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What Goes On: A Rockin' the Suburbs Newsletter

Volume 1. Number 5.  May 3, 2019. 
Aldous Harding in The Barrel. It's a New Zealand thing. 

The Week That Was: Flying Nun Week II (Phew!)

They said we couldn't do it again, but we shocked the world. Nick Scalera and Patrick descended the basement stairs and cranked through five epic shows about all things Flying Nun, that legendary (and still extant) label that these two high-functioning weirdos are obsessed with. 
  • On Mondaywe played a clip from the first-ever release on Flying Nun, a slice of Joy Division-esque darkness from a trio called The Pin Group, issued in September of 1981. There was also chat about Sneaky Feelings, The Stones, The Great Unwashed, Bird Nest Roys, Children's Hour and the DoubleHappys. Does anyone deserve This Kind of Punishment? 
  • Tuesday found us reeling in the years and heading back to the 90s. We learned that the Headless Chickens had the first #1 single in Flying Nun history. We also dipped a toe into the music of Superette, The Cakekitchen, Bressa Creeting Cake, The Terminals and Garageland. 
  • On Wednesday, it was talk about Flying Nun heavyweights and their side projects. Those heavy hitters? Chris Knox (Tall Dwarfs), Robert Scott and Kaye Woodward (The Bats) and David Kilgour (The Clean).
  • Thursday's episode reminded everyone that the founding fathers of Flying Nun are still, in many cases, making new music. Patrick and Nick bring you up to date on The Clean, The Bats, and the Verlaines, among others. 
  • Flying Nun Week II wraps up on Friday 😢with a look at new music coming from NZ. And it's not all from Flying Nun, either. Nick and Patrick crap open a beer and discuss Aldous Harding, Death and the Maiden, Tiny Ruins, Pickle Darling, Salad Boys and Suburbs Pod faves The Beths. 
Suns Cinema in D.C. is ultra excellent. 

On Deck: New Music, Correspondence and Did Led Zeppelin Play There? 

  • Monday and Tuesday next week? We got fresh new music episodes because April is in the books. Not sure about where you are, but in our suburb, it came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb. Or is that March? Either way, Jim and Patrick tee up some fresh tunes for your ears.  
  • Wednesday's episode is bound to bring a smile to your face. A dad and his son bond over the ancient ritual of going to the record store and buying... Yes?
  • Concluding the week are two episodes that capture the Q&A we did with director Jeff Krulik about his flick Led Zeppelin Played Here. A great crowd came out to Suns Cinema in D.C. and we all watched the movie and got to grill Jeff with questions about memory, Extra! and lots of other stuffs. It's gonna make you wanna watch film! 

Wayback Machine: Fan Mail Fridays

Back in the day, we used to dedicate Friday episodes to listener feedback, emails and correspondence. Fire up the Wayback Machine and listen to SuburbsPod in the way early days:

Episode 45: Fan Mail Friday 1
Episode 60: Fan Mail Friday 2
Episode 70: Fan Mail Friday 3
Episode 75: Fan Mail Friday 4

What We're Listening To: 

  • Sam: Nine Inch Nails "Head Like a Hole" 
  • John: Rodrigo y Gabriela Mettavolution
  • Jim: Japanese Breakfast "Essentially" 
  • Sami: Girlpool "Cut Your Bangs"
  • Matt: Alexandra Stréliski Inscape
  • Patrick: Young Scum s/t 
See more "Avengerized" songs over here on the Twitter.

Last But Certainly Not Least: It's the RTS New Release Corner!

All these titles are out today, May 3. Stream 'em, buy 'em, collect 'em and trade 'em.

Bad Religion - Age of Unreason (Epitaph) - The SoCal punks rail against the world. After 17 albums, would you expect anything else?

Big Thief - U.F.O.F. (4AD) - Three years ago, this New York indie band released its debut called Masterpiece. And it was. Two albums later comes U.F.O.F., which stands for “Unidentified Flying Object Friend.” And it is well worth investigating.

Filthy Friends - Emerald Valley (Kill Rock Stars) - Peter Buck AND Corin Tucker in the same band? We are so into this. And thankfully, they are too, as this is Filthy Friends’ second album, following 2017’s excellent Invitation.

Rhiannon Giddens - There is no Other (Nonesuch) - The acclaimed Americana artist recorded this album with Italian multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi. Because good banjo goes with anything.

L7 - Scatter the Rats (Blackheart) - It’s the first album in 20 years for this punk band! Turns out L7 was only pretending to be dead (easy joke).

Tacocat - This Mess is a Place (Sub Pop) - If you want to find some real joy in this often cold and cynical world, all you have to do is put on some Tacocat, with its bright and bouncy guitar pop. Really, it’s just that simple.

Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (Spring Snow/Columbia) - Patrick is so excited to finally get some new music from Vampire Weekend. And for Patrick to get excited about a band on a major label ...
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