates and Kevin Goff fill in as cohosts with Jim, and they discuss ’80s rock. But not the college alternative variety as you might expect. No, they talk about how mainstream artists of the ’60s and ’70s adapted to the MTV decade. Some—like David Bowie, Paul Simon and J. Geils Band—acquitted themselves well. Others—like Aerosmith and Heart—not so much. 

Wayback Machine: EPJ Ranks Soundtracks from the 80s

Suddenly, last summer, Echo Park Jimmy called up the Suburban Party Line and ranked some of his favorite 80s movie soundtracks: Something Wild, Some Kind of Wonderful and She’s Having a Baby.

Press play on episode 412. 

For more 80s fun, read Intern Sam's ranking of every track on Thriller

What We're Listening To: 

  • Sam: Gordon Lightfoot "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" 
  • John: Tom Waits, Ken Nordine and Kathleen Brennan "Circus" 
  • Jim:  Sleater-Kinney  No Cities to Love
  • Sami: Cherry Glazerr "Daddi"
  • Matt: Filthy Friends Emerald Valley
  • Patrick: Neil Young "Albuquerque"
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Last But Certainly Not Least: Suburbs Pod New Release Central 

These titles hit the racks on May 10. Some of them stamped with the SuburbsPod seal o' approval. 

Charly Bliss – Young Enough (Barsuk) – Two years after their debut album Guppy (a Suburbs Pod fave), this indie pop band is back with an even bolder sound, while maintaining the raw, confessional lyrics of the confusion of young romance. We’ve all been there.

The Get-Up Kids – Problems (Polyvinyl) – This Kansas emo band emerges from an eight-year hiatus. They’re still all angsty, even if they’re now writing from their kids’ perspective.

Sammy Hagar & the Circle – Space Between (BMG) – The Red Rocker releases what he says is probably his final album, backed by Michael Anthony (of course) and Jason Bonham (!) — and at times referencing his old band Montrose. Say what you will about Hagar’s contributions to society, at least he helped get the speed limit increased.

Howard Jones – Transform (BFD/The Orchard) – Another blast from the ’80s, this British new waver releases his first new album in about a decade. Keytar forever!

Logic – Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (Def Jam) – Jim’s offspring are BIG Logic fans. And this album contains a guest appearance by Will Smith! Fresh! And there’s a song on here called “Keanu Reeves.” Whoa!

The Mystery Lights – Too Much Tension! (Wick) – Wick Records is a retro-rock imprint of retro-soul label Daptone. If you dig garage rock, you’ll want to peruse Wick’s catalog. Or just start with this new record from California’s Mystery Lights. It’s a really good place to start.
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